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Everyone wants to know the best forex broker. I see that question in this folder a dozen times every month. I move those questions over to Company Comparisons and Competitions, since those threads usually quickly turn into questionable company endorsements.

A lot of people ask if FPA staff can endorse a broker. I've seen too many well rated brokers go under. Crown Forex was a respected broker with very good ratings. Then they stopped processing withdrawals and went out of business. A lot of traders lost a lot of money when that happened. I've got a broker I use and like. That doesn't mean they won't turn into a scam later. If my broker steals my money, that's my problem. If I tell you which broker I use, many people will consider that an endorsement. If I recommend a broker to you and your money is stolen, I would feel responsible. I'm not willing to take that responsibility, so I'm not going to endorse a broker or tell you which broker I use.

Look through the FPA's Broker Reviews. I and my team of Review Moderators work hard to keep those reviews as honest and useful as possible. Every review page has a link to a forums discussion thread for the company reviewed.

I have created one special forums thread where I've asked FPA members to share their good broker experiences. It's here...

So, are there any brokers anyone likes?

Be careful of anyone saying they have the perfect broker for all traders. A person who says that probably works for the broker or is an affiliate of the broker.

As Pharaoh has reminded everyone many times, there is no one best broker for everyone. Different brokers have different rules. A broker that works well for long term trading may not work well for scalping. A broker might not accept clients from your country. You need a broker that fits you. Pharaoh's method for selecting the best forex broker for you is here...

How to Select a Forex Broker

Good luck finding a good broker. If you do find a good one, leave them a review. Don't ever let your guard down. Your good broker could turn bad with no warning.
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