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Updated: Aug 14, 2017
4.223 · 49 REVIEWS
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Ayrex.com profile provided by AyrexOfficial, Aug 26, 2015

Ayrex is an innovative Binary Options Broker serving clients worldwide. Ayrex operates in full compliance with international laws and financial regulations. Ayrex platform was developed based on careful research and Ayrex team’s substantial experience in financial markets. By implementing an entirely new approach to binary options trading Ayrex gives its clients better possibilities of increasing their trading expertise and profit.

Practice is the most important aspect of learning. Practice makes perfect and we want to give our prospective and existing clients the chance to make educated decisions when it comes to trading. Our demo is absolutely free and requires no registration.

$5 minimum deposit is aimed to give traders a chance to start safe and build their way up as they master their trading strategies.


Founded in: 2014

Minimum Deposit: 5 EUR/USD

Minimum Investment: 5 EUR/USD

Minimum Withdrawal: 5 EUR/USD

Demo Account: Free, no registration, no expiry date

Early Closure available: YES (High/Low and One Touch options)

Customer Support: 24/5


Why Ayrex:

We created our own unique platform. That means that we can modify it faster and we are more flexible in terms of meeting our clients’ needs. We are constantly brainstorming on what we can improve and what we can offer to our clients.

Instant deal execution, no bugs, no platform freeze. A team of IT professionals works every day to ensure outstanding platform performance. One click trading is implemented for all the deals.




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4.223 · 49 REVIEWS
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Cape Town, South Africa
Mar 16, 2017
Registered user

Only the best broker!

My experience with Ayrex has been nothing but amazing. Their trading platform is easy to use and their withdrawals to Skrill is the best I have seen so far and very different from other Binary Options brokers. I will definitely recommend more clients to make use of Ayrex!

Paarl, South Africa
Mar 13, 2017

Easy to use broker

Ayrex is really good. I had some issues in the beginning but it was quickly resolved. Their customer support gets back to you in roughly 15 minutes which is fast. The platform really does make it easy for beginners. No other binary options platform has come close to simplicity than theirs.


Florence, Italy
Mar 3, 2017
Registered user

Very fast operations

Ayrex is a good new platform, wich provides a fast closure-opening of positions and lot of instruments to operate. Support is fast and professional and the android app is now fixed , comed fast with nice graphic. I would like to open positions from less to 5 euros, but i recomend it anyway!

Reply by Ayrex.Official submitted Mar 6, 2017:
Hello and thank you! We are currently considering the possibility of lowering the minimum investment amount from $5, so stay tuned and be ready for improvements!
Sydney, Australia
Mar 2, 2017

My favorite bo platform! (Since I'm an employee, I'm paid to like it.)

Hey folks,
My name is Greg and although I'm not as experienced as the rest of you, I've got a lot of passion for binaries.
I've read plenty of reviews around the web about different brokers and this is how I have found Ayrex. There are some really strange staff about them on the net, including completely dellusional one. Personally, I try not to pay attention to that scraps.
To me Ayrex is one of the best brokers. They offer cool bonus ($30 to trade with), their custommer support is just awecome with a live chat which is very usefull and I've talked to Liv and Sophie.

They have their disadvatages, like all of us:
1. No regulation yet, though they tell that they are working on it (within this year custommer support say)
2. Options are not that long (1 hour maximum)

Good moments are:
- Custommer support - just love them! very nice and always polite
- Special offers for constant clients
- Contest
- Diffrent trade time (30 sec/60 sec/5 minutes/etc.)
- Platform is easy to use and operate
- They support a lot of countries (I'm from Australia)

I really recommend everyone check them out, if you haven't yet. they can be trusted.

Forex Peace Army
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Mar 1, 2017
Registered user

Highly Recommended

I have a live account and find the Ayrex platform to be extremely good with split second accuracy. Its mobile app is also very good. Ayrex also has the advantage of 30 sec trades and instant withdrawals.

Some downsides:
1. Low payout rates
2. Not much selection of pairs
3. Mobile platform does not support Binary, only Turbo
4. Regulation (i think they are working on it)

I would recommend this broker to serious traders.

Reply by Ayrex.Official submitted Mar 3, 2017:
Hi Malaikat5,

Appreciate your review and very glad to hear that you have enjoyed our platform!

Few comments about the features that you haven't enjoyed as much:
1) Low payout rates - our payouts rates usually varies from 70% up to 85% (90% for constant clients) and these payouts are the pretty much the same for every asset. We do not decrease it for the chosen range of assets as some other brokers do.
2) The full list of our assets is presented on our official website: https://www.ayrex.com/assets#/ and includes 15 major currency pairs.
3) Mobile applications for Android and IOS devices are designed for binary options trading as well, but currently includes only short term trading. The reason of that is both apps have been introduced only recently, but we are already working on adjusting it to the web version, so it will have the same features as the web one has.
4) Regulation is a sore spot for us, because it is currently taking more time than we thought it would. We have applied for CySEC regulation and currently working on filling all the requirements from their side. Hopefully, we will get it very soon.
Manila, Philippines
Feb 20, 2017
Registered user

I've been to ayrex almost half year - at first i really like them..for the execution and withdrawal...but after i notice some changes,even i end up ITM they make it OTM and sometimes they'll make my chosen option in reverse (like when i enter for put they will make it as call) at first i thought it's my fault but when i did it again second times and i am right it's not my fault it is from them!and when i am entering also for my target signal which is really a deep itm i couldn't enter for call or put!it will appear "NOT AVAILABLE CHOOSE ANOTHER DIRECTION,TIME OR PAIR!" and when the bad entry is availble they will not stop you to enter! They are really horrible now!!!!even my husband notice it too,,and even their chart execution is also really late!!!yeah they are really good in withdrawal and i wont comment about it!and i think there is a manipulation happening while you are trading or when they notice that you are having a good withdrawal continuesly at that they will interfer your live trades to make you loose!!shame on them!i thought they will be my forever broker ever!i will shift now to Vantagefx.com and give a try with them hoping their withdrawal is fast and good and they will not do manipulation or cheat like what ayrex did!

Ayrex is a great broker but cheater afterward!

Reply by Ayrex.Official submitted Mar 3, 2017:
Hello Myra02,

Thank you for your review! The problem that you have described with trades turning out OTM instead of ITM is not normal for our platform and we are very sorry that you had to experience it in the first place. In order to fix it, please, contact our Customer Care service via Live Chat, support@ayrex.com or +44 20 3322 7337 (please, choose the most comfortable way for you) and provide us with Trade IDs and basic information regarding your OS and internet connection. We will investigate and carefully check it during 1 business day and refund your trades.

As for the execution speed, we are trying to get it on the level of 0.028 on the Real and Demo Platforms both, however it might be affected by the quality of internet connection sometimes. Please, describe this problem to our Support Team is well. IT Department will be able to check the execution of all your trades in any case.

Due to our company policy, T&C and international laws, we don't have any rights to interfere into traders' activities, neither we have any desire to do so. Please, include this part in your complaint as well and we will double check the trades that seems to be the problem with all our attention.

Once again, thank you for your review and it will be really helpful if you could contact our Support Team as soon as possible.
Cartagena, Colombia
Feb 2, 2017
Registered user

It is a fast and friendly broker

I have been using this broker some months ago, it is a very good broker, automatic withdrawals works excellent. Chat support is very helpful and very kind. They have an attractive platform where traders work comfortable.

Reply by Ayrex.Official submitted Mar 3, 2017:
Good day Oxygenearth,

We are delighted to hear that you have enjoyed our services so far!
Feb 1, 2017
Registered user

Was disappointed after the reviews in FPA. Their demo was very different than trading in real money, significant slippage and rates that are sometimes way off my MT4. They are not regulated, so all in all a no go for me.

Reply by Ayrex.Official submitted Mar 3, 2017:
Hi Scott666,

It is usually normal when people's opinions about the same subject turn out to be different. In any case we value all reviews that our traders shares.

Demo and Real Platform look and function in the same way. Our quote provider is completely reliable and we always monitor it's work to avoid any mistakes. Please, notice that our quotes are calculated by the formula (BID+ASK)/2 that can sometimes lead to disparity between Ayrex and other resources.

We have already applied for CySEC regulation and currently working on filling all the requirements from their side.
Feb 1, 2017
Registered user

User friendly, good platform, BUT somewhat MISLEADING

This is my first time trading binary, I joined Ayrex January 2017 after reading good reviews and trying their DEMO account.

Pros - User friendly
- Online/realtime chat support (helpful and responsive)

Cons - I am not sure if it is with my connection or sometimes there really is some lag on placement of orders, I have encountered this several times. I check my connection every time this happens, connection is good. But so far, it is still somewhat acceptable compared to what I experienced with other brokers .

- MISREPRESENTATION OF SPREAD OF TARGET PRICE ON "ONE TOUCH". Spread on DEMO account on "ONE TOUCH" is way different on REAL account, it is misleading and unacceptable. You are being lead to believe you are doing good in DEMO however when you do it in REAL account, the spreads suddenly become much tighter. Discussed this with chat support, elevated to Higher Management, still waiting for feedback what they are going to do about it.

Reply by Ayrex.Official submitted Mar 3, 2017:
Hello LouieJ,

We're very flattered to be your first binary options broker. Hope, that your experience with us was only pleasant.

Not sure I understand the problem with connection? Has it affected your trading in any way?

One Touch option is one of the most popular options among our traders. Target price depends on the current market situation only. Thank you for leaving your complaint to our Support Team and informing us about your dislike regarding this option. We'll take it into close consideration and will be working on improvements of it.
Jakarta, Indonesia
Jan 19, 2017
Registered user


I joined with AYREX on January 2017 after reading a lot of good reviews and also after trying their demo account to test their platform.. After joined, I was very disappointed since AYREX LIVE account is SO DIFFERENT from DEMO Account.. On Live account is not easy to place position PUT or CALL, I complained to the Live chat support which they said is very common when market is LOW volatile.. Yet I said then WHY the demo account is working well on placing position.. After that then my account is OK on placing position..

But then, the problem is not stop.. I encountered another problem which is AYREX limit the amount of order that we can place in one position which is US$300 MAX.. Again, I complained and this time they said it depends on the options available on the market that they can offer.. So I said that means AYREX is only for SMALL TRADERS which is only can facilitate US$200 in One place and another is US$100 in Second place at one position at the same time frame.. They promised to give me solution yet till now after joined more than 2 weeks no improvements on this problem..

In term of Deposit and Withdraw, I do admire their FAST process since they have 2 Bank accounts with Indonesian most famous banks (BCA and Mandiri).. Overall AYREX is so-so for serious traders want to make big income but for small traders, AYREX IS OK..

Reply by Ayrex.Official submitted Mar 3, 2017:
Hello Halamsja,

Thank you for your detailed review about our services!

Please, notice that Demo Platform was designed by our team to demonstrate how does the Real Platform operates and how many possibilities it can offer you. Call and Put options can be chosen with one click only.

The maximum investment amount on the platform is $3000, which applies for one trade or simulteneously opened positions.

Also, please, notice that there is a risk management system, which allows to calculate the number of options available for trading depending on how many options are currently sold out. It's one and only purpose is to make sure that every trader will receive his winnings no matter what its size is.