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    Default (Jeff Osborne)

    Click here to read or submit reviews and ratings for (Jeff Osborne) >>

    otherwise use this thread ("Post Reply" button below) to start a LIVE discussion and get responses from our FPA members.

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    Thumbs down Forex Automated Pips

    Quote Originally Posted by Administrator View Post
    Click here to read or submit reviews and ratings for (Jeff Osborne) >>

    otherwise use this thread ("Post Reply" button below) to start a LIVE discussion and get responses from our FPA members.
    Hi all,

    I just received a mail from the only honest affiliate in this market:

    yesterday I've sent you an email about AutomatedPips.
    I received some replies back and a question if I really
    believe this EA hype.

    Actually, I'm very reserved against automatic trading systems.
    The few that really work are very hard to find.

    We have to be very careful with any EA , and I admit I personally
    trade only my own robots because I know exactly what they are doing.
    But not everybody is a programmer to be able to do that.

    I learned about AutomatedPips from a friend, and I thought
    it might be interesting, because they are showing live proof
    for 5 years!
    I checked the results and they passed my quick test of a good EA -
    it was not a scalping system, and the results seemed to be consistent
    on the first look.

    Unfortunately, just recently I learned an interesting thing about them.

    Their statements are from MB Trading broker, but after a research
    we'll find out that MB Trading did not actually have MetaTrader platform
    back in 2006, so the statements on the website are indeed FAKE.
    They are not live account statements.

    For this reason I DON'T RECOMMEND this EA .

    Also, I'd like to apologize for wasting your time with a product
    I didn't know first hand.

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    You are so correct, I got taken in by it - usually I do my research first. It doesnt make sense to use clickbank to sell junk get a world of refund requests - maybe they hope a few people wont ask for their refund. The word is spreading on the net, I saw this info several places.

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    Default Statements are Faked

    Thank you for the interesting note hame! I just completed an analysis of their statements and came to the same conclusion. The swap rates and the ticket #'s aren't accurate. I emailed our membership about it - the full email and all the documentation is here:

    Scott Wang

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    Default Additionally...

    Not only that - if you go to their site they keep trying to up-sell, and up-sell, and up-sell you on more products & services.
    Unfortunately, I got taken for the first one, but won't get taken again by these guys!

    NOTE (Update Sept. 29, 2010): This product is a total scam!!! Trades in only a small time-frame and with no apparent strategy. Questions went unanswered regarding this, so I requested a refund as per their 60-day unconditional guarantee (see their website).
    Got a fairly prompt refund after escalating disputes with Paypal and Clickbank. Beware!!!
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    Exclamation Automated Pips not good as per the ads

    Hi FPA members,

    I have purchased the Automated Pips yesterday and my back tested result is not as per what they claimed in the ad/email. The default setting is only recommended profit between 5 to 10 pips. But the statement in the ad is much more than 10 pips. This is obviously misleading and unfaithful.

    I back tested for Jan 2009 for recommended setting on recommended pair which is EURUSD, M1, NO stop lost and 10 pips target. The result is -612 pips in a single trade and no win trade in the month.

    Another issue is the default/recommended setting is to trade between 18-19pm GMT+2. If I set the stop lost it will hardly give a trade in a month.

    I don't recommend this EA to anyone to purchase without fully check for legimatecy.

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    I tried this and it made one trade of 5 pips profit and the other is down 200 pips. This has no stop loss and is simply crap. I got a refund but getting that was painful as they kept turning my request into a Tech Support ticket. So I complained to Clickbank and paypal as people like this should not be allowed to sell products. In fact I think fraud on their part should be looked into as Jeff Osborne is not on the level and should be avoided at all costs.
    Stay away from this piece of junk and anything else that this guy offers. Black list him and never do business with him and see what can be done to prevent him from listing anything on the Internet and providing false statements. I would like to know how much leverage we would have in bringing this to the attention of fraud squads

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    Cool automatedpips

    Hi, I must be a slow learner but the upsell on this was diabolical, got hooked in for the first 2 EA 's ONLY to find that to keep it valid you had to sign up for a monthly update which is only disclosed at the end, which in effect made what you purchased out of date within the first month. If it is so good as they claim, why the need for updating so quickly without giving it a fair chance. Why the promoters of EA 's do not get the message that upselling just gets your hackles up, one package is all we need. This is not worth the time of day folks

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    Default Automated Pips Is A Scam!!!!!

    Well, they got me. I fell for the old "buy automated pips and we'll give you Fap Turbo Flash for free" trick. It was $77 bucks and I figured I was getting two ea 's for the price of one. The automated pips EA simply doesn't work because the expert journal reports several different errors every time it attempts to make a trade. I've uninstalled it and re-installed over and over again. I tried downloading it from the website fresh again and automated pips reports several errors in the expert journal and can't trade. Expert journal shows that it keeps getting deinitialized due to errors. I have had an open ticket on the automated pips website for seven days now trying to get someone anyone at that company to help me. The only response I get is that my ticket has been sent to development. That was seven days ago, meanwhile I've got an ea that I paid for that doesn't work. Fapt flash was supposed to arrive in 24 hours, but that finally came after 7 days of continuous emailing to fapt support . So it looks like I paid for fapt flash but automated pips, I feel that I definitely got scammed. Automated Pips ea is full of errors. Don't they compile these things before they sell them??? And customer service is valuable response from support what so ever. Warning to traders: avoid automated pips like the plague!!!!

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    Default Monthly Fee!!

    Oh, I almost forgot to mention that if I wanted a working version of this EA , that I need to sign up for $87 a month to keep it working?!?!?! Jeff Osborn should be shot!

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