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    Bo capital is a scam

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    Default Bo capital is a scam check out my video

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    Default + = LOSE Money Guaranteed it seems!

    I was stupid enough to get enticed in by crazy offers by - stay away, it is all BS and lies.

    A guy called Martin Johnson, promises a 'system' that he calls 'The ATM Machine', with a 'Money Back Guarantee'.

    Well I did get my money back, but not from 'Martin Johnson', but from, since I did not get the 'Private One on One Coaching - We Take Care Of Everything (Guaranteed Results!)' that I paid for, and his 'The ATM Machine - Automated Trading System (100% Guaranteed)' was worse than a Roulette Wheel at a Casino.

    Martin Johnson enticed me in, with this 'Bonus Offer' of $3,000, if one opened a Trading Account with"]

    Because I only opened with $200.00 (the minimum), I did not get offered $3,000 Bonus but $1,000.00 I was even having problems trying to fund my Account with $200.00, as it was declined. Perhaps I entered some details of my Credit Card wrong? Maybe my Credit Balance was no longer sufficient. I was in the process of trying again, by deleting my Credit Card Account details, and trying again.

    Then I received a phone call from BOCapital offering to try and find out what the problem was with my attempting to Fund my Account. Then my Account Balance showed $200.00 then I was logged off. When I logged back on, it showed $400. Had they given $200 Bonus. I immediately hit the 'Withdraw' button and entered $200.00, as I am sure I did not have the funds for a 2nd $200, at that point in time. It showed Withdrawal $200 'Pending'.

    No my Credit Card had somehow been charged twice - one showing 'TRADE_BINARY Tetouan 504' on my Credit Card Statement, the other 'TRADERSROOM Tetouan 504'!

    Just think, if I had not done that, it could have been $400 in the BoCapital Trading Account, that went down to $0.00!

    Admittedly it was not that lost me the money, it was that 'Auto Profits' Trading system of But staff @ had promised me $1,000 for that $200.00 and that was not forth coming. Also offered another $1,000 if I cancelled that WITHDRAWAL of $200.00

    Read the FAQ on to learn the Withdrawal Restrictions if one does use any Bonus so/if offered! One has to do Trades to the value of 20 x (Account Funding + Bonus).

    So if I did get that $1,000 Bonus + $200 Min Funding of a Trading Account = $200+$1,000 Bonus x 20 = $24,000 worth of trades before one can withdraw that $1,000 Bonus. Then there are withdrawal Fees and only the initial Funding Amount can be credited back to a Credit Card (the one that was used originally). Anything above this to be done via Bank Wire Transfer and with Fees for that also, and delays.

    Minimum Trade is $25, so to do $24,000 in Trades, would be 960 x Trades at $25 (2% of $1,200). If they did give $2,000 as Bonus, that would be $2,400 so total Trades of 48,000, or 1,920 @ $25 minimum.

    Using Binary Options, at the minimum $25 per Traded as a Losing Trade gives 5% or 10% back ($2.5), so your Balance will go down by $22.5, or $23.75 with each LOSING TRADE. A Winning Trade (at minimum of $25), increases ones balance by $42.50.

    So the 1st time I plugged in the 'Auto Profits' system of Martin Johnson, of it lost! So my Balance was $200 - $25 + $1.25 = $176.25.
    The next AutoProfit Trade was successful, so $176.25 -$25 + $42.40 = $220

    17 Trades Later, it was down to a Balance of $11.25 - insufficient for any more Auto Trades. This was the AutoProfits Summary:-

    Total Trades 19 Account Size USD 11.25
    Winner, 6 (32 %) Total Investment USD 475.00
    losers 13 (66 %) Total Payout USD 286.25
    Pending 0 (0 %) Total Pending USD 0.00

    So my Payouts were $286.25, and I withdrew $200.00 of them, leaving $86.25
    Bottom line is I lost 50% of the money I was stupid to put in, on the promise of those Bonus.

    NB: do not host that Website, it is provided by

    I contacted them, and that is perhaps why the $200.00 at least got credited back to my CreditCard (without charges and without supplying the requested Documents, since they had not insisted on such, to open the Trading Account, I stated)!
    This who replied saying they would pass on my concerns to (who never answered any e-mails):-

    Dorin Satran

    Sales Manager
    Telephone: +357 24 022455
    Skype: Dorin_Spotoption

    At least other Brokers, like, do appear listed on the website, and offer better Binary Options Trading Platform (that shows the Time in GMT!). website has many errors - their FAQ states all times shown in GMT (London), yet in practice, their Clock is -5 GMT (New York).

    You go to 'Contact Us' and their Pop-up Form has 'OPEN ACCOUNT' as a button instead of 'SUBMIT', One does get an acknowledgement e-mail advising a ember of BO capital staff will reply to your inquiry, but they never did to mine. All e-mail are via, so that is why I contacted them, as the 'middleman'.

    So the bottom line is if you fund your Trading Account with a Credit Card, and make profits, you can/should be able to withdraw the same amount that you funded such Trading Account, with same Credit Card (but it takes 10 x working days or longer to appear). There is a minimum of $100 withdrawal.

    Had that AutoTrade of 3KperTrade actually not done 11 x losing Trades in a row, I might have been able to test withdrawing more via Wire Transfer to my Bank Account, and they probably would demand the stated Documents.

    Bottom line - I lost $200 for being stupid and gullible to trust that AutoProfit Trades of 3KperTrade, but at least I got my money back from that I paid in, so Martin Johnson lost out (or maybe he frigged the AutoTrading to execute bad trades every time I logged in to and shared the $200 that I lost there, with

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    it is sharpen up time for these con people to stop taking money of incenticnt people in binary options

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