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Updated: Oct 13, 2017
4.676 · 229 REVIEWS
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4.676 · 229 REVIEWS
Forex Peace Army

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Aug 22, 2017
Registered user

FPA got me my €1k back in 3 days !

I had been waiting for over 5 weeks for 10Brokers to execute my €1k withdrawal and wasn't getting anywhere. Then Forex Peace Army came into action and already within 3 days the broker paid out ! FPA does a fantastic job in the fight against dodgy brokers and other scammers - keep up the good work FPA, we need you !

Sydney, Australia
Jul 11, 2017

Phishing scam website

Website requested my email address for a list of the 10 worst brokers, complied, then the email I received was simply one soliciting me to subscribe to a list. I subscribed, under the impression that I would receive the list to no avail. I believe this is called a "phishing scam".

Forex Peace Army
Review moderation team note
Hello Daniel,

I think you need to recheck the definition of phishing.  Even if the offer of the brokers report was fake, all it got was an email address.  Phishing is an attempt to get passwords and ID information.  The FPA does not do phishing of any sort.

Please click here, say you didn't get the 10 Worst Brokers report, and give the same email address.  I will check with the coders to see if anything went wrong on this end.  I will also personally send you a copy of the report.

I personally guarantee the report does not contain phish and is also gluten free. :)

Best regards,
Bill K.
FPA Forums and Reviews Administrator
CY, Cyprus
May 25, 2017

FPA violates review site laws / code of conduct.

The FPA violates the law in taking a position on review pages when labeling things a "scam" but also promoting other brokers through IB links.

This creates a conflict of interest and violates many laws.

It's perfectly legal to have 3rd parties bash companies, etc - that's protected. But when you get into it and call them "SCAM" etc and PROMOTE other brands to make money off of, that's illegal and first amendment US protections are lost.

Ask any internet / US / European attorney familiar with the matter.

There is no doubt the FPA is a great source of reviews, but they interject themselves too much creating bias. No other review site of hotel, or Forex, becomes so involved in the review page of a company for this reason. FPA needs to better familiarize themselves with internet laws.

Reply by Assistant Moderator submitted May 26, 2017:
I am in charge of content in the FPA's forums and reviews.
Per US FTC guidelines, the FPA clearly discloses the presence of advertising and affiliate relationships in its Terms of Service.
Unlike many review sites, the FPA does not allow this to interfere with the handling of reviews. More than one advertising contract was cancelled due to the company mistreating FPA members. More than one affiliate relationships was cancelled due to the company mistreating FPA members. Some of these companies were very surprised to find themselves getting a well-deserved Scam label.
Many companies have offered to pay for large advertising contracts, if the FPA would remove negative information. Each was turned down. Advertising contracts buy ads, not special treatment. This comes up so often, it was necessary to add it to the FAQ to reduce the number of companies asking.
If you can name a specific US law you feel the FPA has broken, use the Contact Us link to send me the URL of the law along with the exact part of the page you are referring to. It will be checked.
If you can think of a way to run the FPA with no affiliate relationships or advertising contracts, use the Contact Us link to send your plan. If it makes sense, it will be considered.
Bill K. FPA AsstModerator
Cicero, NY, USA
Feb 20, 2017
Registered user

This site has great educational materials. However, more frequent positive reviews of companies that are susceptible to fraud

I joined this company long time ago and have found invaluable for beginners and those that would like to educate themselves in various aspects of trading. I highly recommend this site for those that have been suffering in silence under the oppression of fraud-star companies like Goptions. I would like this site to do more frequent reviews of companies that are susceptible to fraudulence. This is because this site gave a positive rating of Goptions back in June last year, which was the more reason I registered with the options company.

Forex Peace Army
Review moderation team note
The FPA does not give the ratings.  Reviewers give the ratings.  We go to great effort and expense to weed out as many fake reviews as possible.

It is always possible for a good broker to turn bad.  It is also possible for a good broker to make mistakes with one person's account.

In this case, GOptions had only a single 5 star review.  All the other reviews before and since have been negative, except for the clearly labeled fake review submitted from the broker's office.  The site was labelled as a scam by the FPA in 2014.  If you saw a large number of positive reviews for GOptions, you were on some other review site.
Sep 4, 2016
Registered user

FPA, leader for protecting the public from scam broker.

Hey guys,

decided to leave a positive review here. I'm am quite a new member, I like the site as it will help new traders to avoid scam brokers out there. The information here is invaluable.

Of course, there are many many improvements that can be done to the site. I would like the reviews posted sooner, 3-5 days is not fast enough. Within 24 hours would be terrific. Secondly, I would like to be emailed once my valuable review is posted. Next, I would like the site to be more organized, it is a little messy. Currently there are broker reviews and then discussion. It should be more streamlined. Please seek expert advise on this area. Lastly, there are also some typo on the site, I'll attach the sreenshot soon in the other section.

Iowa, USA
Jun 21, 2016

The free signals and updated testing / monitoring of new programs is SO fast. This website is second to none for reviews. Thank you guys!!! Y'all make it a little easier to make it in FX =)

, Malaysia
Jan 17, 2016

best website ever for forex trading
hope can get more knowlegde in this site

Trnava, Slovakia
Jan 7, 2016

Great owners and administrators,Great trusted reviews and ratings of all forex trading systems,services,signals,brokers,Great informations about Forex from Best traders in the workd,Great forums,Great big discounts and Great Free services and informations !!!!

Denver Colorado, USA
Aug 7, 2015

I would like to thank you folks that run Forexpeacearmy one more time. Back in April, I thanked you for saving me my money after I read the reviews that were on your website for Forex-Metal.com. Now again, I was just about to open an account with Cherrytrade and after reading what had happened to Michael up in Wisconsin, well, I don't even want to take the chance of being subjected to the same aggravation that he had to endure.
It's a crapshoot for those of us here in the United States that look for brokers overseas and your website is so invaluable, I just can't say enough about it. Thank you, thank you, thank you for what you do!!!

, Greece
Jan 5, 2014

Far better than anything out there.