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    Default AvaFX SCAM Alert


    My experience with AVAFX is awful. I started with what seem probably to a lot of people a low investments: 3000 EURO. I started to buy gold, silver and platinum. However, without any warning, when the remaining money dropped below a certain limit, all positions were closed by the system. So they, @ AVAFX, just inform me I have lost all my money since the values I bought have been closed by the system at a time the change was not profitable.

    Seems I have been stupid. I worked with other trading tool before (xeTrade) but did not have that problem. So if I admit having been stupid at one thing, it is working with AVAFX

    So they definitively scammed me of 3000 EURO.

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    That sounds like a simple margin call . If you trade too heavily and price moves against you, you'll run out of margin and your trades will be closed automatically by the broker.

    Read this before placing money in another trading account:

    How to Manage Risk while Forex Trading

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