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Updated: Oct 5, 2016
2.416 · 166 REVIEWS
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2.416 · 166 REVIEWS
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Tulsa OK, USA
Oct 4, 2016

Save Your Money For Trading

I have been attempting to find some value to using the VP software but I've totally failed to find any added value at all to using the so-called predictive indicators. I am a very seasoned technical trader and familiar with EMA crossover trading systems and also familiar with how to apply most of the confirming standard indicators available free on most trading platforms. Completely my fault that I paid $5k for the useless software plus expensive end of day data feed that should be free but as a warning to others please just save your money and develop your own trading system using the traditional EMAs and other free indicators. I have produced much better results trading a very simple real time 4/12 period EMAs with the crossovers as long or short signals then confirming with concurring DMI + or - with the strength of the crossover as measured the ADX required to be above 20 to help avoid choppy markets. Also much of my income comes from trading the SPX and that isn't covered by any of the VP packages as far as I know. Very disappointed in myself that I wanted so much to believe that neural networks and inter market analysis would make trading safer or easier but not the case for me.

Sao Paulo, Brazil
May 25, 2016

You are probably reading it, because you are considering to acquire the Vantage Point Software, so let me tell you my personal history about it:

I have been in the trading business since 2002, but only in 2015 I was introduced to Vantage Point Software. In the beginning I was a little confused about having a software that is able to forecast the markets with 80%+ accuracy!

So I decided to try it.

Initially I was impressed with the support I receive from the VantagePoint teams, they do everything to make us comfortable with the platform.

After one month I upgraded my markets package!

The software is already a trading system, but you can also combine it with other systems and trading strategies.
I can assure that Vantage Point will take your trading to the next level.

Snowy Mountains, Australia
May 20, 2016

Hi all. I recently obtained a diploma in share trading and investment {wealth Within institute Australia} I first purchased Vantage Point around 2005 when they were just setting up for currency pairs for about $2,000 plus $300 per year for data feed. I thought I had found the holy grail.
Vantage point is garbage and a waste of time and money. If you use the same moving averages on MT4 platform as they use as predictive moving averages, it gives you almost the same result. The next day predicted high and lows are pathetic. I can predict it at least 30% better by just looking at the chart. The neural index for market direction is also a waste of time. I just look for lower highs and lower lows and vice versa which gives a better result.
The predictive medium & long term differences seem impressive at first, but you can achieve similar results using MacD and moving averages. Also the actual platform is very old and ancient and there is no back testing facility. In short you are better off just using MT4 platform with moving averages and MacD. I personally find for best results use a daily chart with ma10,ma5 for direction and find entry on 4 hour chart MacD ma20, ma10 using lower highs and lower lows and vice versa.

May 12, 2016

I am a modest trader still with much to learn and have been using the VantagePoint software for about a month now paper trading. 8 of 9 trades have resulted in profits. I've never day traded however a trade did pop for a 500 dollar profit in one day off a single lot of gold. By the way that was my first futures purchase. I see a lot of value in trades last 2 to more days for this software. You are able to get in at an appropriate time and daily see what is going to happen and where to adjust your stop loss.

The software for me appears so far to do 3 key things. Firstly, it saves me the time of both finding and reading charts for potential buys based on what's trending. Secondly, it minimizes my losses and maximizes gains by predicting the direction for 1,2, and 3 days in advance. Thirdly, when you know how to use secondary indicators and see what supporting markets are doing, you can confirm whether something is a solid buy or more on the risky side. Knowing what markets support one another is a learner curve. Their advisors/coaches have helped me with some of these. I believe people not successful with this software are solely looking for red and green lights to buy and sell without looking at the big pictures.

I give 4 stars because I have only had the software for abut a month. So far for myself and style of trading it is working well.

Louisiana, USA
May 12, 2016

I purchased the VantagePoint software to help me with my trading because I was having trouble finding market direction. My coach was very good, he even helped me set up my charts. I find the software very user friendly. I have called support and they are always eager to help out. I do mostly day trading and now that I know the range of the market I am able to scalp and walk away with $100-S200 profit per trade. My win percentage increased since applying VantagePoint.

Georgia, USA
Apr 17, 2016

VantagePoint Trading Software has taken trading to a whole new level. We as traders are always looking for more information to help us try and determine which way the market will move. VantagePoint gives me that information and is another tool in my trading too box. I have recovered half of my initial cost of the software in just 3 trades. You also are assigned a coach that walks you through the software and how it works. My coach even helped me set up my charts to my trading style. Thank You VantagePoint!!!

Massachusetts, USA
Mar 30, 2016

I am both new to trading and new to VP. I have been using VP for 4 months. I mainly trade options and have found that the system not only helps me find trades, it also confirms trade set ups that I have found. I also have the VP Options Trader training program. It is well worth the price and has been extremely educational and helpful in setting up option trades. My trading account isn't that large, so I trade options and look for lower priced equities in VP. I have not kept track of winners and losers but when I rely on VP, my trades work out. If you have your own trading plan, then I recommend VP as a partner to your system. Based on my style of trading, I will recoup my purchase price within 15 months. One last item, the support is A+. You are assigned a coach who will meet with you at least once a week and he/she is always available via the phone or email every day.

Bellingham, WA , USA
Mar 22, 2016

I use Vantage Point in two areas and planning on a third. First, I trade options on day trade and swing basis. Without Vantage Point, I would be flying in the dark. This software saves me from making many bad trades and provides me the map to make good trades. I still make some mistakes of course, but nothing like I did before using the system.
It provides a clear idea of where the stock is and what it looks like for the next few days. It helps pick, track (if a longer term position is required), and definitely helps with identifying an entry and exit point.
Admittedly, it took a little while to get a good perspective of the function. To help I took advantage of the excellent training available and studied it closely but did use a simulation account for a while before going live. The training and service is as available as a person wants to engage. My experience was they set me up for training and I used it profusely but never was denied any effort it took for me to fully understand the system and how to use it. I still call every so often to better understand some aspect that I may not have been using. This software has deep rich function and does take a while to get fully acquainted enough to use the product in advance levels but it is easy to grasp for the basic functions.
Second, I trade the forex by using the software to determine the trades the night before. I do have a forex advisor who also uses the same Vantage Point applications I have, which helps him provide evaluation and pass on execution advice with consideration of the intermarket relationships. This is a successful endeavor for my position and forex expertise.
Third, I do plan on acquiring the futures package this week, which my evaluation indicates once again the software will be helpful in determining opportunity.
Overall, I have found Vantage Point to be effective in the evaluation options trades and forex trading and generally straight forward. I recommend it to anyone with an open mind and willingness to study the use of the software and learn how to achieve the accuracy level with which it has helped! Happy Trading! Sam

Richmond, USA
Mar 12, 2016

Hello everyone thinking of purchasing vantagepoint software. I spent the money for the entire futures package and I am embarrassed to say how much it was because I was taken for a ride. The first lie is that it can be use "in any market and for any style of trading". TRUST ME it cannot be used as a day trading instrument. The only use it has is for swing and not even short swing like the supposed 2-3 day prediction they declare. Also lie number 2 is that it can be used for any instrument (forex/furtures stocks....). It is horrible for daytrading forex or futures. It is only made for slow moving instruments that you plan to hold on to for long periods of time, like a month at least, maybe 2 weeks if your entry is fortunate. Lie number 3 and this is the BIGGEST and worst of all, the touted neural index is better than 80% predictive. Thye then follow up with saying for the next 2-3 days?????? They claim to have mathematicians who have collected the data for years on a variety of instruments. TOTAL BS!!! Plug gas futures in (the RBOB future) and watch the nueral indicator dance up one day down the next then up again. All the while your losing if your following it by placing trades and it always seems a step behind??? Then it will find a good run and be correct about 4 days in a row. It is no better than a coin flip on an instrument that really moves. And it's laughable to think but i tried asking in depth about the track record of supposed 80% data and no one would provide it to me. And when I explained that I have years worth of proof that the neural indicator is useless for daytrading I was told that "it doesn't work that way!!!!". If an indicator is predicting up and the next day the market goes down, that not a misunderstanding on my part, that is just wrong. Plain and simple. I have several examples of fast moving futures that are always a day behind till you get a short run in hopes of making back all you lost during it's child like fits where it changes and lags everyday for about 5 days. The best lie of all is that for the price they offer no training. You will get emails about expensive sessions not included in the original costs of supposed affilliates who know how to trade using the software but none from themselves. They will send you a pdf or setup a live session where they setup a what they call portfolios designed for short term trading as that is what I purchased it for and then it's good luck. Thanks for your thousands of hard earned money. Hope this works for ya! Last deception, I won't call it a lie but just sleazy like the rest of the company, the data feed is another 300$ plus per year. And guess what. It's called a different name but when my phone rang to resubscribe, it rang as Vantagepoint but the lady said she was from the data feed service. It is the same company. These are the type of people your dealing with. Everything is word play and a hidden agenda. In conclusion, no real training without paying extra beyond the thousands it already costs. Datafeeds after the fact besides the thousands it cost. No one will provide actual data of the neural indicator's actual daily movement and real gains or losses if an actual person took a trade using it up long the nxt day and hold for the entire day or short and hold for the entire day.(i did on 15 futures for over a year and it's no better than a coin toss/ thankfully smart enough to use a live account but demo mode only otherwise would have lost my ASSets!!). That is a real test of the neural indicator, from day to day to day is it plain right or wrong, no BS. It is useless and when I told a staff member about my results she did not deny it but told me I was using it the wrong way. That is hilarious. If something is supposed to be up and i buy at market open and it closes down at the close, guess what???? It's wrong. There is no fudging that. Run from this company as if your house was on fire and your pants were doused in gas. See what I did there, I tied RBOB gas future right back in since it performed the worst of all the instruments I tested.

Texas, USA
Feb 11, 2016

Amazing! Vantage Point is a highly accurate predictive neural network software package, that compares and does an analysis on all markets, to come up with a highly accurate trade prediction for whatever market you maybe trading.
I am an experienced full time trader for over 7 years, and I had purchased Vantage Point about 1 year ago, I have never once regreted that decision and I am very satisfied with it. I admit that at first I thought this software was a
bit on the pricy side, and also I felt like I did not need it because I was already satisfied with my own trading skills. but because of very high accuracy claims I decided to give it a shot and purchase it. You have to take the
time to learn this software very well, which for me took a few weeks to learn it and then incorporate it into my own trading methods. Also for me this software works for Day, Swing or Position trading styles on all markets.
This Vantage Point software guickly scans all markets and finds the good trades and their predicted targets, which saves me alot of time and energy, so I can stay in perspective and focus on trading what it finds. You can then use
Vantage Point's analysis of it's predicted trades and their targets, to use it as a confirmation tool to compare your analysis to Vantage Point's. When Vantage Point and my analysis match, confirming to take the trade, I can then
confidently put more leverage/money on that trade. Vantage Point is just like having my own trading partner. I really enjoy checking Vantage Point's analysis of the markets on the previous night, to plan my next day trades and
getting up in the morning, drinking my coffee while having my trades already planned. Last but not least I would like to Thank the company for making this fantastic software as well as the the customer service department,
which is the best I have ever experienced. They worked with me until I got it right. So in my opinion, whether you are just starting or are an advanced trader, this software can greatly help you. I would not hesitate to recommend
Vantage Point software to anybody.