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    Default Forex Joe

    I'm not doubting that some of you have had bad experiences, nor questioning your legit queries about Forex Mastery; however, I attended a 3 day Webinar (Forex Summit) established by CompassFx, and Forex Joe was one of the many speakers. Dean Malone, Craig Harris, Boris & Kathy, and MacX were among the others. This was an amazing Webinar with a plethora of information. After attending both Forex Summits, I can truly say that I do not believe that Forex Joe is a scam. First of all, Forex Mastery has many creators...each with their own specialty as it were. Also, the Market Scanner is a very interesting piece of software that cannot be added to a chart like a normal indicator. In order to create this software, one must possess the knowledge of computer programming. Yes, certain aspects of the system rely on basic indicators; however, almost every other trading system that I've come across is the same way. Furthermore, Forex Joe and his partners do have a live trading room where you can see Forex Mastery in action. By the way, I am a veteran trader, I am not affiliated with these guys in any way, and I did not purchase the Forex Mastery system. Just because the creator of a trading system relies on some basic indicators does not necessarily mean that he is a scammer. They simply did their homework, processed the information, and offered it to you as a system. You're paying for interpreted information...what did you expect? Last I checked, this is not against the law, nor a scam. It is legitimate information...these guys aren't trying to pull the wool over your eyes. Instead of worrying about Forex Joe, et al, maybe you should question the actions of our government and large financial institutions (such as the Fed Reserve)...that's the real scam. Anyway, feel free to comment.

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    Thanks drkpac but your post did not answer any of my questions. Why are you so eager to defend someone who doesn't prove anything? As one of the hundreds or thousands (probably millions) of traders who is looking for competent information on how to trade the Forex and getting nothing but garbage heaped on top of more garbage, I think we all deserve some proof. As an experienced Forex trader (as you say you are) don't you think all of us out here getting scam after scam deserve some proof before we shall out any more money?
    So far as I'm concerned, this Forex Joe guy and Options University are likely making so much money out of this that they could easily buy their way into any venue that would give them an air of credibility, simply as a business investment.
    I won't shell out one more centavo until these or any more these types come out of hiding and prove they are who they say they are AND prove what they're selling is for real...just as I've requested.
    I respect that you're an experienced trader...give me and all the rest of us
    experienced scammees some respect too. I.E...not rhetoric but PROOF!!!

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    Default Forex Mastery

    Options University has a Ferrari in their garage with the Forex Mastery system. They have two problems; they donít have a key for it, and when they tried to hotwire it, they realized the engine is missing. Come to think of it, they actually have three problems. They donít have a driver with a valid license either.
    My boyfriend and I purchased Forex Mastery in November 2009. We have purchased numerous high priced systems before, and none of them had delivered. I was so excited about this one because within the first couple of weeks it became evident that this system worked.
    DanDD, we did see the proof; it was the developerís, Gary Albrechtís live trading account. In two years he turned $25,000 into almost $300,000.
    At this point, it is worth mentioning that he did that without Forex Joe Atkinsí famous Bias and Key levels.
    Two weeks ago my boyfriend asked Options University to refund the cost of the course, and cancel his membership. The only good thing we can say about OU, is that they refunded the money in a timely fashion, but the good things stop right there.
    When we decided to sign up for the course, we were hit right away with a myriad of additional products. The system costs $2,000, that includes the course materials, indicators and the market scanner. They neglected to mention in their webinars that for the $2,000 the scanner will only work on 4 Forex pairs, and if you want the 10 pairs that they show, it will cost an additional $1,000. They will also want to sell you a Fibonacci trading program for about $500, a subscription to their Forex Trader website for $297/month and to Forex Mastery for $197/month and some other things that I canĎt even remember. If you want to learn the Mastery system youíll need to pay the $197 monthly fee. Some aspects of the indicators that are crucial to be able to trade this system profitably are not even mentioned in the course material. To learn that, you must pay your monthly fee. That had already bothered me because I felt the $2,000 should have included everything I needed to learn this method. Then I thought of what Forex Joe Atkins said at one of the webinars that within the first month using their live trading room, we will make back the cost of the program. That did not happen. Instead, in that time they managed to lose the only person who developed and knew the system, Gary Albrecht. Iím not sure what happened; Iíve heard different stories that he was forced out of OU by office politics and didnít get paid by the company. As I said, I donít know and I donít think itís anybodyís business what happened between them. What matters to me is the fact that after Garyís departure, the whole Forex Mastery course has collapsed. Today a guy who was hired to manage the software development at OU is teaching in the ďLive Trading LabĒ. He himself has admitted that he had only started trading Forex in August 2009. This person is completely clueless. While we were in the trading room, he had one 30 pip win, and was stopped out on every other trade. He actually posted his own trading account; it is all pink and losses.
    Over 70% of the people that bought the program were experienced traders, trading live accounts for a year or longer. When these people started to complain about the level of education, all hell broke loose. People who were vocal about this situation started to get refunds from OU without asking for it, while others were threatened by Brett Fogle, the president of OU himself that he would turn off their software. Forex Joe said after calling these people PARASITES, that anybody who doesnít like whatís going on, can get their money back and get out. I have never seen this level of unprofessional treatment of clients in my life. It is clear that Options University does not care about its customers, they care only about the money that they can pull out of their pockets. They make promises after promises, and none of them are kept. They promised extensions of the trial period of the software if people asked for it, and those who did got a refund, not an extension.
    Wow, this has gone on longer then I expected. But let me say a few more things briefly.
    The indicators they are using are common indicators available in the public domain. Bias and Key levels are absolutely unimportant, you can use the weekly and monthly pivots of your choosing instead. What you canít get from the internet is the education that would show you how to use them correctly, but you canít get it from OU either, even if you pay for it.
    My recommendation is to stay away from Options University. Try it if you have the money, you can always get a refund from them, but nothing else!

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    In a nutshell, take an old system and re-wrapped & re-packaged it and hawked it as something new to Newbies who don't know any better in the first place....and there are loads of suckers being churned out every microsecond!

    Lucrative indeed, and very legal too!


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    Default Forex Joe

    Quote Originally Posted by DanDD View Post
    This guy claims to be a Texas mathematician and famous sports betting analyst (this already worries me). The advertisments are coming from an outfit called Options University and calling it 'Forex Mastery'. Everything about it seems very slick but also just very good to be true type of thing. Before I venture further, has anybody heard of this guy is? Is it for real or scam?
    Yes, I have listened to him on an online forex course I attended. He is professional and my impression is that he knows what he is talking about. His approach is mathematically based. Re Options University: I have their Options Mastery course. It's good, indepth and clear. Forex Joe works for Options University.

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    Default Scammed by Forex Mastery

    Stay away from these guys. I was scammed out of $2,000 by Options University (OU) and their forex product called Forex Mastery (FM). I originally signed up for FM on Nov 21/09. This was on a 60 day trial subscription.

    On Jan 13/2010 I emailed an OU employee by the name of Chuck Young as instructed in the Forex Mastery Forum and requested a refund for FM. Chuck asked me to reconsider and extended my free trial till the end of Feb/2010. I agreed to give it some more time to see if FM would work for me.

    On Feb 24/2010, I emailed to cancel my subscription and requested a refund for FM as it was before the end of February as per the trial subscription extension offer given by OU.

    On Feb 25th I received an email reply from OU Support that said no refund would be granted as my trial extension expired 2 days earlier on Feb 22/2010. Please note that Chuck Young of OU made no mention of extending my trial for only 30 days or till only Feb 22nd. His email said till the end of February. In fact, Chuck even offered further concessions if needed. Sounded like a generous and fair offer at the time.

    Obviously, if I had known this would be a issue, I would not have reconsidered my membership to FM and would have insisted on a refund back in Jan 2010. I continued on with FX Mastery and OU in good faith and trusted the word of Chuck Young. Big mistake on my part.

    I have tried to get a refund from OU for the last several weeks and have run against a roadblock. They are no longer replying to my emails and refuse to provide an explanation as to how I could have possibly known that my trial extension was only to Feb 22nd. In addition, why would a well known company such as OU deny a refund to a customer for being only 2 days late as they claimed? They claim that the trial extension was for only 30 days but the only email I received concerning the trial extension specified till the end of February 2010.

    What ever you do, donít trust these guys. And if you sign up for a 60 day trial subscription with OU, donít make the mistake that I made by accepting an extension to a trial subscription.

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    Question Forex Joe

    I was on the Webinar last night..It was supposed to be live but I feel sure it was recorded.

    He is pitching his numbers and physiology of the mind of the trader. His deal offered a lot of info and learning material with his daily number recommendations for 7 days free and then 97 bucks a month. Being that I am from Texas and a sports bettor his add hooked me to look.

    What he showed us looked to be an expanded pivot point system and I can see how the overlay and underlay of a currency pair is like two teams playing or even a horse race using betting odds opportunities but I am very leery of anything called a system after 40 years of sports betting. Most well thought out systems work for awhile but will not test out over time.

    With some of the things he said lead me to think he was pitching a deal back in 2003 named (I think or 4X made easy) that was a red green yellow signal light on your computer that you bought on a monthly basis to trade Forex. The colors told you when to buy and sell or hold. It was located in North Dallas area and I went to one of the live meetings and this was how I first learned the fundamentals of the forex markets. Way to Expensive for me to buy at the time. He does seem to know sports in this area but I can not peg him to all his exploits in that field which he claims.

    His system might work for a while but from past experiences when someone tells me to have a blessed day I check to make sure I still have my wallet.

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    Default Total Scam Outfit

    Anyone who has been hit by these bandits should go straight to their credit card company and request a chargeback. Or call up the main man Brett Fogle on his celllphone at 561-715-7302 and discuss the problem with him personally

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    Default Big Warning Bells on

    Summary: Slick Scam
    Today I attended their sales webinar. Other than a mic glitch, it was VERY slick. Forex Joe Atkins sounded the goods. However, looking at the comments here I and seeing their charts I would be inclined to agree that most of their technical systems are in the MT4 public domain. The manual entry system where Sell/Buy/Limit/Stop lines are moved on a chart allowing for an automatically generated buy stop or limit sell is flashy but completely unnecessary. The underlying indicators seem to be all generic or redundant.
    They had a VERY big pressure close at the end. Only 100 will be sold, then shortly after, "only 60 left, selling fast, dont miss out". That set off warning bells and I thus search and found this thread. Thanks to the people on here who have given warnings.
    The big warning occured when I posted to them:
    "Is this a sca m? Who Is Forex Joe Atkins and Options University? Would you please comment on this?"
    I was immediately banned from the room!!!!
    If they are not prepared to even defend this thread to new buyers then I can only assume that the negative comments and experiences here are 100% true.
    Prior to this I had asked for a list of the 2010 trades that they would have sent with alerts and respective profit/loss. This was ignored.
    So I would confer. Stay away from the scam of Forex Joe Atkins with his Forex Trader Pro, and many websites inc and colleagues such as Bill Tainter and Gary Albrecht. He calls this also Project Tango. Covert operation to fleece people?
    The 'refund' period of 60 days (and I use that term loosely going by what others have said) is now 30 days. Perhaps they had too many people requesting refunds in the 30-60 day period?
    So sorry to those that have been victim already of Forex Joe Atkins and his forex trader pro scam but I do thank you for your comments here and hopefully others will research rather than be enticed by the only 100, selling fast, get one before you miss out. Oh no theres only 60 be quick!.

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    thank u FPA.....

    so much **** out there,,,

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