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MarketIndex.RBS.com (abnamromarketindex.com) Review

Updated: Sep 15, 2016
2.792 · 29 REVIEWS
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RBS now owns Abnaromarketindex.


The Royal Bank of Scotland closed the Market Index trading platform on November 8, 2013.

MarketIndex.RBS.com (abnamromarketindex.com)

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2.792 · 29 REVIEWS
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London, United Kingdom
Jan 9, 2012

it is credit to RBS marketindex to see that all the low ratings were based back in 2009 and the high scores attributed to 2011.

This leads me to believe that they have certainly improved upon their delivery of enhancing the system and keeping their spreads tight. I have been using them now for a while and am perfectly happy with their platform.

They have exceeded my expectations in terms of efficient and professional customer service, tight spreads, and a now reliable and robust platform.

Well done marketindex...More than happy to trade with you.

UK, United Kingdom
Dec 13, 2011


They have Android and iPhone trading Apps

Diverse trading instruments and ability to trade some in small sizes

System generally stable and responsive


Support completely incompetent. I was unable to log in and this eluded their technical team completely. They bought their system from OANDA but do not have the technical saavy to run it.

Oct 9, 2011

As a scalper I don´t trade during news time as they block the system and increase the spread. No problem withdrawing money.
Have the feeling that the platform chases my stopp losses and turn around again but that might be bad luck

Oct 3, 2011

best broker (marketmaker) I ever had.
+perfect withdrawl-system, 1day and you get your money
-sometimes they wides the spread, exspecily at news

highly recommended

Jul 20, 2011

Its a shame to read such bad reviews. Marketindex is the best broker I have ever seen in my whole life.

You have no slippage. EURUSD with 1 pips spread fix durning 08:00 am to 10 pm German time.

You can trade the NFP with 1 pip spread. You can trade every news with 1 pip spread.

I really don`t know how it is possible to write such bad reviews

The Netherlands
Jun 3, 2011

I see many low ratings here. After trying out a couple of forex-sites, MarketIndex is still the best for me.

Positive: The platform looks very professional. Simple and good. Fast trustable actions. When I close a position, it 99% takes the value of the moment I clicked, and not the moment the pop-up shows. Very good overview of positions.

Negative: no option to see and choose leverage when you make a deal. Can only change leverage in general menu. Not per action. Using stoploss or takeprofit, can not see the amount of money.

Also negative: when market is moving extreme, platform gets slower.

Little positive: when market starts moving, platform makes other websites blink. This is handy when you are busy at that moment just on the internet. Actually it's an error. But i see it as handy.

Very Positive !: withdrawals always come in one day. Sometimes even half a day.

Conclusion; This is the best forex-broker for me, untill now.

Jan 18, 2010

It's sad but true , for every single peice of news they close the Market, so that you can't open or close a Position.At the last Australian employment change figures, the market was closed for 20 min.

2009-01-08 1 Star once they were a good broker but now you get slipped on almost every market order( 3- 6 pips are normal, even without any news are comming out) , during news they have huge spreads and also a 3 sec. delay for market orders.The spreads stay wide after the news for quite a long time.I don't recomment this broker at all.

2007-06-27 5 Stars if you are looking for a good spike trading broker then abn is for sure the right one.they are using oanda tech. and i've been executed one every single news trade but now they kicked me after 5 month of trading with them.i made tons of money.

Oct 21, 2009

Now it

Mar 20, 2009

At first with ABN in the beginning it was a decent broker,more or lass comparable with Oanda (they use the same platform).But slowly they grew worse.Now after RBC took over,they start to look like a scam.They tell you spread on the dax is one,but in reality it is two nearly all of the time.At newstime spreads are huge and they stay huge for minutes,most of the time even longer then Oanda.Newest gag of them since last month is,that they keep the spread normal,but you cannot enter or leave a trade for sometimes like 3 minutes.!!!!!!I saw some nice profits melting away because of this trick.Apart from all this,they also have a lot of tecnical problems,they are sometimes out for more then 10 min,and this can happen for three times in a row.......So I am looking for a new broker now...

Feb 5, 2009

one of the worst brokers i've been trading with so far.
spread widening, huge slippage, technical problems...

dont wanna keep on talking, cause its pointless