Do advertisers get special treatment in the forums and reviews?

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Do advertisers get special treatment in the forums and reviews?

Absolutely not. Companies often expect to get special treatment because they advertise. Other companies make unsubtle hints about how much advertising they would buy if the FPA would remove some negative reviews or forums posts. These companies are always disappointed when the answer is a clear and non-negotiable NO!

The only reason the anyone would bother to read about a company at the Forex Peace Army is if the FPA keeps everything open and honest. Giving special treatment would get a little more advertising money today, but would cost much more tomorrow.

If you see anyone claiming an advertiser got special treatment in the forums or reviews, you can be certain that none of the information provided by that person or company is honest.

When an advertiser refuses to cooperate with a serious complaint, the advertising contract is paused. If the issue can’t be resolved one way or the other, the ad contract is cancelled and the unused funds are returned.

This does not mean the FPA will automatically require a company to pay whatever any client demands. What it does mean is that if a client can show evidence indicating money is owed, the company needs to be ready to prove the client is incorrect or to pay the money owed.

Company representatives have the right to leave a response in the forums and reviews. The FPA encourages companies to appoint representatives to do this.

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