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Updated: Aug 27, 2015
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1 · 13 REVIEWS
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Mount Isa, Australia
Mar 31, 2014

I wish I read this before I joined their preferred broker. Still waiting for my licence key to activate the program...but thinking I won't bother. It's been 8 days, still no activation code. Customer service is cr**! automatically generated response to my questions...same over and over. I'll be trading myself or finding a new EA/Robot.

Los Angeles, USA
Jan 8, 2014

My results are not the same as the video dairy. I lost money from the very start. They are getting 15 wins and 3 losses. I have been getting 8 wins and 8 loses. They must editing and putting on winning trades. STAY AWAY

Arizona, USA
Jan 3, 2014

Software totally sucks! Lost money! Glad I only took free trail and did not use all of my funds. Do not buy this s*** software!

, Ukraine
Dec 21, 2013

Dear friends, I tested - it is swindlers!

Illinois, USA
Dec 20, 2013

I put my $250 into this using one of their preferred Brokers, Redwood. The software was impossible to install on several of my computers. Their customer support is absolutely horrible. I exchanged emails with them a dozen times and all they could recommend was that I watch the installation video. After 25 days of my 30 day "free" trial, they sent out a web based platform. I tried that and lost on the first 10 trades that were supposedly 92% sure to win. Two days later, my 30 day trial expired and I could not use the platform at all. They do not respond to requests for help at all. I still have most of my tiny $250 account with them but doubt I will ever see it back.

Dec 20, 2013

Scumbags definition is too generous! Their signals are a bad joke and their support is non-existent.

San Francisco, USA
Dec 12, 2013

This software is c***. It took me over a week to install the software, the instructions were terrible. It took My $250 account down to $90 in a couple days of $5 trades.

they have a web version now. I tried it yesterday, 2 wins and 9 losses. I tried it today and trader AGAINST the signals. I was 11 wins 4 losses and a tie. Have the signals it gives aren't even listed at my binary platform. Stay away from this.

Dec 12, 2013

Don't use this system it is a scam....I know I tried it, and it does not work!!!

Sydney, Australia
Dec 11, 2013

Definitely 100% scam ... stay away from these scumbags
I took the bait and deposited 200 euros via visa card. My visa card is specifically attached to an account I use for all my online transactions. I have two accounts and transfer sufficient funds into the visa card account for each individual transaction. On this occasion there was a small balance of 23 bucks left in the account after the 200 euro transaction and they took 22 bucks without my authorization. I signed with one of the recommended brokers and did 18 trades and lost 100 euros in the process. Results: 7 winners, 9 losers and 2 ties.Claims they make about an 86% strike rate are absolute lies.
Just a pack of scum who found a new way to steal peoples money.

Norfolk, United Kingdom
Dec 5, 2013

I too was tempted by this offer, and the videos, results etc.
I registered for an account with their preferred broker (you have to do this to get the software). I deposited 500 Euros with them, and then found out that the software didn't work (licence key error)
Then, to my horror, I discovered that banc54 had taken a further 4,500 euros from my account and without my consent!
Looking through this website, I see that they have done the same thing to a lot of people, and the person who runs the software site (goes by the name or alias of Storm Russel) is obviously skimming off a pile of money, then moving to a different broker when things get too hot. I totally and firmly believe that he is part of this scam, where he draws the people in, the rogue broker empties their accounts, resulting in wide scale deception.
This matter is being taken up by the fraud dept at the bank, so hopefully we will stick this person in that same net.
Ban54 is run by Hortense Holdings - look up both on this site.
and stay well away.....