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CashMonsterz.com Review

Updated: Sep 22, 2014
3.697 · 65 REVIEWS
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3.697 · 65 REVIEWS
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Mar 29, 2011

I have nothing but props and great experiences with this service...is reliable and affordable..I receive 2 to 4 signals per day with an 85% probability of profit. I think is one of the best services I've tried ( so far the 4th signals service ) and it is by far the best and the less expensive. The only thing I would like is to see the updated results on weekly basis they update the results every month, but are always accurate.

south bay, Ca
Aug 9, 2009

It's time I submit a review. I have been using this service for a few years now and have to tell you all its totally worth it. just a few days ago I selected a signal that turned over 200 pips in profit. WOW. After that I just turned off my computer and enjoyed the day with my friends in the hot sun. Cheers to me and CHEEERS to cashmonterz.com

Ich wollte nur mal der Welt erzaehlen das Cashmonsters Super sind. Habe 200 pips in einer signal verdient und habe mir den restlichen Tag freigenommen.Enfach klasse, lohnst sich total!
Prost Cashmonsterz.com

Thank you and Danke Schoen!!!

Mexico City
Jul 20, 2009

"great service and the signals come on time and very profitable the membership allows to select email cellphone or messenger only, or budle up to all at same time.I would recomend this service to anybody who trade serious the FX market"

Czech Republic, EU
Dec 22, 2008

I was trading their signals for 1 month. I lost about 10% of my account just becouse my good money management.
They send you 3 different take profit levels. The first one is very tiny, so it sometimes hit, but you don't want close the trade with very small profit. By using this trick they show good past performance on their webside. TP 3 was never hit. TP2 very rarely. After hiting TP1 I was using trailing stop and end up with some small profit. Problem was that the trade went often straight to stop loss which was not so tiny.
In case you want use their service I would suggest use good money management and close at least half possition on TP1. This way I believe you can end up with some small profit or breakeven. But I don't think it is worth your money and time.

Dec 9, 2008

Just one word of caution...BEWARE!...within 1 week my USD 10,000 was blown out by their managed account team...terrible style of trading...kept on opening positions and adding on to losing trades...no risk mgmt whatsoever...now that I have been a victim..you dont have to learn it the hard way...please take guidance from my bitter experience and AVOID these guys..specially for their managed account scam. If anyone wishes, I can provide proof in terms of my live accounts report from FXCM. My heart will feel much lighter if all of you take the advice and AVOID these guys. Lets make their scam business a failure. Once again if anybody needs proof, I am open for it...riz_haq11@hotmail.com

Oct 6, 2008

I think this are the most accurate signals i got so far. starting from 2008 I always end up the month with some extra profit.

I give them 5 stars because also CM acted quickly when I changed my cellphone company i was not going to receive the signals for that evening but they change it inmediatly.

I think the chinese trader must be the trader for the company Jan Seng like me, I am the Trader for this company.

is very good service

Oct 5, 2008

For your infomation about the comments from China. There's no chinese first name "Jan", no chinese last name "Seng" in the chinese language. Please do better research before you submit fake comments.

Review Moderation Team Note: We did find the name "Jan Seng" to be unusual, so checked that review carefully. The review was left from China. There is a company by the name of Jan Seng in southern China. Some Chinese people do use a western first name, so "Jan" is not that suspicious. Seng is not one of the typical names in either Mandarin or Cantonese, but there are 56 ethnic groups in China and hundreds of local dialects, so we can not rule out the possibility that Seng could be a true name. It is also possible that Jan Seng could have some other meaning (such as "Happy Customer" or "Real Chinese Trader") in one of the local dialects. Also, we do not require reviewers to leave their full, correct, and exact name.

Aug 19, 2008

this guys are supercool i love the service It is the only company who offer service on messenger besides cellphone and email.

here in china the cellphone text messaging is expensive so i use the messenger on yahoo

I think is the best

Jul 10, 2008

I started with 50k account with Cashmonsterz and turned into 83,798.35 from 5/11/08 to 6/11/08 I also trade my own account with the alerts both of my accounts are with fxcm one managed by Cash one managed by me. But I have kids so cant stay up late. I highly recommend this managment program the only problem is that FXCM takes up to 10 days to deduct the performance compensation fee (30% performance compensation) Besides that is working perfect for me. Every week I got an update of my statement and balance through an account executive. That and many other details made me feel confortable with this managment program. Very professional and serious.In my last email I congratulate the CM team and I am now accomplishing my promess of post a good review about it. Thank you sir pips Crazy Cat and CM.

Jun 29, 2008

The service with this company is great I had the opportunity to set a signals account and a lady named Jennifer was absolutely nice and professional This days is very common to see that nobody provides a phone number that is shady and does not give me good feeling. But I emailed filled my application paid and I got this call from cashmonsterz In appreciation for my business Im subscribed with 2 more providers and they never call and if i want to call they do not have a phone number or adress! With cashmonsters I get around 85% of signals with profit. I think is a great alliance.