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    Default Has anyone heard of Russ Horn? And his various forex courses ... ??

    Okay, so I've been in the forex arena for a few years now and while I freely admit I don't know everything or everyone, I've never heard of Russ Horn before. At all. Anywhere.

    Supposedly he has this huge following on Facebook as well as different forex forums, etc., and now he's released his latest and greatest "Rapid Results Method" which seems to be a scalping method.

    What really blows my mind though is that (A) his launch is right before Christmas of all things (as if money isn't already tight enough), and (B) he's asking a whopping grand for the course (which gets bumped up to $1300 if you take the 2 pay option). I can't help but be reminded of Dustin Pass and his various high dollar crappy courses (only one of which I got taken for thank goodness, learned my lesson there). There just doesn't seem to be much about this guy on the web, especially given that he's supposed to be so well known.

    And it always blows my mind that if the trading system that's being sold is so wonderfully fantastically great, then why in the world are a ton of bonuses being offered in the form of additional trading systems? I mean, if the one that you're spending a thousand bucks on is so fantastic, why in the world do you need 6 additional trading systems on top of that one? That type of marketing ploy has never made sense to me ...

    So for real, has anyone really and truly heard of this guy before and is he as wonderful as he's made himself out to be? Even a little bit ... ??

    Curious minds want to know ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by iggyboo View Post
    ...I've never heard of Russ Horn before. At all. Anywhere... ....So for real, has anyone really and truly heard of this guy before and is he as wonderful as he's made himself out to be? Even a little bit ... ??

    Curious minds want to know ...
    I don't have any "first hand" experience, but here's the closest to "first hand" that I found researching him:

    Forex Rebellion | reviews and ratings by Forex Peace Army
    Forex Master Method | reviews and ratings by Forex Peace Army

    Search google for: donnaforex (forexrebellion OR rebellion OR forexmastermethod OR "Russ Horn")
    It will give You a few pages.

    If ordering I would read the "fine print" (the box for which You have to check the "agree" check box when ordering)

    Basically the package needs to be received (I'm not sure now if received or sent - read it Yourself) by them within 60 days (I'm not sure if from date purchased or received - read it Yourself) complete and in "as new" condition to get a refund. Everything else seems to be "no questions asked".

    I'd use registered mail or something that guarantees delivery by a certain date and provides proof of delivery. And I'd print out that proof once delivered.

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    Thanks for the info ... I did try a google search on "Russ Horn" but for some reason, it didn't turn up much of anything except a bunch of affiliate sites promoting his latest creation.

    I did take a gander at donnaforex's forum and found some good reviews there ... I haven't been able to find out anything really all that bad about Russ or his systems so I will probably give this one a try since it does have a 60 day money back guarantee. I think it's worth a shot, you don't find very many forex traders promoting a system without a bunch of crap behind them so that in itself makes this one worth trying to me.

    I'll try to keep this thread updated with my results ...

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    There should be a sticky thread on this one because this seems to be pure BS or at least marketing BS. Yes, I did purchase it even though I had never heard of Russ Horn even though the reviews said he had 2 previous successful systems. I am glad I did not wait to request a refund and was proactive about it. FIRST, I spent $1000 USD for this system and they could not even have it delivered next day or 2 day, but 3 to 7 days and possibly LATER if you are not in North America! BS! Then you have 60 days (starting from the day you ORDERED it, not when you received it!) to decide to return it. Then you have to deal with a stupid, so-called, forum, which is not really a forum website, but more like a blog site (with $750,000 you think they could have spent a few more dollars on this). And then, as someone else noticed too, they offer to give you 8 BONUS systems (WHY? Is this one not good enough?) but you only get one every week so by the time you have received the last one, you are past the refund date! SCAM! Also within a month Russ issued a new Revision of the system because the Trading during the Holiday season was causing too many losses! And WHY did he have to tell me so many times during his marketing video that he WASN'T interested in the marketing aspect but HAD to tell me how EACH bonus was "a $500 value" and I was getting it for Free??? BS, BS, BS!!! The basic idea of the trading system is not wrong but everything around it is just BS! And like most systems (as I have learned the hard way) the indicators HELP you trade but do NOT make the decisions for you, and until you understand that, you are throwing away good money. Glad I got my money back. Oh, yes, the Old Tree Publishing he uses is in South Africa (according to Skype) and he is in Canada! And after I sent 3 emails requesting a refund, I got no reply until I contacted Old Tree.

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    Default brainyforex tested one of Russ Horns systems and then results were not good

    When Russ Horn was promoting his Rapid Results Method he gave away a free trading system which he said he uses quite a lot and it works really well. I thought this sounds good and had the strategy professionally coded into a EA Automated Trading System so that all the signals could be taken. I was very keen as his email marketing said he was one of the worlds best forex traders. Anyway, guess how the system performed? You guessed it - it flopped. Very disappointing after all the marketing hype and building Russ into one to the worlds best forex traders. This type of marketing crap really gets up my nose. I think these trader educators need to take control and tell their marketing / advertising / sales people to keep it real. I would like to see any proof that Russ is one of the best forex traders in the world. So far his free system has shown otherwise. The systems trading stats and more information can be seen on this link here russ horns free forex trading strategy was a loser using trailing stop
    If you read this Russ, please provide some proof that you are one of the best forex traders in the world.
    Forex Trading Systems Solutions. Tell Us ... We Listen! Everything Forex
    Join me in the crusade to blow the lid off scammers!

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    This is a copy of a post I made elsewhere.

    I haven't seen this "new" system. So let me tell you about my experience with his $1000 system from 2 1/2 years ago.

    The marketing is by OldTree Publishing. Mark McRae. Brilliant marketing. I am guessing that Old Tree gets at least 50%, probably more. They own scores of domain names that exist only to promo a product like this. So when you browse, all you see are these positive reviews. Your email box is hit multiple times. The "Buy Now" marketing. "Limited Supply" marketing. "Time is running out" marketing. And the marketing method works.

    I paid for Russ Horn/Old Tree's previous system Forex Master Method. Wish I had asked for my money back. He gives 2 months for refunds. But his personality in his vids is quite sociable, and he was doing weekly webinars, and has an active forum, and so even though the basic system was very simple, and I could easily copy and return his CDs, (not that the CDs were necessary once you learned the simple system) -- I said "Ah to heck with it" his weekly webinars and forum are worth it. They really were not.

    I suspect with this system, that's its the same: a forum for this product (and the next one in a couple of years), weekly webinars, some free indicators that are useless but part of the Old Tree "hook" (McCray if freakin' brilliant at marketing -- it was his marketing with the free indicators and the phony web site flooding, the steady email reminders of what a great system it was and how I had to hurry, that got me hooked.

    And it really is a limited supply, because that keeps the forum manageable. Also the members in the forum are really reluctant to criticize and admit they were suckered. So there's a lot of kissing up and praising. It's a real cult atmosphere. After while people start saying what they think. Most just leave and never come back. Last time I checked Forex Master Method forum had just a handful of people there and they were raising hell about this NEW system and that they ought to get it free instead of 25% discount.

    Russ Horn: I sort of imagined that you were a successful trader. But yet you chose to take large sums of money from newbies rather than take money from the institutions like a successful trader does. I'm really disappointed in you, as are all the Forex Master Method members who signed on with you 2 1/2 years ago.

    I had never ever (and never will again) spend $1000 on a system. There's piles of free systems, and ultimately, as I have discovered, once you can read price action, then you can use pretty much any system as long as you can easily see the bars so that your price action decisions over-rule the indicators, which you come to realize cloud your thinking and are only reflective of the price behavior.

    Bottom line? The forum and weekly webinars might be worth it to you. This system is probably better than Forex Master Method, which was basically divergence, but also had a 21 and 55 EMA system incorporated.

    I think money is better spent learning Price Action.
    The Al Brooks vids are cheap and recommended. There are also some on youtube.
    Also on youtube for free are PATs. Search this: "youtube learn to trade with price action"

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    Thanks for all the input folks. I did give his Rapid Results Method a try but the key with this system seemed to be that although it had more winning trades than losing, in order to get those same stats, you would have to take every trade offered on a 24/5 basis to get those same figures ... and as we all know, that just ain't gonna happen. I always seemed to hit the losing trades at the times I was able to do my trading, and of course the trades I missed cuz I wasn't in front of my PC were the winners. His system did bring in the winning trades, you just had to be there right on top of things in order to get in on them as they could happen at any time.

    And I was very impressed with S.A.R.A., his EA that was written specifically for his RRM method. That was one awesome robot. But you still had to be there to tell it 'yea' or 'nay' on whether to take the trade because it's a semi-automatic system, you still need to look at the charts to verify the setups (especially on the shorter timeframes).

    I got a refund because the system just wasn't working out for me. They tried to offer me all kinds of extra bonuses and such to avoid doing the refund but I stuck to my guns and they did come through with my money and were polite about it.

    All in all I'm glad I tried it but it simply wasn't worth $1000 to me to keep it ... I just wasn't making any money with it, plain and simple. :-(

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    I just stumbled upon Russ Horn through an email solicitation. The videos on his website (this one was for Forex Master Method) are indeed very slick and some are also informative. But better safe than sorry, so it was helpful to read the comments here. What struck me was that the website didn't give any trading results indicating how well his method works over a period of time on a live account.

    On the site, you are invited to leave a comment (what is the one question you would ask Russ about trading Forex, if you had a one-hour one-on-one session with him) for a chance to get his method free. The comments are full of gratitude and one was actually sad, if true: the guy said he had already lost half a million dollars and hoped this was the real thing. Others felt they should be given the system because their lives were pitiful.

    I didn't see any critical questions (although I admit I didn't go through all 2,776 of them), so I thought I would ask the following: In order to judge any proposed trading method and invest time and money in it, the most pressing question for me would be: "Are there any certified statements available that show live-trading results over a sizable period of time?" My comment has to be approved, so we'll see what happens.

    Are there actually any trustworthy teachers/websites?

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