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    Default Swiss Dealing

    Dear fellow traders,
    Let me introduce you Swiss Dealing, a new FOREX broker based in Switzerland. Swiss Dealing offers unique services with the following distinguished features:
    • No money deposits

    • No minimum trade size

    • Free Java API

    Currently, the service is in a public beta-testing phase, which means that money withdrawals are temporally disabled. We hope to go live in one month with a full integration with Pay Pal.
    Please, visit SwissDealing S.A. and post you comments and suggestions in this thread.
    Thank you and good luck in trading!

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    Let me further add a couple of comments.

    About no deposit policy:
    Although we do not accept money deposits, we do accept money transfers via PayPal to cover negative balance or to withdraw profits.

    Demo/real account:
    There is no demo account. Once you have registered, you receive a 100$ margin bonus for live trading. However, note that to withdraw profits you need to verify your account later.

    Your feedback is highly appreciated!

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    Dear traders,

    Please, find below some further update on our service.

    • Preliminary, beta-testing will continue till the end of June. After that, money withdrawal via PayPal will be enabled.
    • If you want to introduce our service, you can use the referral link provided after registration (check the profile section in the site).
    • In rare occasions some price are N/A. It is done on purpose to protect our clients against random stops when spreads become too wide.
    • Proxy is no yet supported but will be in the next release.

    Good luck in trading!

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    Default Best of luck!

    Wish your new venture all the best,however,we(FPA) will be watching.

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