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Info traders.mba information, opinions?

Asking questions about a company


Hi all,

I would like to gather more information about a company called Traders.mba (https :// traders.mba). They offer different services, among which mentoring, education, fundamental analysis. I would be interested in the fundamental analysis specifically, because that's what I struggle the most with even if my mostly technical-based trading works decently. Problem is: Traders.mba is very expensive and doesn't offer something like a short trial or even the possibility to pay monthly, for example. I would be willing to pay for one month and see if I like the service, but they only offer an yearly subscription as far as I can tell.

This smells of scam to me. They have good reviews on TrustPilot, but almost too good. I think statistically speaking you are bound to receive at least a couple of bad reviews because there will always be somebody who for one reason or the other is not satisfied with what you offer. The website looks decent enough but any scammer can build a "serious" website. The fact that they want you to pay for a year upfront is weird to me. It's also weird that nobody has talked yet about them here on FPA, despite the website claiming that they've been active for some years. I don't know, I might be wrong of course, but I'm not willing to pay for a whole year without being sure it's not a scam (and even then I would seriously evaluate whether I want to get their service, again, I like to try everything out for just a month first).

So has any of you had any experience with them, with any of their services? :) Good, bad, neutral, or do you have any more information about them?
There are SO many trading mentors out there. The sad news is that the majority make their money mentoring, not trading. More sad news is that even a good (and profitable!) mentor may have a teaching style that does not match your learning style.

Then there's the choice of £1999 or £4999. Either way, that's a lot of money to hand over without knowing a lot more information first.

But, I see a way for you to learn a lot more about this person and his teaching style for a lot less money (and no, this does not involve breaking copyright law).

I looked up the books for sale on the site. For a book with global shipping, the price is not that bad. But there's an even cheaper way than getting the whole set off his site. Amazon offers free access to those books for Kindle Unlimited subscribers, which I currently costs $11.99 per month.

No, I'm not an Amazon affiliate, but $11.99 to preview even one book sounds like a way to get some idea whether you like think this guy makes sense and get some idea of his teaching style before spending £1999 or £4999 to find out.

You can subscribe to Kindle Unlimited here: amazon.com/kindle-dbs/hz/subscribe/ku

To find his books, go to amazon.com, click Books, and search for "Sachin Kotecha".

If you do this, I'd recomend reading all 4 books and try to apply them in your trading. Remember - DEMO first! If profitable, then try a very small live account. If the books don't help at all, ask yourself why you would spend more money on items from this person. If the books help your trading, then you can consider if you want or need his education or mentorship program.
Thanks Pharaoh,

I actually did a lot of digging around to find more information about the company and they are a legit company. As in, they actually exist and they actually offer services, so it's not a scam in the sense that they syphon away your money and get nothing in return.

I'm going to check them out for a while and will come back with my final opinion in some months in case there are other people who are interested in them :)
I still suggest getting a lower cost viewpoint by seeing the qualify of the information in one or more of the books. Also, no matter what other people think, only you can determine if a mentor's style of imparting information matches your style of learning.
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