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Updated: Mar 8, 2016
1.811 · 8 REVIEWS
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GWG FX is an online forex broker. GWG FX offers the MetaTrader 4 currency trading top platforms. GWGFX.com offers over 10 of the most traded currency pairs, indices, shares, and commodities for your personal investment and trading options.

GWGFx.com (Global Wave Gold Forex)

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1.811 · 8 REVIEWS
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Johor, Malaysia
Jan 20, 2016

This GWGFX is a pyramid scheme. They offer 25 days 10% return from investment, they themselves not even tradex Forex.


Central Java, Indonesia
Sep 17, 2015

help us ... they already scammed .. GWGFX ... already scammed and stole our money in indonesia and they did money laundring to Malaysia... Zaimi and Wan.... help us.... cek their website... already gone ....

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Jan 17, 2015

the worst broker, scamming trader into a total money game scandal. has not pay trader since july 2014, all withdraw is pending status. do paid to selective few ( zaimi brothers only ). truly MLM scammer. all promises are another start of a new lies.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Nov 10, 2014

This GWG company is a fake company. It doesn't even exists in USA or anywhere as what the MLM guy told their downline. Their address are located in St Vincent island which is isolated and small then Langkawi island located near Venezuela and worst using virtual address (P.O box), not real ground address. Their address in Nevada is actually owned by other company, not theirs.

The scheme require their agents to find downline people which will deposit large sum (more than RM30k most of the time). Then 50% will be taken from the deposit to pay the upline, while the other 50% will be optionally given to their victim for trading (which most of the time will fail). The more victim they got, the more money GWG scam can use to pay the upline.

Can you imagine a million dollar worth company doing online Forex do not have a 'Live support' features? they just use email? Try to send one about your forex issue, and see how long they will reply...

Do you trust a million dollar forex broker company who do not have a real address? and not registered under any trusted forex organization and banks? and they do not have any valid license registration number from any money organization that we can trust?

Bottom line, it is a SCAM company that was created in year 2012 by someone who created Speedline and RGCX long time ago, which both of this companies already closed due to it is verified scam companies that run ponzi money scheme. They do not have any customers in US or any other part as most of their victim is in Malaysia , Singapore , Indonesia and nearby countries. The Global Wave Gold company is not started in 2003, it was a lie. How come a company got their business license in 2012/2013? Even small company need to register before they can start do business. So whoever saying GWG start 9 years ago or whatsoever, think again. Try to find any records about their said supported clients in past years if it available. None .

Please stop this scam company, and do not join it for your financial safety. Go for real forex broker that have valid license, valid address and valid business instead if you want to join forex.

kuala lumpur, Malaysia
Jun 22, 2014

This so called the best broker in the world is searching for investors, minimum investment is usd10,000. They will give 10 percent every twenty five days. However, they are scamming people who dont know nothing about forex. Money game. Multilevel system. Start from Malaysia, no licensed, they spreading to singapore, indonesia and brunei. Only virtual money in their mt4. Cannot withdraw profit. Scam!

Johor Bahru, Malaysia
Mar 31, 2014

I have gained profit by GWG, by Forex Trading and Networking as well. No problem regarding this.

By trading, they will give 50% from our initial investment to be traded...and I have no problem to withdraw the trading's profit.

Aside from trading, GWG provides bonuses to investors. From this bonuses, I can tell that these bonuses (except R.O.I) are generated from downlines....these are basic MLM concept!

I have join GWG for about 1 year, sincerely i can concludes that GWG is good for beginners in forex...since they can still receive ROI (10-15%) every 25days no matter how the trading productivity.

selangor, Malaysia
Feb 19, 2014

A money game broker, please be aware. They not a broker they more to HYIP. Their IBs very rich because got big commissions from the founder just to lure a newbies to give them money. More like ponzi scheme.

seberang jaya, Malaysia
Feb 10, 2014

I never found the best forex trading like gwgfx...... we have 2 choice either we want to trade 100% or in kind of commiccion system....

commission system divided by 2 which are 50/50(margin)
1- traded by company -return 10%
2- trade on our own

If lost or margin call, company will deduct from roi every month so there is no risk in gwgfx eventhough margin call or lost.....

singapore, Singapore
Feb 5, 2014

I had a bad experience on their forex trading, due to their wrongly credited money (should be deposited back, they inputted withdraw), my entire forex transaction became margin call and force close on that day immediately.

I raise the issue and print screen shown to them but no reply until now, whoever play their forex trading must be extra carefully.

kuala lumpur, Malaysia
Jan 19, 2014

multi level marketing based type forex..so generally income not from trading...