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    I am being spammed with them and their incredible results (now 600 pips in 3 days). Has anybody tested it out or is it another scam?

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    Was checking for their reviews online and came here. Looking for some background too. Attended two of their webinars so far, they look 'authoritative' but the subtle up selling, especially on their $1997 discounted platinum membership was a bit of a turn down. They do send some free indicators now and then (most of which can be found on forex relates forums), which are modified to make the indicators more newbie friendly.

    I'm still contemplating whether to take them up on the offer of $47/month ($97/mo from 2nd month onwards) signals service. But for now, i'm quite satisfied with my manual trading.. and well, that's where you get the real satisfaction from.

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    I was a customer for ITM's Nexus Trade Copier service from end of November 2012 to Jan 2013. The signals resulted in a drawdown over the first 60 day period, not significant, but still a drawdown. This entitled me to refund if you are net down in the first 60 days in accordance with their refund policy. I requested a refund yesterday to Shawn in customer service who promptly replied that a full refund would be given and that my card had been reimbursed in full. I am adding to this thread because this company is doing what it said it would and to me, that means they have integrity and I respect that, irrespective of the short term performance. Here is their performance itmfinancial's Profile | Myfxbook which shows a 41% account growth since end of Sept 2012 and these numbers match my experience over the time of my subscription so the numbers shown are real. I actually wish them luck and if you treat customers positively like I have been treated, you get spontaneous reviews like this. If you think social signals are for your trading, you may want to follow their performance closely and see if it continues to be positive over time. If it performs, fine, if not, you are entitled to a refund.
    David A

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