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Updated: Aug 23, 2016
4.175 · 45 REVIEWS
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ForexEarlyWarning.com (Mark McDonnell) profile provided by Mark Mc DonnellSep 2, 2015

Trend Based Trading Plans and Live Signals for 28 Currency Pairs


Forexearlywarning provides trend based trading plans and live trading signals for 28 currency pairs, we trade 

with the trends of the forex market. Please attend our free forex webinars each week, where we discuss our 

profitable forex trading system. We also provide forex traders with live trading alerts with our entry management tool, 

The Forex Heatmap®. We use multiple time frame analysis of trends to analyze the forex market. Our website has loads 

of free forex educational resources, like our 35 forex lesson package.




NZD Weakness


CAD Weakness


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4.175 · 45 REVIEWS
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San Diego, USA
Aug 12, 2016
Registed user

I am following Mark since 2004. He is telling you exactly what to do and giving his knowledge almost for free. Some well known traders in Forex learned from him. The best, complete system you can find.

South Lyon, MI, USA
Mar 28, 2016

Forexearlywarning is the best trading system around. It is a practical no frills way to trade the forex market. Just because it is not a fancy website with all kinds of eye candy to attract your attention doesn't mean that it's not legitimate. They have a incredibly low membership price that you can use for education, webinars, trading plans, and endless amounts of forex information. The staff is always an email away if you need help or have specific questions about the market that you need answered. Most importantly the system is built to make you a successful trader not to sell you more add on analysis type tools. This site gives you a college education for a fraction of the college cost and will turn you into a successful trader withing a short time after joining. I truly believe that there is nothing better out there in the trading world.

San Antonio, USA
Jan 11, 2016

Ive been on my forex journey for about 2 years now and ive paid thousands out of pocket for mentorship and training that i didnt really even get a return on..although they have led me up to this point in finding forexearlywarning . I must say THIS IS IT. The goldmine of forex trading , the CORRECT way to trade the market...not only that but the admins even mark are happy to help you out and answer any questions you have...i know another group i was in was charging 200 per one on one and they do it for free here! Not only that but the admins do weekly webinara where you can get your questions answered as well . The price is PHENOMENAL compared to the life changing value you recieve.. if you are reading this i suggest just try it its just 20 dollars. And dont forget to ask questions so they can help direct you in the right direction and put you back on the correct path if youre having trouble. Awesome opportunity, great price, great job admins!

Brissie, Australia
Jan 5, 2016

Hi, Over 6 months ago, I've posted a (kind of bad) review, which was 'created' by my mental 'health condition' & as such, it was based more on my imagination, then on pure facts about this business, so, pls, disregard my previous comments, what at the end should help everyone to see a real value of this business, which in my view has been created by Mark with intention of helping everyone in 'proper way of trading forex'. Thank you & good luck with your 'FX journey'. Adam S. 2015-05-20 1Star Following my previous 'opinion' about this business as well as my promise that within next 4 weeks I'll provide you with my 'confirmation' of it or I'll admit my mistake & give you as much details as possible, well, it took me only 3 days to find out the real value of this business or should I say 'luck of it'. First of all, I'd like to say that should I be provided by Mark all of those inforamtion I've learn from him after I've subscribed to his service, I wouldn't do it at all. Secondly, I'd like to add that at the beginning (before my subscription) the owner of this business Mark in his response to my inquiries and/or questions was very nice & helpful (for his own benefit), but after that he has become very arrogant, ignorant & disrespectful to me & my inquiries, what (having over 5 years of FX trading experience) makes me wonder if he is someone 'who walks is talk' or should I say 'if he is a real FX trader' & kind of a proof behind this opinion is last big move of EURUSD, which Mark has misread totally & because of it, he didn't inform his subscriber about this great opportunity to get at least 300m pips. Also, most of the time, after I've ask any questions, he has send me back to read some of his articles, like he wasn't able to explain it in the different way nor he was able to share with me his view about 'my charts & 'near futur' trades. In my view, this whole scam & what I'd call a 'flashy stuff' is only for the purpose of making every newbie/subscriber a kind of a 'blind person', what always allow Mark to manipulate one in his own way & at the end, that newbie will be exactly in the 'position' s/he was 'standing' in the first place, still not knowing how to trade FX in the right way. As for recommended by him 'way od trading', first of all, it's very confusing from the beginning & always leave a trader in the dark to make his final decision, especially, in regard to his 'Heatmap's readings, where one have no option but to interpret it in his own way, because following Mark's suggestion that for example 0.3 shows strong trend, so, it does 0.8 or 1.2, so, which 'strong' is strong & which reading should we take seriously - total confusion. I'll leave it at this point, though, should there be anyone, who would like to get more details & proof of my 'new' opinion about this scam, these days, the are many ways to 'find' me & everyone is welcome to do so. 2015-05-16 5Star Just a short note for every 'new subscriber to be' to this service Just like me today, though, tomorrow it'll be different because I'll subscribe to this service :-), who after a whole day of spending on FEW's site, would like to say that I'm really impress with this 'business offer & I'd like to bring your attention to just one but in my view very fundamental fact, which is: - most of other providers of similar service charge much more, what usually is around a $100 per month, when this guy is asking for what would call administration fees or maybe business expense of $19.95 per month, what (according to my gut's feeling, which usually is right :-) has make me believe that this person very likely is a successful & profitable trader, who being thankful for this blessings & to show his gratitude for it, has decided to share his knowledge & experience as a professional FX trader with others, especially a new (to this kind of 'field') traders, what in my view, should be taken seriously under consideration by everyone who thinks about using this service. Also, I've decided to come back to this (FPA) site within next 4 weeks to provide a confirmation of my 'today's view or if I'm mistaken, I'll not mind to admit it, with as much full explanation of it as it'll be possible. That's al folks & till the next one

Ohio, USA
Jun 29, 2015

In sixty days and zero dollars invested, you can be on your way to a new and prosperous career using the “Forex Early Warning” system. If you have been trading the forex with little or no success and are willing to learn, this system will change your life. There are no secrets with the Forex Early Warning system. The owner of Forex Early Warning, Mark McDonnell, gives you his system for free. You can attend two weekly seminars free. The trend indicators for multiple time frame analysis are free. All Mark McDonnell asks of all traders is for you to invest your time. He and his partners call it, homework. Do the homework. You can copy the 35 lessons or listen to the audio version. Did I mention they’re free? Mark McDonnell’s trading system is logical and consistent. If you have done the homework and need help, Mark and his partners will contact you by phone or email and help guide you through your questions. And when you are ready to invest money, you can purchase the Forex Early Warning system complete with trading plans and “The Forex Heatmap” for $19.95 a month. Mark McDonnell and his partners want you to be successful. If you are serious about trading the forex market visit the forexearlywarning.com website. Thanks to Mark McDonnell and his trading system, I am now a full time forex trader.

Indiana, USA
Jun 18, 2015

ForexEarlyWarning is the best common sense system of educating traders that I have ever run across. If you are serious about trading, leave your ego at the door and be prepared to learn a completely new way of banking the pips. Mark Mc Donnell will teach you about slingshots, dominos, family pairs and multiple time frames. The 35 lessons and trading tips are invaluable. I attended one of Mark's seminars in Atlanta a few years ago and continue to use this great service. One day I showed a fellow trader my account history. I had over 80% consistent trades of 70 pips or more. I had over 100 trades and this guy was blown away. Since we trade all 28 pairs he had never even seen the pairs that I was banking. Yep, he was trying to scalp the eurusd and get 20 pips a day. One of my pairs, the nzdchf was up over 500 single pips. This guy had never even looked at the nzdchf chart, let alone tried to trade it. His mindset was keeping him from seeing that hundreds of pips are available in this market. I told him that we trade them all because when the majors are trending the exotics are flat. And when the majors are flat the exotics are trading. All of these lessons I was able to learn here. FEW has 2 classes a week on webinar where you can actually learn how to trade from someone who is already successful. What is wrong with that?? I actually look forward to the classes each week because you can often pick up on a trade that you overlooked. 5 star review?? Nope--I give them a 10 from what I have learned--hey, give it a shot, as you never know what positive results you will get. Bank those pips!!

Texas , USA
Jun 4, 2015

I would like to say a few words about Mark McDonald and his company. First of all, I have been listening and learning from Mark since 2004. Prior to his teaching and like many newbie traders, I blew up my account, lost all, several times. When I came across Mark, I knew I had found my MENTOR. Long story short, after my personal life took me away from trading for several years, I found out that mark made a website dedicated to teaching even novice folks to trade the TRENDS of the forex. I started fresh, learning all I could get my hands on from this man, his website and his weekly webinars. Mark will not spoon feed anyone. You must take responsibility to do the work, learn and practice first. Then, with persistence, success!!! Pips start coming in nicely. My thanks to Mark for all he has made available, especially the FOREX HEATMAP. That tool alone is worth much more than his extremely low monthly fee. Then there is his fantastic daily recommendations that give those who have day jobs a heads up on what to look closely for. Thanks Mark for all you do. Shawn Riley D.C.

Pennsylvania, USA
Nov 18, 2014

If you can't make pips with this system you don't belong in forex. I've wasted 4 years trying every combination of indicators with failure after failure. With this system I've gotten rid of ALL indicators and now have just two moving averages. I am, for the first time, making consistent pips. All for just $19.95/mo. And to the person who claims the good reviews are solicited, I guarantee you I have not been asked to give a review. All I can add is, if you don't give it a try it's your loss.

Iowa, USA
Oct 9, 2014

I been trading Forex for 15 years and what I have seen so far is better than things I've paid $1000s for. I now see pips everywhere now and I haven't even joined the service yet , but I will. I was going to dismiss this as nothing , but I thought what the hell it's not going to hurt to take a look. Now I'm hooked and I'm going to join for the rest of my trading career. The people who are critical of this obviously have not been trading very long.

Reply by Mark Mc Donnell submitted Dec 23, 2014:
Thanks for the honest review, we are here to help, you can email the company any time and we can answer your questions. Looking forward to having you for a subscriber. Good Trading
Toronto, Canada
Aug 20, 2013

I met Mark Mc Donnell at a live full day non-profit Forex seminar in Vancouver, BC in November 2011. By that time I had been trading for some time but without consistent positive results. I was surprised at the time to see many traders trading the ForexEarlyWarning system made their way to Vancouver from all over Canada and US just to attend the seminar. I was also surprised to see how thankful and appreciative they were for the efforts Mark was putting into helping traders succeed. By the end of that day it was clear to me that I was onto something real - sound, logical forex trading system with a very nominal monthly fee of $19.95 to have access to daily trading plans and Heatmap. All education on how the system works is available for free to anybody on the FEW website and Mark is holding two weekly seminars on Wednesdays helping to understand the system better and review the currency trends. What also surprised me was that Mark was very willing to help anybody eager to learn - be in by setting up a private consultation (btw free of charge) on Skype or phone or by communication via email. Since January 2013 additional webinars reviewing currency groups live were added on Mondays - and I found them to be extremely insightful as well. Webinars and all learning materials are open to public and there's no need to even subscribe to service to have access to them. Forex Early Warning system concentrates on trading trends and oscillations of 28 currency pairs comprised of 7 major currencies. With this many instruments there's always bound to be a nice trading opportunity. It's a complete system based on trend following principals and currency pairs tend to trend very nicely and produce massive positive results. Trend followers made a killing over last 30-40 years trading various markets and probably it's best to refer to Michael Covel's books where it's all laid out. If anybody is serious about trading forex and is willing to put time and effort into educating themself first I would highly recommend ForexEarlyWarning system, it's sound, logical, with proven record of success (7 years and counting) with numerous happy clients and Mark Mc Donnell has been very helpful and easily accessible. If you give it a try and stick with it - you'll never look back, I never did, Two yeas and counting and trading is my main business today.