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Updated: Sep 24, 2017
2.838 · 175 REVIEWS
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2.838 · 175 REVIEWS
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Seattle, WA, USA
Sep 19, 2017

Paid too much already and VP is asking more!

I purchased VP for $20000 around May 2017. For the first a couple of weeks, it worked ok. The performance was getting worse and worse recently. The predicted range displayed on the chart always look good because the ranges it predicted are extremely wide!
The sales is very aggressive that's why I ended up spent $20K. I got a phone call recently from the sales lady. She said VP had improved the software and asked me to pay more for the update! I was told the software was life time supported for the money I paid when I made the purchase. Now she asks additional payment for the support!
Don't deal with this company!

san quirico, Italy
Jun 12, 2017
Registered user

gaining experience and profits = outlook is very positive

My story is probably very similar to a lot of people. I was attracted to trading because I felt like it would give me freedom and unlimited spending ability. I have been trading for about three years now. I very quickly learned that it did not give me freedom and I did not have the type of financial status I was looking for. I must except the majority of the blame because when I started I had no trading plan, no money management, no tools, I guess you could say it was kind of like gambling. I work in the hospitality industry at a resort in Tuscany so I do have time early in the day since I am only working in the evenings. Even after losing a substantial amount of money maybe not a lot to other people but for me it represented a lot of savings. I decided to not give up but instead to become more serious and determined. I spoke to many people who were successful in the markets people who I know are smart and make a lot of money and learned from them what they did to become successful. I'm pleased to say that I now have a training plan and good money management and I have been using the vantage point software for over one year with very good results. To give you an idea when I was treating before I had the tools I lost about $15,000 within a short period of time. In the first three months of treating with vantage point I was able to recoup my losses. The remainder of time approximately nine months I have made on average $7000 per month. At first I started daytrading but I learned that the vantage point software really is not geared for daytrading. I also learned that daytrading does not fit my style. I am position trading in holding trades for usually 5 to 10 days and less I determined that the trade is not a good trade in which case I will cut the losses quickly. I bought shares recently of a stock called NVDA and I purchased a small position at approximately $106 per share and the only reason I did not take a larger position is because the stock price was very high. That stock is now over $150 per share in less than 30 days. This is a longer treat for me but the reason why I held onto this trade was because vantage point was still indicating this stock to go up and I wanted to ride the trend to the completion and make as much profit on the street as possible. I never heard of the stock before but it is one of the stocks that vantage point forecasts and when I did my own Telescan it came up on my skin as a high probability trade so I decided to trust the software and I'm very glad that I did. At this point in time I do not plan to retire from my position at the hotel as I do enjoy what I do with the guests. At some point in time I will likely cut back my hours and devote more time to trading but for now I have a very good balance and I am very satisfied with my results and the progress that I have achieved. I want to thank all of the people who gave me good information about how to turn my trading into a profitable venture. I want to thank the company of vantage point and their associates and I look forward to many more years of success.

May 3, 2017
Registered user

Trading easier, more time for you!!

Trading easier, more time for you!!

I m using vantage point since 2 years and the approach to trading is completely changed ! first I have to say that you will never find the famous “ sacro grail “ in any software in the world, but after using this software i understood that you have to suite your own trading style, and once you get it , than come this product that allow you to screen as you like and prefer the stocks and forex markets! probably the algoritmo is complicated but its very simple to use it.

I combine the Vantagepoint predictive moving average (fast and medium) and VP Predictive RSI to get in the trade at a better entry level , which is show by the 3 indicator, plus the predictive neural index which is one filter more , and it indicate the range where the stocks shall goes.

All this research is done by the software in few seconds, saving me hours and hours of research, and i have to concentrate only in few trades each day, thats made me more relaxed and i can see more clearly my job. once i get triggered in my trade its very easy to stay with the trend by monitoring the indicators and profiting. The accuracy is true. it is incredible.

another unbelievable thing is how quick the technical assistance will answer and help you, ( the first times I let them by remote control set up my V.P. as i wish :-))))!!! )

once you have you trading strategy , vantage point come to make your life easier.

Litchfield Park, AZ, USA
Apr 24, 2017
Registered user

Accurate and confidence building for trading Forex!

I keep having favorite trades as a result of using VantagePoint Software! I trade forex, and yesterday I noticed the AUD/USD had just
made a big cross to the downside, so looked at the predicted range for the day, saw it was primed to go short and took a position.
It paid off big in just a short while and I closed the trade. I take small pieces out of the market and keep adding them to my balance!!

I am really getting the confidence from the accuracy of using VantagePoint Software and that is very important as you begin to make the trade.

Utah, USA
Apr 12, 2017
Registered user

Increased Confidence and Profits - what more do I need?

I am an mid level trader. I had experienced moderate success prior to VP. I would find myself lacking confidence and giving back the majority of profits when markets became choppy. Now after joining VP I find myself trading less frequently now than I did one year ago, but my profit per trade ratio has increased substantially. I can ride trends fully and avoid non-trending (ie unprofitable) time frames and stocks. I have used the program for approx one year. I have made the cost of the software back several times over, grown my account and most importantly to me I have a strategy that I now have confidence in. That means I can consistently profit and to me that is the key to success. I promised myself I would take one year to master VP, make my money back, build my account. Everything has happened for me quicker than anticipated which has been nice. I am satisfied with my purchase, my progress, my profitability and now know I can do this! That's a great feeling.

Chicago, USA
Mar 13, 2017
Registered user

A Very Powerful Tool

I want to first make clear that I am not employed by VantagePoint.

I have been a professional options and futures trader since 1994 and a floor trader for over 20 years.

After just a short time exploring the platform and working with the VantagePoint team, it was very clear to me that I had a new, very powerful tool at my disposal.

For me, the power of the platform lies in its simplicity. The scanning functionality makes my pre-market work much quicker and easier. The platform provides very clear and concise entry signals. It also provides fantastic risk management metrics to help you manage your trades.

In the time that I have been using the VantagePoint platform I can honestly say that it has provided me with many signals that frankly I would have missed using my past methodologies.

The Villages, USA
Mar 13, 2017
Registered user

Very effective predictive softwarewith great backup support from the company.

I’m sure I’m like many folks who look at software like this and think it can’t be as good as the claims. I am not a sophisticated trader and even struggled with some of the terminology, so I was very skeptical. My trading experience had been limited to just a couple of years and most of it was related to a bit of day trading low cost stocks and buying dividend stocks because I liked the idea of a monthly or quarterly check.
My motivation for trying some type of predictive software was my lack luster return in my IRA accounts. I didn’t feel like I was getting the best return in those accounts and decided to take control of those myself, in an effort to increase the return. I had three IRA accounts, each getting about 6% using the typical broker but felt that wasn’t enough.
I purchased Vantage Point and admittedly struggled at first because it has so many tools that are used to predict trends and prices. Thankfully Vantage Point assigns a mentor to each buyer so my mentor kept calling to coach me through my questions. They recommend paper trading for a month before making an actual stock purchase, and I definitely benefitted from that process. At one point I even tried to create my own method of reading the charts but of course that didn’t work and went back to the suggested methods.
The software is very intuitive with many different tools at your disposal, however in the beginning, during that paper trading period, you shouldn’t try to use all of those tools at once. Start with the basics then add charts and graphs a little at a time until you trust specific tools, then use the ones you trust.
Also, never trade based upon just one of the tools or indicators. Use the predictive tools to confirm the anticipated trend change.
I tend to be very methodical and use spreadsheets to track every stock I purchase. Each evening I’ll review the stocks the software has chosen then narrow those down to six or so. Next, I’ll use a variety of the charts to reduce those six down to just two or three of the best opportunities. I set my trade targets as soon as I buy and sell as soon as the stock hits the target. Yes, I will at times miss an opportunity to stay “in” longer but I am currently making an annualized rate over 25% on my money, so it works for me. Also, I do sometimes pick a stock that doesn’t trend up, and will have to wait before it reaches my target. Vantage Point claims 86% accuracy so sometimes it will be wrong. However, I find the predicted trend change always happens, but it might be a day or so later than the software predicted.
As I am getting more comfortable with the software, my success percentage is going up. I am hoping to get to 35% or more as a return, and believe that rate is entirely possible using this software. I use Vantage Point to tell me when a stock is in a “valley” or low point. I then purchase those that look like they are about to trend up then sell when the stock goes up. You don’t need to make 10%-20% on every trade. If you buy a stock and sell it a few days later, you only need to make 1% - 2% on each trade.
1% - 2% on every trade in just a few days translates to an annualized return of over 25%. That’s pretty easy to do using Vantage Point.

kiev, Ukraine
Feb 16, 2017
Registered user

5 stars for the vantage point product and company.

Please forgive as my native language is Italian, not English - when i started to trade 10 years ago i thought completely different than now, the psychological aspect , and the market interconnection end time wasting was the aspect more hard to overtake...finally i get vantage point,an everything changed.

first: the company is very helpful, they can help you with the settings of the software, and also give some information about the market, and the reaction of the software self, so you can better understand what to do, as told at the beginning, because if my language, for setting the intellscan , i just let them get into my pc, to organize it, i found it fantastic!! a person who listen to my trading strategy and fix, organize, set up live the software on my pc thousand ok miles away...

second, I i just need one click and the software in a couple of seconds screen all the market stock and database, this is fantastic saving time method , and now i can concentrate more time in new strategies, who can improve my equity line ($$$) the software is easy to use, now i set it up myself, and find new strategies, save portfolio, another point, the most important probably after time passed on trading is about the accuracy of the software, because is not only a great screener, which provide to have an intermarket analysis, but for the profit decision, so the exit point.

I much more relaxed now, because all my stocks are checked every day buy vantage point, and it will show up if something in the market is changing at global level, or if it is just a market price correction.
the full understand of the vantage point software was completed by reading the book of the company founder's , Louis Mendelsohn , and take part at the seminar in tampa, that was the greatest thin i did, 3 days full immersion with other traders, professional who show you other tecnic of trading, like future, options, combos, forex , and a great way to stay tuned with big traders

so in my opinion and for my experience, the software is very worth the money and you will make your money back and build the trading accounts with profits.

Indiana, USA
Jan 25, 2017
Registered user

Vantage Point software has changed my trading experience

Vantage Point software has changed my trading experience. It shows me the perfect entry point into a trade. Then, once in the trade, Vantage Point software is extremely valuable in helping me to monitor the trend so that I can stay in the trade longer. By closely monitoring the trend strength using Vantage Point I'm able to stay in the trade longer.
I used to make a lot of small gains that periodically got clobbered by a large loss. Now, I have been able to turn the tales and make larger gains that kill my smaller losses. Great stuff!

Tulsa OK, USA
Oct 4, 2016

Save Your Money For Trading

I have been attempting to find some value to using the VP software but I've totally failed to find any added value at all to using the so-called predictive indicators. I am a very seasoned technical trader and familiar with EMA crossover trading systems and also familiar with how to apply most of the confirming standard indicators available free on most trading platforms. Completely my fault that I paid $5k for the useless software plus expensive end of day data feed that should be free but as a warning to others please just save your money and develop your own trading system using the traditional EMAs and other free indicators. I have produced much better results trading a very simple real time 4/12 period EMAs with the crossovers as long or short signals then confirming with concurring DMI + or - with the strength of the crossover as measured the ADX required to be above 20 to help avoid choppy markets. Also much of my income comes from trading the SPX and that isn't covered by any of the VP packages as far as I know. Very disappointed in myself that I wanted so much to believe that neural networks and inter market analysis would make trading safer or easier but not the case for me.