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    Default Looking for a Broker - paypal/payoneer

    I'm looking for a trusted broker that allows deposits via paypal and withdrawals via payoneer

    i just had 2 very bad experiences with etoro and avafx so im looking for a place i can actually do my work without being annoyed by these kinda people

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    Hi, i have also bad experience with the MIG Bank in switzerland :unhappy: and look for a new broker. Already i have opened a Demo with Dukascopy and Universal FX (accept paypal) anh hope its getting better :err:

    Have everyone experience with Dukascopy or Universal FX ??

    Dukascopy have a commission from 48$ per traded million! Is this round turn or per side? :ooh:

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    Try 100Forex Brokers site. There is a section named "Broker CyberSearch" where you typed in your "must have" criteria for a broker and it match you up with a broker.
    But of course you MUST CHECK OUT the broker(s) in as many forex "Broker Reviews" as possible starting here at the FPA.

    All the best in your search!

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    Your day-trader buddy may insist he's getting a great deal, but if you need to speak to an actual person once in awhile, the cheapest trades in the world aren't going to make you happy.

    Before you launch your quest for the best brokerage, ask yourself the following four questions:

    How much do I have to invest? The more you have, the more options you'll have. Unfortunately, some discount brokers that used to cater to the little guy now soak him with fees.

    What kind of investments do I want? Every brokerage will give you access to the most commonly traded stocks, but you won't necessarily have access to thinly traded issues or every mutual fund on the planet. If you want access to most hot IPOs, you may need to use a full-service broker, even if you're otherwise a do-it-yourselfer.

    How often will I trade? Many brokers link commissions and account fees to trading frequency.

    How much help do I need? Even discount brokers offer advice these days, but the more handholding you need, the more you're likely to choose a full-service broker.

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    I wouldn't have as a "must" the ways of account funding and withdrawals in the search of a broker.
    That would be somewhere very down on the second part of the list under the "goodies"

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    This reminds me of my situation which was some 2 years back. Then i went on a search for a good broker. I managed to do business with ACM Gold as they were offering me the deposit and withdrawals in the prepaid debit card and also their IB package is competitive.

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