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BKForexAdvisor.com, BKTraderFX.com (Boris Schlossberg and Kathy Lien) Review

Updated: Feb 4, 2017
3.971 · 69 REVIEWS
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3.971 · 69 REVIEWS
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Feb 3, 2017
Registed user

Not worth subscribing

Despite celebrities Kathy and Boris have written several books and are popular on TV and seminars, I think their real trading skill is quite naive.

1. They don't publish their real trading result online. This is already fishy. As a user of MetaTrader and some Auto trading websites, we know it is very easy to publish trading result online to stand up for examination.

2. Subscriber will receive the alert email. The email is simply entry price, take profit and stop lose. No reason and no education.

3. The signal is not much better. Sometimes win, sometimes lose. Their average Profit is less than 5 pips (I couldn't believe), average Lose is more than 10~30 pips. A few Lose will wipe out many small Wins. Sounds familiar?

4. Kathy will post many financial news as if she is expert. In reality, price action doesn't go in sync with financial news. And she has no idea.

5. In their live trade GotoWebinar, their chart screen is clean! They don't draw any indicator! Boris just anyhow chased after the price and placed order. No wonder his trading result is so unstable.

6. With 3, 4, 5, now I understand why they can't publish their trading result online.

Texas, USA
Mar 27, 2013

I think its like anyone and anything, you win some, you loose some. I was with them the first month and most of the signals they gave went the wrong way, but I confirmed their signals with what I was seeing. I still lost about 45% of my account. I wouldn't put this on them though because I joined another service and noticed they were not any better. I think over all if youe have a large enough account to suffer some loss, in the long run you will come out ahead.

Mar 29, 2011

After having 1 year annual service, I wrote to them that I don't want to renew it. They didn't put attention and subscribed me for 1 more year with payments on quarterly basis, just after my complaint they canceled it. Not a conduct of a fair company. BEWARE

Victoria, BC, Canada
Oct 12, 2010

Within the first month of trading with them my entire account was wiped out. All there trades are extremely speculative. You have the same odds trading with them as if you randomly click Buy or Sell. I felt like every trade was as good as gambling. I might as well have gone to the casino.

Apr 4, 2010

I have traded with BKT for approximately 1.5 years, and have had success with their signals. The last two months have been extraordinary, with one losing trade out of the last ten or so...

I find the service to be reliable, prompt in their communication to subscribers, and extremely helpful in explaining techniques and approaches to trading FOREX.

Since there is always a 'downside', let me say that I find that BKT is far more successful in a bullish economic environment than in a bearish one. BKT rarely signals SHORT sells, but rather BUYS most of the time. When economic news is GOOD, BKT does well. When economic news is BAD, I feel that BKT isn't as responsive to short sell opportunities.

Having said that, I'm renewing my subscription. I've booked profit with BKT, and once subscibers are in a 'winning' trade, BKT typically manages that trade extremely well - milking it for every last PIP to be had.

Watch out, though, when the market turns bearish. BKT tends to stick with long trades even when the market seems to call for shorting, and if there is a weakness in their approach, it's being "optimistic" when the market calls for pessimism.

South Africa
Mar 31, 2010

Hi Kathy, Boris and the BKForexAdvisor team. I just wanted to thank you all for an excellent service. As a new trader, you have singlehandedly accelerated my trading efforts to world class standards. Your articles, trading sessions and Member's Community section are a library of experience for me to explore and understand. I consider you my personal friends.
Regards, Herbert

Denver, CO
Mar 31, 2010

I have been with BK now for 17 trades out of 127 they are posting results for (approaching 10%). Here are the statistics:

Winners: 93
Losers: 34
Win Pecent: 73.2%
Average Winner: 62.16 pips
Average Loser: 112.47 pips
Average per trade: +15.41 pips

Each week they send out a calendar of economic events. Events are then ranked on their strength of tradability. Each week, Boris and Kathy select maybe 1-3 trades that are extremely well-setup in terms of both technical and fundamental alignment, and these are the standard BK trades. Traders are alerted through email, the web site, a chat room and finally a text message as to the entry, the stop loss, and profit targets.

BK use a standard 60 pips stop loss. The first profit target is usually set at +30 pips, and at that point half of the position is closed and the stop is moved to break even, ensuring a winning trade. Effectively, a 20 pip trailing stop is used on the remainder of the position.

Each of the setups for the standard BK trades are explained, so that if you have an inclination to learn to think as they do you will, over time. They are very conservative in trade entry, and I appreciate this every time I enter a position on their advice.

This service is exceptionally well run. The information is accurate and timely. The signals are 4x redundant, and perfectly clear. And last, but not least, BK has a solid track record.

There are going to be other services that boast higher returns, but as anyone who understands the random nature of markets realizes, these are more probably due to a local fit than to a global truth (if you don´t understand this statement, you should pick up a copy of the book Fooled By Randomness by Nassim Nicholas Taleb).

Boris and Kathy are the real deal.

Yucaipa, CA, USA
Mar 18, 2010

Dear B & K,

Just a little feedback and a quick note to say "thanx!"

I've only been with you a week and trading your way six days,

but I've banked 101 pips, in four trades.

I'm not celebratory yet, but I am smiling!

Traded the EUR/AUD with you last night, nodded off and missed

the T-1, finally had enough and closed it at 05:30 (est), for +37pips

whoopeee! (ha ha).

My little account is up 11% and it's thanks to your help.

Looking forward to giving you some real good news,

Have a great and profitable one!


Hawaii, USA
Jan 26, 2010

These guys do an outstanding job. I was very hesitant to spend the fees at first but now I feel it is the best money I have ever spent. For the amount of time they dedicate to all the different videos, and tools the service should cost more. This is from a novice point of view from someone who knows very little about indicators, and technicals. This is an awsome program to help learn about the forex markets.

Dec 15, 2009

This is Vahid from Forexoma.com

As a Forex trader, Forex market analyst and as someone who also has a Forex buy/sell signal providing service, I join other programs to see how they work and to learn something new.

I tried this program too, specially when I saw it is managed and promoted by the Forex celebrities, Kathy Lein and Boris Schlossberg. After about two months of trying their program, I am sorry to say that I did not see any value in it. No education and teaching and the signals are not satisfactory too. They charge $200 per month, no refund, but I don't think that they spend even one hour per week on this service. A 5min video every week that you just have to watch because you have paid for it and a table of news and press release for the next week.

I really expected to learn more from these people, but either they don't like to teach anything or there is nothing to teach.