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northfinance.com Review

Updated: Sep 22, 2014
2.986 · 45 REVIEWS
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Website is down.  Company appears to be out of business.

North Finance seems to have been acquired by fxpro.com


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2.986 · 45 REVIEWS
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lagos, Nigeria
Apr 30, 2014

this company is a thief, i open live account trading but suddenly my password didn't go again. they eat up my money, God will punish u

Dec 2, 2008

In reply to : Putu, Bali, Indonesia

I have checked CYSEC, CIFSA and FSA websites. North finance is not authorised by any of them.

5 start review of Putu, Bali, Indonesia is a fake and should be removed.

Review Moderation Team Note: It looks like North Finance got bought out by FxPro.com. FxPro does seem to have some of these licenses and registrations.

Bali, Indonesia
Jun 16, 2008

Northfinance become very great now, they have a regulated body from CySEC, CIFSA dan FSA, Great ! and also migrated to FXPRO - Euro Orient without any problem. Everything runs perfectly, including my open positions, deposit/withdraw, everything work smoothly during this migration. I'm really appreciate with this broker, because they always keep their promise, and not make us disappointed. I have use them since 3 years ago until Today. WITHOUT ANY PROBLEM !

NF also a very charity broker, I have saw that they make a donation in China Earthquake, Very good people and nice !

I think people who judge bad for NF is only a competitor , or may be just a newbie that don't know about this forex broker world

Jun 4, 2008

If you realy want to LOOSE your money,then use northfinance. It seems like a rumor but its not. Visit their website and you will see that they've packed up and leashed out their customers on contract bases to fxpro.

Apr 26, 2008

I used to have that problem of wiring money to a broker and the money won't hit the platform until several weeks. It happened to me while i was using fxsol and now north finance. It was recently that i found out the bank i was using did not take fx-wiring very seriouusly. I changed to another bank and in a matter of days, the money gets to the broker, so the moral of this story is check with your bank if they've wired your money before you start blaming a broker. "It's easier to find fault than virtue in others because we look harder for it"

Mar 11, 2008

Most people don't realize that there is a world of difference from Demo Trading AND Live Account. Every trader is responsible for his trade. Making the best use of any broker's platform depends on your strategy. Knowing this has helped me tremendously to transmute successfully from demo account to live account. Funding from Nigeria via SWIFT/Banks takes approximately 5 working days. Online Chat of North Finance is an EXCELLENT WAY of getting prompt answer to any question. And they pay promptly when you want to withdraw. I have no problem with this broker as the time of writing.

Mar 4, 2008

This people are a scam dont let nayone deceive you. I and my mum decided to use this broker since October last year. they took our money but didn't fund the account until january this year and didn't activate the account until last week. now we want our money back and they are not responding to our emails.Please flee from these people

Feb 27, 2008

I am not satisfied with their speed. Especially during news, when I entered into a 30 pips winning trade, I got filled on my exit price... Even lost some pips. This happens almost 30-50% of news times.
Other times are still slow but not that bad.
I think they manipulate their price feed in MT4 because after entering a trade there will be 2-3 pips difference compared to an ECN price feed.
However, every time I call them, they are helpful and available.

Feb 26, 2008

I have used NF for 18 months on a sizable account with no problems. There are some occasional technical delays but there always will be with any broker when trading over the internet. Most public forum EA's have no error checking whatsoever and then users get upset when a trade is missed or is requoted. Therefore the odd pip slipped or an occasional requote is normal part of doing business on a retail forex broker and according to my EA logs trades of many lots are filled on average in 3 seconds.

The speed of funding both in and out is very fast. If you use egold i have transactions both ways in hours not days. Customer service is prompt and they always help even though i rarely need help.

Bear in mind also that only a small percentage of those that deposit 10k in ANY broker will ever walk away in profit....they will lose it all trading then blame it on the broker for their own crap trading.

I am somewhat mystified about the fraud aspect of NF trading via Belize IBC clearly these people have no clue whatsoever about offshore entities. Business Trading via Belize or Panama or many other places is 100% legitimate way of doing business to minimize taxation and red tape. Likewise as an IBC the Belize authorities issued a standard statement that although registered in Belize NF has no legal standing to offer its services as a bank or finance center in Belize and of course not they don't operate there! Its a legal entity only.

Just because a broker is bedded down on US or UK soil does NOT mean you are any better protected against fraud. Even in the rare cases you are protected by FSA or NFA which only offer limited capped protection then getting your money back can take many years! aka REFCO one of many.

At the end of the day don't rely on government to bail you out its all about trust not legal framework and NF has been around long enough now to prove that are not out to scam people but to offer a legitimate service.

Apart from the fact i been trading full time for 9 years NF is one of 4 brokers i use but i'm not affiliated with them at all.

Feb 5, 2008

NF is my second broker in FX jungle..

Fair spreads, friendly platform, fast deposit/withdrawl.. I Can't complain.
I withdraw alot more money than I doposited.. still everything is same..
I do notice platform disconnection once a while, and freeze during news.. but I try to stay away from news trading anyway..
I like this broker..