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Updated: Dec 8, 2015
3.261 · 44 REVIEWS
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Website is down. Company seems to be out of business.


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3.261 · 44 REVIEWS
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, Venezuela
Sep 30, 2014

The backtest account in FPA do not trade sice Sept.18, but there is a new Backtest account named "Sphantom ultimate". This account is near bankruptcy already.

Review Moderation Team Note: The test at the FPA was running on IBFX AU. All accounts there were closed and moved to FXCM AU.in mid September. FPA Testing is trying to get a new test account from sPhantom.

Abu Dahbi, United Arab Emirates
Aug 30, 2014

I used this EA and it had blown out my account, so do not recommend use of this EA unless its modified and its made profitable with account protection measures.

Montréal, Canada
Jul 29, 2014

Performance can be well, but I recommend to use a small account with the same risk of seller. 250pips SL is too dangerous. No money back warranty. This EA is a signal connecting at their server.

, Germany
Jun 14, 2014

Like insiders already said here also my individual experience with sPhantome is all in all, that the EA is still an net winner. For example, in the last week I`ve been four times with sPhantom in market and earned 472,51 Dollar. After their drawdown the traders behind sPhantom are winning pips and looking up again. For myself the system is really good unlike many others. As may be that a filter for important news (FED/ EZB) would eliminate much risk. Never had a problem with the license Server. He works correct at any time with my VPS.
My EA risk is reactivated on 7% in moment. In case of need if big news or important decisions from EZB and the FED are expected and the market was very sensitive I stopped the EA for a short time. Also I deliberate about an hedge EA wether to buy or not to buy.
Also I want to say thanks to forexpeacearmy for their excellent service.

Sanford MI, USA
May 30, 2014

sPhantom had a great run, but now that their account took a couple hits, they no longer support their product. They continue to accept purchases, but their license server is inoperable so the system is dead. All emails go unanswered.

, Venezuela
Apr 18, 2014

Glad to see they are back online and winning pips again so far. I want to if their determination is tranlated into consistenly winning pips. Also I have to think which could be a better risk to rewatd ratio (maybe 10% and 100 pips s/l).

2014-04-10 1Star Sphantom blowout his own account. 2 big drawdown in less than 10 days. I don´t think I can trust this guys again.

2014-04-09 2 Stars Two big drawdowns again in the last 10 days. In both cases Two open trades are losing big time which could destroy many accounts. Finally, my account says that server is not conected to Sphantom.

2014-03-12 5 Stars The EA works fine. It wins consistently but you will have a big loss once a year or so. The key is to decide how much do you wish to invest and withdraw your profits every week.

2014-02-01 3 Stars I bought this trader last week based on past proven performance. Easy installation. First week worked perfect, during that week they open one trade per day. But, during second week they open two trades per day and I{been experience difference between accounts. I am working with XM and sent an email and the response was “Because of difference between brokers tick data sometimes you may see difference between accounts result and unfortunately there is no way to avoid it. We are creating an update to reduce the broker effect”. Is there any other person using sphantom with XM? What’s your experience tick data difference between accounts? I will keep my rating on average, in the meantime I will to open an account with the same broker use by the EA. Finally, you have to wait 2 or 3 busines days to get a reply.

Washington, USA
Apr 17, 2014

Martingale type strategies never work. When I first investigated them, I plotted their trades, and immediately saw they what they were doing, and knew it was only a matter of time before they got nailed, especially with such a high stop loss, and sure enough, it happened, and knew it'd happen again, and it did. Their risk to reward ratio is way too high. Way too risky.

London, United Kingdom
Apr 16, 2014

Glad to see they're back on-line and winning pips again. I give them kudos for determination. All in all it's still a net winner unlike many. I've reactivated my EA at 5% with hedging from Hedge EA. I think that's a much more realistic risk setting for real money...

2014-04-11 1Star As feared, they got careless and gave up after a while. Seems deliberate after such a good run... Maybe they reached their sales profit target?

2014-02-15 5Star Besides, anyone with an account that's run up a 1000% gain should have taken profit - trading 101. The monitored account is a demonstration of what the system can generate but in real life profits should be taken at regular intervals predetermined.

2014-02-11 No Rating Further to my previous posts, since the last losses I've suggested a hedging function for those of us allowed to hedge; with hindsight that would have significantly mitigated losses and even turned losing trade into large wins. No response yet from support, but I've started using Hedge EA (from EA-coder.com) with good results - takes some tweaking to hit the sweet spot with your hedge trades, sometimes hitting profits in both directions but I've significantly lowered risk from 30% to 15%. Probably the default 10% is the best..

2014-02-01 No Rating Heavy loss last week emphasises the need for tailored risk management. All in all it's still a great system and I hope they don't give up and fade into obscurity.

2014-01-15 5 Stars Deserving of a 5 star rating in my opinion, based on evidence of past performance (not a single losing month) and my own personal experience trading on a live account since late December 2013. We all know there's risk in forex but who can show me another EA that has not had a single losing month since going public?

Its up to the individual trader to manage risk settings with caution especially for larger accounts and nobody should be investing money they cannot afford to lose (cardinal rule of investing).

I definitely got my initial outlay on the service back within a few trading days. I would suggest they should move to a monthly fee basis to assure us that there will be long term continuity. THERE IS NOTHING ELSE LIKE THIS OUT THERE.

Michigan, USA
Apr 11, 2014

This vendor might not have done anything wrong in the Program but his EA has plunged twice. I won few small pips at a time but when it plunged, it took them all back and then some. Don't by this service unless you are willing to through your money in the trash.


Queensland, Australia
Apr 10, 2014

Agree with Jurgen and Curtis... they did not reply to my emails and now after a few months my account is less than when I started with them. If they had reduced the stop loss significantly, it may have remained profitable. After another massive loss, they have now disconnected the EA from their server.