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BOFX Trading System: Consistent profit for Forex and Binary Options with GUARANTEE

Discussion in 'Services Offered' started by BOFX System, Nov 4, 2013.

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    Nov 2, 2013
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    Bofx Trading System Consistent Profit FOR Forex AND Binary Options W Guarantee | eBay

    I’ve tried almost every single thing there is out there about forex, binary options, and spread betting: All kinds of trending, divergence, breakout, basket, S&R, PA, S&D system, etc. And for BO: Hourly BO, end of day BO, 15 min, 30 min, 10 min, 60 second, Touch – No Touch, Ladder, Range, Above Below, Up or Down, BOM, Bet 365, and Banc De Binary, TradeRush, EZTrader, 24 Option, and the list goes on. I’m a forex/binary options junkie. If I reveal my username that I use in the forums, you would instantly recognize me as the one of the most experienced person on Binary Options, and later Forex. Most likely you’ve asked me in hundreds of PM I’ve received so far all these years in which I obliged to every single one of them.

    Why the majority of forex/binary options systems do not work? Because the sellers know you’re lazy, and they’re exploiting your desire for easy money. Instead of studying how the market works, you would rather follow an indicator and make an involuntary donation to the brokers. $47, $97, $197, I’ve seen them all. What revolutionizes my profit is the understanding how the market really works. And out of this understanding I created my BOFX system.

    It is a system unlike any other systems because being profitable requires a complete and total change of mindset relative to common trading mindset. In essence, I'm not teaching you a system. I'm teaching you a skill to trade. This is a one-on-one coaching program. You'll never be successful using "systems" you buy from vendors, because you won't know how the market really works. Stop learning how to trade and focus on learning how the market really works. Once the latter is addressed, the former will fall in its place automatically. Unlike commonly known, every financial market is controlled and manipulated by the few of the most powerful. In forex market, price is controlled and manipulated by the largest institutions. The banks have found the best strategy in the world to extract money and they WILL NOT change it. Therefore, this will be apparent in the chart all the time. The pattern DOES NOT change from the beginning of forex market to today. It is timeless. You can verify this by doing your own backtesting. The best thing is, this strategy is the biggest leverage in forex I can find. The banks do the thinking, they do the work, and we only the following.

    If I tell you the method in details, I will rob your chance of being profitable, because you will not believe it and you will return to your old system. You don't believe me? Here's one thing about my method: Trend trading, especially confirmed by indicators, is one of the riskiest forms of trading. By your entry, it would be too late. And what would be a small TP for the system would be a big SL for trend traders. That's why the system never trades WITH the trend. We only COUNTER trade the trend, because only the major players can reverse the trend, and it is apparent when they do so, but both traders and major players can contribute to the trend, hence the risk. You'll never know what the major players are doing DURING the trend.

    Scared? Is the concept against 99% of the textbook out there and you're not comfortable with it? Then this system is not for you.

    My BOFX system:
    • It doesn’t involve fancy and colorful indicators. My system is not a black box system. You shouldn’t be a slave to indicators. We use non-repainting indicators as training wheel, but we NEVER trade indicator. Eventually I want you to trade the naked chart. It gives you clear and plenty of clues of what the banks are doing. You have to understand every single trade that you make. You would understand why, and have valid entry reason in every trade. You wouldn’t trade and hope that you win. You would trade because you know the market is likely to go their way, not your way. I think we are smarter than indicators that try to have control over our money. Indicators are made for comfort not profitability. It is designed to give a false sense of security. But if you still believe that your indicator(s) works, then by all means keep trading it.
    • Uses 1H chart as the main chart and 15 min chart for the magnifying glass. And for the BO part, we only use end-of-day expiry. Why? Because notice that when price reverses in ONE particular day, price tends NOT to come back in the same day. Brokers love small time frame expiry options because that’s when the biggest noise happens and you’re most likely to be wrong and lose money. How many times price reverses just nearing the hour, the end of 15 min, the end of 1 second, right during the “lock-out” period? Trend takes time to develop and you’ll get whipped on both ways during its making. That’s why end of day options are much more likely to be successful.
    • Focuses on currency trading. This system has not been tested to anything else, except on precious metals. I’d rather focus and specialize my knowledge on forex rather than be jack-of-all-traders-master-of-none.
    Here’s my offer to you, the BOFX system:
    1. My complete set of MT4 trading system (indicators, and templates) + Trade manager EA, that you can use for forex, binary options, and spread betting. It is so robust. If you already know the direction of the price, then you could exploit it in any way you like. There will be NO MANUAL. The manual is my teaching. You have to understand the market to trade it.
    2. We’ll do a one-week Skype/e-mail session to make sure you trade with understanding and become a self-contained trader. Afterwards, it will be on correspondence by email basis. The training will be interactive. I won’t just share you a PDF file and wishes you well. I will personally commit my time and energy to make sure you understand the system. I will get you to do exercises. And if you pay attention, you’ll be ready to demo by the end of the week. This system is not for those who are looking for an easy buy or sell indicator. This is for serious traders who want to be profitable. All successful people in the world have one thing in common. They have mentors. As I have been mentored in the past, I will do the same. There is nothing that can replace the value of instant feedback from a mentor.
    3. BONUS #1 - FREE Signal Service. Looking at the development of the current students, it would be beneficial for them to be guided and to be given signals on setups that I find myself. Then we can discuss the setups in the group and I will LIVE TRADE along with my students. This requires an extra commitment but I will not increase the price for it. So it is purely a bonus. It is free and very useful for all graduates and students. See the last picture for a screenshot of where currently 5 of my students are discussing things together in our Skype group.
    4. BONUS #2– A very useful statistical indicator that gives a different insight to the market that I created on my own. Valued at $99. See my other listing. Currently selling on its own for $50. One of the basic fundamental assumptions of technical analysis is that history tends to repeat itself in all financial instruments. That there are certain repeated patterns that we can use for our trading. And there is no denial that any market is cyclical because human behaviours are cyclical and humans act in herds. If you trade stocks you’ll have heard terms like presidential cycle, annual seasonality, the Halloween indicator, the January effect, the Lunar cycle, etc. All good traders know it. So if there is a repeated price movement patterns, it only makes sense to think that there is also a repeated, but different statistical patterns found in all financial instruments for the shortest to the longest term

    FAQs for the skeptics

    Why are you selling it?

    Because it is not the Holy Grail. If it is, I wouldn’t be selling it. This simply works, and works consistently, but it doesn’t have a 100% winning rate. Look at the pictures attached. They are screenshot from my myfxbook page. That’s what you can expect to get from my system. The other reason is I’d like to supplement my trading income from teaching. When I've reached enough income for me to be financially independent, I WILL NOT be teaching anyone anymore. So here's your chance. And lastly, I would never stop learning, and by teaching, I’m learning.
    It is a common myth that you'll be a millionaire in no time if you have a successful strategy. Let's over leverage and don't use stop loss because the strategy is so god damn successful. No, you can't do that. Why? Coz I've tried it. With $200 deposit and low income like myself, I cannot derive enough income to pay about $4000 worth of expenses per month (rent, insurance, groceries, food, gas, electricity, water, social, petrol, taxi, bus, emergency, etc). Although I've managed to more than quadrupled my account, and as much as I respect every cent that is in my possession, my trading account doesn't FEED me. If I make a big chuck of withdrawal, I'll have to get back to trading 0.1 lot, and I dread that. It's not worth my time.

    I’ve been scammed so many times, it’s not even funny. How do I know you’re genuine?

    I don’t want to scam you. What goes around comes around. I’ve been scammed several times myself and I truly hate it. I’ve gone to such a length to prove that I’m not scammer. So if you think and believe that this is a scam, then just leave. I haven’t harmed in you any way. Besides no trader will be successful trading a system they believe as a scam.
    I didn’t invent this. If I did, you would have every reason not to believe me. My students come from different places and different forums. Surely, by now, they would have screamed their lungs out all over the place saying that I'm a scammer. But notice instead, they stay quiet. Most people when they find something that does work in relation to money making business, tend to be quieter than when they find something that does not work. It's natural and sub-consciously honest.

    Which broker will we be using?

    You can use any forex broker of your choice to trade with, but for information only, you need brokers with the right GMT setting which I will tell you in the program. This is very important since the banks work on a universal forex day beginning and ending. For BO any broker as long as they are regulated and have end of day option (5 pm NY EST expiry). I’m NOT and DO NOT want to be affiliated with any vendors/brokers. Please don’t ask me which broker to use. I don’t want to recommend any forex/BO broker. Just find reputable and regulated one.

    So what actually is your strategy?

    We try to analyze how and when the major players trade and we follow them. Simple. But not easy.

    Be mindful that this is NOT my own strategy. Again, I did not invent or create this. And I cannot claim any credit of it. I was not trading back in 2001 but the pattern can already be found there on the chart, so the strategy already existed without my presence. It's the bank's strategy, as taught to me from someone who used to perform it on a daily basis. I'm personally incapable to perform a stop hunt by myself. It requires $50-100 million on average, depending on the bank's book and the current market condition, to wipe out the current price buyer or seller and closest pending orders to move the price by 1 pip. I don't have that amount of money, let alone hundreds of millions more to successfully perform a stop hunt. So how can I possibly create this strategy? I'm totally independent of this strategy. I contribute nothing to it. The teaching is original and authentic, coming straight from my mentor, an ex-specialist in one of the commercial global banks. Who's my mentor? I don't even know his real name for the obvious reason that he leaked a company secret to me and some other people, and don't want to be identified doing so. We only communicate through phone and Skype.

    Where is the screenshot of your system?

    Again, we won’t trade indicators. There’s no point of me putting a screenshot of my system. You must not be convinced by the system from its looks. I would rather make my balance pretty than making my chart pretty. Indicators are training wheel, designed to help you early on as a clue provider, not a signal provider. Eventually, you will find that naked chart is really attractive.

    Do you provide refund?

    I do not provide refund past the 100% money back guarantee condition. It is an excuse to get the system for free. It works, there is simply no excuse for a refund when the evidence of this system is so visual, so apparent, and so consistent. If you're looking for another clickbank product that you can get a refund of (sometimes, that is) then this system is not for you.

    Which currencies do you trade?

    Mostly majors. Stick with majors and move to crosses and commodities later on. If you don’t master the majors, you cannot trade the crosses.
    What is the R:R ratio of this system?

    Every single trade must have large than 1:1 R:R ratio otherwise there's no point of trading and as if you're expecting to lose more often than you win. SL is set at a maximum of 15 pips. Never more, usually much less. This is determined prior to entry to determine your affordability to trade a setup. TP is set at a minimum of 25 pips. Can be less, but very often more than this. The banks demand a significant profit after risking so much during the stop hunt, so they have to push price the other way around for a minimum and certain amount. This is why if you trade a genuine stop hunt, you can expect a minimum of 20 pips profit because you will not be entering at the highest or lowest point. On average, your entry would be 5-10 pips away from the reversal point.

    Can I share this system?

    I don’t want this to get leaked out to too many people. You’re not doing yourself a favor if you share the system. One, you’ll be doing theft, which is illegal, and the negative energy will not be very supportive to your subconscious mind. And trading is a very negative place. So many corpses of dead accounts lying on the chart. You need all the positive energy to trade successfully. Two, once the broker knows that majority of their client is trading at the same direction, at the same time, they will close the loophole. They will say they have “liquidity” issue preventing you from entering a trade where in fact it is their form of Stop Loss to prevent too many wining trades at one time on their expense. It has happened so many times before. Read it on the forum and find out why sharing hurts in forex/BO. So keep it to yourself. Share the money you make from it, but don’t share the system. To a broker whose aim, job, and incentive is to take your money away, being loud is the stupidest thing you can do.

    I think $500 is a bit too much.

    If you think $500 is too much for a lifetime of income, then this is not for you. If you cannot afford it then don’t buy it. If you want discount then don’t ask for it. If you want this for free than you don’t deserve it. A successful person doesn’t make excuses. He/she knows the price of success and willing to pay them. You must respect the wisdom I’ve gathered so far. I have to see a form of commitment that you will respect my teaching and put it to a good use. If you think you can just enroll in my program, not doing any work and expect easy money coming into your account, then this is not for you. This system is way easier if compared to other systems out there.

    Looking at my current students, I now realize how powerful this understanding is. This is classified bank information people pay thousands for. It must be valued at least at $1,000. But the price will not be higher than $500 for everyone's sake. That is the original intended price. In the beginning, lower price was given as an introductory price, and 5 lucky people took advantage of that. I spent my life saving on what my mentor charged me, and I've packaged it so that it is much easier to digest for my students. Less mathematical, and less abstract. Less theory and more real trading. I have to be fairly remunerated for my effort in bringing this information to you.

    The time, energy, money, and emotion that I’ve spent studying forex the wrong way and the right way is humongous compared to a mere $500. If someone charged me with that amount to teach me what I already know now, without spending years studying the wrong thing, I’ll be stupid not to take it.

    If you want to pay $5000 for famous Forex seminar which mentions nothing about banks manipulation, or $2000 indicator on ebay which also mentions nothing about banks manipulation, then it's your choice too. If you want to use that $500 to trade and lose it all and learn nothing about the market, then you can do that too. Ignorance is much more expensive than education.

    And I'm not sure if anyone who has this knowledge would be willing to share it at all. Most likely they would keep it to themselves. Purposely left everyone else in the dark. I've been in forums and in this game long enough to notice that majority of people only share stuff that doesn't work. And keep things quiet, for themselves when the stuff works. Especially when they can save it as a legacy to be passed on to their kids. I challenge everyone to find someone with this knowledge who is willing to let it go for a mere $500.

    So I'm offering this in goodwill. I'm in the possession of a verified bank confidential information, and I'm willing to pass on my mentor's teaching to anyone who is sick of losing money in forex and who is willing to pay a reasonable price to find out the truth about the market. If you don't want it, don't buy it. If you don't trust it, even with all my guarantee and testimonial, please don't buy it. You won't be a great trader by trading a system you don't even trust.

    And in all honesty, do you really think all these worth only $500? Do you want to get paid for a week's worth of work for $500? Do you want to share your trading secret for $500? Other vendors sell programs for thousands without any mention or understanding of how the major players work. Check it out yourself. Buy them and see whether indicators alone and false understanding can beat the market.

    If you ever happen to meet a retired specialist who used to be working on a global commercial bank, ask him/her whether he/she would share the bank's confidential information for $500 or not. Ask if $500 is a reasonable price for their mentoring or not. Or you can find a fellow mentoree and ask him/her to share the teaching for $500. Or you can pay me $500 and I'll share it with you in the most accessible way. Or lastly, you can accuse me of being a scammer, don't pay $500, but never find out how price is actually moved and how to take advantage of it. I've searched throughout the internet and can only find few snippets about bank's strategy. It is never revealed in full as my mentor has done to me. Good luck finding them on your own.

    My program is not available anywhere on the internet. Not on forums. Not on forex reseller shops. And not available as a group buy.


    At the beginning of the course you will be asked 10 questions regarding banks' manipulation method. Within these 10 questions I can determine whether this course WILL/ WILL NOT benefit you.

    If you can answer all of them satisfactorily, then you will NOT benefit from my course and all money paid will be refunded to you 100%. No question asked.

    If you cannot answer all of them satisfactorily AND you want to proceed, you will be given half a day course preview. If by the end of the half day course you DO NOT want to proceed, then all money paid will be refunded to you 100%. No question asked. There will be NO refund past this half day course point.


    ***I'm very happy to report that 2 of my students have graduated and one of them has managed to identify a setup ON HIS OWN that resulted in 8 pips SL with 50 TP trade, that I personally also took with real money. His entry was only 5 PIPS AWAY from the high of the day, with 3 pips drawdown, so he did pick the reversal. Unbelievable. Price did go to +34 pips at one time, but reversed and gave a BE. Had he used an average trend trading system, his SL would be big and would've been hit.***

    ***Another update. One graduate has again managed to identify a setup ON HIS OWN that resulted in 15 pips SL with 50 TP trade, this time it does reach +50 pips. His entry is about 12 pips away from high of the day, so he did pick another reversal. Nuff said.***

    ***A live trade signal was given to every student on Friday 25/10/2013 and I traded with my own money in front of them. The trade was successful. It had 15 SL (Maximum), 3 DD, and 35 TP.***

    This scenario doesn't happen ALL the time, but it is a testimony of its success when applied to real life trading.

    Here are some of the Skype comments thrown at me which you can see and verify yourself when you join the Skype group:

    I just can say.. the system is fantastic. i never think about it before..really amazing.

    I like this way... it is light for me... I am seeing the light in the dark...

    It is really other way to see the things, really interesting, like you said, it takes time to think this way...

    Thank you very much. You’re the best mentor I ever had.

    I am grateful for you sharing this. Although I knew that banks manipulated the market, you still taught me things I never knew and showed me a way to manipulate them

    What can I say , wahooo , it s amazing , definitely the best mentoring I have done , your knowledge is beyond compare , make sense and your mentoring is priceless !

    Thank you so much .. now I feel more confident with what will going to happen , I will trade with less fear, and I know there will be losing trades but now I’m in the right place to stop be a loser ...

    You open my other eyes about Forex. Different eyes, true eyes

    This is the best forex school

    Graduate testimonial which can be found on one forex forum:

    I have finally completed the course, and as far as I am concerned this is definitely not a scam.

    I found quite a few gems of knowledge and a very profitable and consistent method of trading.

    They say don't try pick tops and bottoms, but this method practically does that without trying to pick them.

    We don't try pick tops and bottoms, we follow the rules and it inevitably puts us in at the start of new ''trends''.

    BOFX teaches well and shows a sincere willingness to want his students to understand the course, and he continues posting in the group chat with his thoughts and why he has taken any trades, so that one can keep learning.

    I can honestly say that I don't need to look for any other ''system'' out there, I will be using this for my trading career since there is no point in finding any other.

    When the graduates are asked whether they think I’m a scammer or not, since so many of you accusing me of being one, here’s what they have to say:

    I really think BOFX strategy is the best forex strategy I ever learn. I’m so lucky to have mentor like you ... that’s true.
    I really think that your system to trade is very different to all the system I learnt in the past, and for this reason I think this is the correct way to trade. I like it and I hope I can spend the time and effort needed to learn it...

    If you have any questions, please ask and I'll put the answer for everyone to see as I have nothing to hide.

    This is one question from a buyer who is now my student:


    Thanks for your question, and here are my answers:

    - I live in spain, Can I do this course from this country?

    My current students are from France and Indonesia. They are doing fine. You can talk to them how the program has helped in Skype once you join the group. Where you are doesn't matter at all. What matters is whether you're committed to finish it through the course or not.

    - My first language is not english, it is spanish, I can read and write english very well but I have a lot of problems to understand english voices in videos or live (skype), could the teaching sessions be done in skype but with text chat, not voice? do you think this can be a problem?

    Both my current students are not English native speakers. Again, you can speak with them on the Skype group. The teaching can be done solely with text chat and not voice. This is not a problem at all.

    - How many sessions and at what time in GMT time is there in the course?

    This is individualized course. I work with you one-by-one. There is no number of sessions. I'll be with you until you get it and until you don't need me anymore. I did say it would be a week on average, but my Indonesian student managed to absorb 1/3 of the course in a day. Smart cookie.

    - could you show to me a live statement (myfxbook) with the results of the trades of the last months (august and september)?

    I've added the latest statement on the pics, I also added my LIVE trade that I did in front of my student yesterday on USD/CAD. My student now knows exactly why I did it, and why it was a successful trade.

    I realize now how valuable this course is, and you'll be the last student to be paying $149.95 for it. The next course would be selling at higher price to justify the content I'm teaching.

    Everyone starts by losing money in financial market. Me too. Until I stop learning about how to trade, and about how the market actually works. Address the latter, and the former will fall in place automatically.

    Here's another question by a buyer who is also now my student:

    Hi. I'm highly interested in purchasing your BOFX system and mentorship. I'm fairly new to forex and binary options and I must admit, I consider myself a slow learner. I would like to confirm that after purchasing this, you will mentor me no matter how long it takes for me to learn the system. I am motivated but unlike most people it would take me more time than the average student. Another question I had was about your price. I noticed that it is 199.95 au but in your discription it says 149.95 au. Would you please honor the lower price? I just have enough for this. Because of my financial position, I would not be able to pay the listing price. I look forward to working with you and eagerly await your reply. Kindest regards

    Hi, Thank you for your email. Yes, I did say it would be a minimum of 1 week, but I will stay in contact with you until you get it. But I also said this is relatively simple if compared to other systems out there, so don't expect rocket science. It is a simple logic if you think about it. I agree everyone learns at different paces, that's why this is an individualized course. It's one on one. Mind you trading is a skill. This is why you would never be successful if you only purchase "systems." Ask my other students in the Skype group and you'll understand why this is the case. One of my students manages to finish half of the course in 2 days, and already made a successful demo trade within these 2 days. Crazy. Ask him when you meet him in the Skype group. This is why I realized my coaching program is too valuable to be selling at such a low price. The course is valued at least at $1,000. The first 3 students are incredibly lucky to have it at $149. This is a classified bank information you won't get anywhere else on the internet. My 3 current students said the same thing. So the current price of $199.95 is firm. It is already way below its value. If you cannot afford it now, then wait until you can get another $50. I will be around. But don't wait too long. When this listing ends, I'm planning to slowly increase the price up to $500 and whoever gets it first will be paying less than that. I think it is wrong to sell it at such a low price. The decision is in your hands. Whether you want to turn your trading around or not. Good luck.

    Another question by a buyer who is also now my student:


    Is this method similar to identifying when big players turn the market at key times such as market opens. eg breakout of Asian range then reverse, or small pullback and continue,
    or does it use a different method?

    I need to know this before buying the system as I do not want to buy something that will have info of something I am already aware of, thereby wasting my money.

    What is the average and maximum risk of your entries in SL, and what is your average TP and/or RR ratio.



    Thanks for your question.

    Yes, to be fair, I will try to give you as much information without revealing the actual system.

    The system does not have anything to do with any breakout, pull back, or Asian range. Why only those three? It would be nice if market only has predetermined events, but it doesn't. Banks switch their strategy all the time to avoid being predictable. But when they do certain things, the footprint is apparent on the chart, and, only as tools, some indicators can pick this up. We don't trade indicators, and all indis are non-repaint.

    If price is that predictable then most traders would be profitable. But sadly, no. Banks activity can happen any time, any session. If there's money, they move the price, if there is none, even at the busiest period of trading (traditionally when UK and US session overlap), there will be no movement. Money drives the market, nothing else. No trendline, no indicator, no candlestick pattern, no price formation, etc.

    One of my students has just graduated. When you join the Skype group, ask him whether the system has anything to do with your queries.

    In terms of R:R, the TP must always be bigger than SL, otherwise there's no point of trading. On average my SL is about 10-15 pips, my TP 25-50. There is no fixed rule. Why should the market bow down to our SL and TP requirement? We have to fit in to them, not the other way around. Your SL and TP are based on the current market condition, not ATR, not last swing point, but only your own financial requirement. Before you enter a trade, you have to determine the lot size first that matches up with your own risk profile. For example, if a trade requires 8 pips SL and 21 pips TP (again both depends on the market condition), how big is the size of the lot can you afford? Are you comfortable losing 8 pips with your lot size? Because by 8 pips the entry would be considered wrong and you have to take a loss.

    Hope that's clear enough. But ask away if you need more

    And yet another question posted today:

    I'm interested in the BOFX System, as I have no experience in this field... how much starting capital is needed and how much would you expect to make on average each week?... I know there are no guarantees and everyone is different, but as a rough estimate!... thanks.


    Thanks for your question.

    It's fine if you have no experience in this field. But I'm expecting that you are aware of Meta Trader 4 terminal since all work will be done on MT4, and know how to open and close a trade.

    You wouldn't be trading real money anytime soon. You'll be demoing after you finish the course. But I would not start with more than $200. That's the minimum of some forex brokers. If you cannot trade $200, even with $200,000 you still won't be able to trade.

    In terms of how much you make it depends entirely on you. Can you trade part time, can you trade full time? How big is the lot you're currently trading? I cannot tell anything at all about your life. Your trading is your life, your own business. You determine how much you make.

    But in terms of pips gain, the average trade would give you around 25-50 pip TP, and 10-15 pips SL.

    Hope that answers your question.

    Another question by a buyer who is also now my student:

    Thank you.

    not too long ago I purchased a course from the following website
    Forex Bank Trading Strategies | Forex Trading System | Learn Forex

    Their actual course doesn't have much more information than the free information available on the website.
    Also prior to this course I was aware that banks move the market.

    If your course can teach me something that I haven't learnt from this course I will be happy to purchase it.
    That said, may you please take the time to read the free information on the website and let me know whether your course indeed will teach me something more/different.

    I am sorry if this is asking too much, it is just that I do not want to purchase something that I don't need, however I am very willing to pay for knowledge that will serve me well. I have always been intrigued in methods which try to read the Smart Money movements.



    I've spent quiet some time exploring your link.

    Some of what Chad and Sterling said makes sense and in line with my teaching, but I can't help but to notice the subjectivity of their approach. What they consider as "waves", is simply a shift in price to hit the stop losses and margin calls of traders. The more people are trapped and the more people lifting their stop losses, the further these "waves" will continue. We know 0% about bank order flow, and we have 0% capability of knowing what their next move is. That's why in our system we have the rule of: WE NEVER PREDICT, WE ONLY REACT. We wait until the banks have clearly done their stop hunting, then we enter. They do the work, they do the thinking, we just do the following. That to me is the biggest leverage of all.

    There is more than one way to skin a cat in forex, and once you've understand the fundamentals of how the banks work, you can create your own strategy. But my mentor, who used to work in the bank, wanted me to focus only on identifying stop hunt, because that's the easiest thing to spot and the setup gives the highest probability of success.

    So here's a simple summary of our differences:

    Day Trade: Uses subjective level count
    My system: There is nothing to count, and everything to understand. We trade solely based on UNDERSTANDING.
    Day Trade: Uses boxes and long EMAs
    My system: Eventually, no indicator is needed, but we have several tools to identify stop hunt. We DO NOT trade indicators.
    Day Trade; Uses candlestick pattern and price pattern (M&W)
    My system: Banks do not use candlestick pattern or price pattern, neither should we. They only use MONEY to trade.
    Day Trade: Tries to explain the whole cycle. Tries to explain every single move the banks made.
    My system: We realize that we are an outsider looking in, so there is only so much we can deduce by logic. We never try to explain what the banks are doing ALL the time. We focus only when the banks perform a stop hunt.
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    ***UPDATE: Welcome to the new and much improved version of BOFX Trading Course! You can also now try it for FREE! It is now beyond any doubt that this system is indeed consistently profitable. Over the past 6 months, I have 15 students under my wing and NOT ONE of them fails to be profitable. Of course everyone learns on their own pace, but NOT ONE of them is keep losing. See the comments below for yourself. Graduates are finding setups themselves and some graduates had left as they have become independent of me. If the strategy does not work, they surely will be back to me screaming things I don't want to hear.***

    Bofx Trading System Consistent Profit FOR Forex AND Binary Options W Guarantee | eBay
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    ***VERY EXCITING 2014 UPDATE: The 100% money back guarantee now remains AFTER you completed the WHOLE course. I'm only doing this because I'm 100% confident that the method works. There is ABSOLUTELY no possible way I'm bull****ting anyone. What's the catch? If you do 20 trades, be it demo or real, using the method strictly, and your balance is lower after 20 trades than the beginning, then I will GLADLY refund your money 100%. No question asked. But mind you I will analyze all the 20 trades and to be fair, each of them has to strictly trade the method. That's all.

    So try it for FREE, and there's always 100% money back guarantee after completing the whole course if this method doesn't make you money. It is now beyond any doubt that this system is indeed consistently profitable. Over the past 6 months, I have 15 students under my wing and NOT ONE of them fails to be profitable. Of course everyone learns on their own pace, but NOT ONE of them keeps making losing trades with this method. See the comments for yourself. Graduates are finding setups themselves and some graduates had left as they have become independent of me. If the strategy does not work, they surely will be back to me screaming things I don't want to hear.***

    Bofx Trading System Consistent Profit FOR Forex AND Binary Options W Guarantee | eBay
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    ANOTHER EXCITING UPDATE: One of my latest students has kindly given me access to a very specialized software which display a byproduct of the orderflow with only 3 seconds delay (see picture above). On its own, the data doesn't mean much, but if you understand the method it helps to filter bad trades, and backtesting shows promising result. One step closer to the Holy Grail. This is why I love teaching. I keep learning new things from my students. My deepest gratitude for his generosity.

    Bofx Trading System Consistent Profit FOR Forex AND Binary Options W Guarantee | eBay
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