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foolproof-forex-trading.com Review

Updated: Sep 22, 2014
1.921 · 8 REVIEWS
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1.921 · 8 REVIEWS
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Sep 29, 2008

I bought the Foolproof Earlybird System earlier this year but due to"domestic circumstances" was unable to get involved.. Started in the last week and found the manuel pretty easy to follow but having a prob. on page 40 !!!! e.mailed Louise Woof but no reply.. Got in touch with publishers who informed me she was "not taking queries" at the moment......!!!!!!!.... Does anyone know if their is a "blog" for customers to put my query to ?.... Its just this one small issue I am struggling with..

Jul 3, 2008

I purchased both FFT and Earlybird and gave up after finding it impossible to make a profit. The foolproof forex manual is well written and informative if you know nothing about trading the news as I did at the time. I believe the strategy out-lined in the manual may occasionally work but opportunities were too few to justify the time spent in front of the computer. I gave up after two months of chasing tiny currency movements. I don't believe this to be a good strategy for beginners as suggested the website. As for Earlybird, I found it impossible to replicate Louise's results or even get close. Luckily, I kept a record of the daily recommendations and was amazed to find I could have made more money taking the opposite action to Louise's signals. That's when I cancelled the service and did what I (and anyone interested in FOREX) should have done at the beginning, learned from the vast free resource called the 'web' and start using my own brain to make trades. This strategy works much better and you don't have to pay me a penny for it.

Jan 15, 2008

Your'e all mad, i have purchased FFT and Earlybird, and make a profit with both. There are setbacks, but if you apply the methods consistently without trying to re-invent the wheel, you will make good profits. As i type this, i have made 20 pips using EB. And as for being tetchy, i have asked Louise hundreds of questions, and have always! recieved a prompt curteous reply.

Dec 9, 2007

Agree with everyone else really. Foolproof did not work for me or any of my 5 friends.
Wentb on to the Earlybird system which concentrates on a the FTSE. She texts a message or provides a computer signal to let you know which way the market is going to go, and then you are supposed to place your stake and put in position a 15 pip stop, and walk away!
It's a total failure. Inittially she kept winning whilst we won on average 2/5, and if you queried anything she became very abrupt
She later stated advertising that she places her trades AFTER the announcements to others so that it closely reflects our results and low and behold - she suddenly started losing.
We paid £57 for 4 weeks, but pulled out. If you look at her results at www.money-earners-plus.co.uk/foolproof/fems/results.php you will see that it is not at all a pretty picture.
In conclusion, she has made a lot of money, and doing very well thank you. Like many others who trusted her, we lost money.

Oct 24, 2007

I agree with the reviews here, its all a bit hit & miss & trading some of the volatile announcements can be dangerous. Her support is ok to start with until you question anything about her system & is very snippy with her answers. She has another messaging service which again promises a lot but its something thats in clear view every morning if you choose to take it.

Yorkshire, UK
Oct 20, 2007

I purchased the foolproof forex system having had two years trading experience on the foreign currency market and can honestly say that this system is very dangerous to your bank balance. Louise was very 'off' with me when it came to my questions about her methods.

The information contained in her manual is useful but one news report in particular. The non-farm payroll report, towards the end of each month (U.S. Report) is way to dangerous for amateurs to trade as this ALWAYS moves the market and is best left WELL ALONE!!. Trading other news reports are fine but she is missing one VITAL component to EVERY REAL forex traders arsenal and that is pivot points.

Without pivot points in your trading strategy you are effectivly trading blind.

Learn pivot points and fully understand them and watch your results increase ten fold.

Hope this helps.

Oct 9, 2007

Have found this system to be VERY hit and miss. Plus, the manual specifically describes CapitalSpreads.com (with examples) but in practise, I've found that what is described is often not possible (i.e. setting s stop loss 10 pips from your opening price).
I find it hard to believe that the author is consistently making a profit with this system.
My final point of warning - customer support is good to start with, but she quickly gets frustrated and off-hand with you if you question anything about the system.

Sep 19, 2007

extremely risky and the book is already out of date other down side is you have to stay glued to your pc all day as trading is live

Jul 3, 2007

I purchased this system two weeks ago and have not made any profit yet. But I want to be clear this is not a bad review. I can say there is excellent customer service and total suport after the initial purchase. Louise also offers free phone seminars and trade by trade newsletters as well as a ironclad money back guarantee . I feel very confident about this system but cannot give it full stars yet as I have not made any profit. I would recommend anyone to try it as there is really no risk and its great for beginners.