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Updated: Apr 12, 2015
3.867 · 4 REVIEWS
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3.867 · 4 REVIEWS
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Ulm, Germany
Jul 30, 2014

Second posting
First was on 04.09.2014

Start: 2500
End: 1600

Run Expert Advisor and to say that you managed accounts ....
and have different trading approaches.
It is not actively traded as far as I've seen the trades,
only with drawdowns is looked into your account.
am since April and only see the trades that come probably from the Expert Advisor

See link to:

I can not recommend it unless you want to lose money the services of these gentlemen.

The longer-term accounts delet if larger drawdowns occur and there are new one..

Martingale System !!
Not to recommend the services being offered.
Stay away and tried other things.

best regards

(Sorry for my english)

2014-04-09 1Star After three days I had a loss of 35% on my account,
there were other trades made ​​as to the Myfxbook - accounts.
I like to make the data available for this purpose!

I hope I can thus prevent other investors fall for the Forex Boys.
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Rebuttal: Added by Christopher on 2014-04-11
This is purely a broker based problem. If it was our mistake, we should have faced the loss on all the accounts we manage. For instance the account listed at test on FPA is also a live account and we never had any loss. If required, we can show other accounts performance as well. The loss had happened only because of the broker, Forex4you. When there was a very minimal loss of around 4 percent (over all draw down), our EA tried to close the positions and it was rejected by the broker. But accepted only the new orders. But in all the other brokers the positions were closed on a very small loss and only then the new orders were placed. Where as in his account, the broker never allowed to close the open positions that were on a small loss. That is the reason for the loss on his account. Again there was a slippage while closing the positions on loss. We have 75 percent equity protection mode enabled. But when our EA tried to close the positions again at 25 percent loss, the broker delayed the execution and ended up closing at 35 percent loss. That is the reason we always suggest our clients to use prime brokers like Lmax, where we don't face such problems. We had a similar issue with an account at fxcm as well yesterday. But all was well at lmax. If required we are ready to show all records at lmax. We explained the whole scenario to Stephan over email. With this we conclude saying it is not our mistake and it is the mistake of the broker...

Reply by Christopher submitted Aug 14, 2014:
As said earlier this is purely a broker based issue. The loss happened because of the broker and we tried to recover it. But when we were in the process of recovering, the client closed the account. The trades are done manually as well as automatically. He did not see any manual trades in his account, because we never traded manually at forex4you. Most of the times the orders are not accepted and hence EA was used to trade forex4you accounts. However we stopped trading forex4you accounts now for clients.
kualalumpur, Malaysia
Apr 26, 2014

Ya,they are good fund managers..clarity on their work ...

not promising any false statements,

Vijayawada, India
Feb 5, 2014

Good fund manager i have come across. In the last 2 months my account is 40 percent up before paying performance fee. All my mails are responded very quick. I am happy.

Jan 2, 2014

I have just contacted them, and they do not have any brokers in the USA. They recommended FinFX. Is it normal for a Managed Account provider to not be set up with any brokers in the USA?

Reply by Christopher submitted Jan 9, 2014:
Hello H, Most of the brokers do not accept US clients. Even if they accept the maximum leverage they offer is only 50:1. Hence we never intended to collaborate with any US brokers. We are now trading good with LMAX, a prime broker and unfortunately they do not accept US clients. Few of our clients from US have opened an account with Finfx and its so far so good. Hence we recommended you FinFx. If you find any good broker accepting US clients and can provide 100:1 leverage, please inform us. Best Regards, Christopher
Garhwa, India
Jan 2, 2014

its a better option to earn money without hardwork,money from money ,the trading is better option and i like it too much and earning better from it.

India, India
Dec 1, 2013

We are ethical fund managers who trade with very minimal risk. We like to prove our selves in action than words. Use our service and please share your honest reviews here...