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High Probability, Low Risk Trading System For Beginners

Discussion in 'Forex Blogs' started by OperationForex.com, Aug 14, 2009.

  1. OperationForex.com

    Aug 14, 2009
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    Hey Everybody,

    I have recently launched a new educational website that is helping many new traders get a good start in their trading. I will not mention the name here so I don't get my account blocked. What I will do is post some excerpts here for learning and discussion. I encourage all new traders to follow along. If you want to know the name just message me. I am getting tons of praise from the site so I know it is helping many people.

    Remember: I am not telling you how to trade, just how I trade!!!!

    We will cover:

    Money Management
    Lot Sizes
    Market Cycles
    Entries and Exits

    Now for the Site Content:


    First off, you must have realistic expectations about this game. Yes, I know you have heard about traders making more money than they know what to do with. No, it is not bogus and yes it is possible. However, there are many factors that influence this such as experience, trading skill, emotion control, starting account size, trade consistency, hours per day to trade, and adaptability. You can make a great living doing this with time and hard work. I know you didn’t want to hear those two words – hard work. But, here is the kicker - this type of hard work will enable you to leverage your money so it will work hard for you. Not - you work hard for your money. It just takes time and practice. Your only goal right now should be to become CONSISTENTLY PROFITABLE. When you can do this the hard part is over. Now, let’s start on the most important part.

    - OperationForex -

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