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Updated: Mar 20, 2016
4.056 · 18 REVIEWS
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ForexTradingSeminar.com (Scott Shubert)

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4.056 · 18 REVIEWS
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Maryland, USA
Jan 20, 2016

I took the course a couple years back. managed to save some of his videos to file on my pc to review even after cancelling the subscription which i believe was $99 a month for access to the course. I took some screen shots of things to remember also for future reference. overall i thought the course was very good. the videos are very long-winded, but it just shows his passion for what he is teaching. he can literally talk about forex trading forever (and sometimes he actually does talk forever) but all in all, it was an eye opener.

the basics of it is that he uses multiple time frames to analyze the market. he also uses the guppy multiple moving averages on all time frames and uses a multiple CCI with similar settings as guppy. The multiple CCI was quite interesting, something i had never seen before. had some issues understanding it at first so i had to play that part over and over. The mulitple CCI is similar to the Spud Stochastics.

All in all it mades perfect sense to me. Guppy MMA and multiple time frames is basically what i use. i still havent quite been able to couple it with the multiple CCI for earlier entries but maybe one day.

canada, Canada
Feb 3, 2015

I agree with most of what has been said on here. I bought the course. with intentions of learning how to trade. And being in the daily trading group and receiving alerts of recommended trades.

The videos are extremely boring. He goes on and on about nothing for atlest half the video. Ok so hes not a speaker, but some editing sure could have been used to not waste about 20 hours of useless talking.

That said, I learned more from the course than anywhere else before. Most of what was learned could be learned for half the time if he would just get to the point. But all his teaching us looking back at history, no trades made in real time. just shouda and coulda.

That's why there is a daily trading group right. Well not exactly. In four months of staying up late for eu session and waking up early for the us session. Not once was there a trade recommendation. He trades on a demo account, never shows how to manage a trade hes in. cause he never enters one. Just more of the same coulda shoulda woulda.

Never received one trade opportunity alert. Sent multiple e mails asking for my password, never got one. never got one never got an alert. Not a single trade recommendation.

The 300 dollar a month forum is where he makes his money. I don't know how guys can learn from sitting there for 30 mins without him saying a single word. I found the trading group to be absolutely uselss and I cancelled it.

Practise what you learned in the course on a demo on your own. using his older methods that have an entry and exit point. Not the feel the market bs.

Way way over priced. Learned to trade with some confidence. But I wish I coulda bought just the manual. and read it in less time than the mind numbing videos. And saved my time and money on the useless platinum trading group. It was an absolute joke.

I cant say I would recommend it to anyone.

Nov 9, 2012

I have purchased Scott Shubert's course and have been in the mastermind group. I have since moved on to learning more in-depth information about trading, but this course gave me a real basis to learn what trading is really about and the attitude and mindset one needs to begin developing in order to be successful.

I have been a trader long enough that when I hear someone talk about how trading "is a zero sum game", I already know I am dealing with someone who has no idea what trading is about and is simply parroting what the vast number of failures say to excuse their inability to make money trading.

For the retail trader, liquidity is never an issue. That, combined with the regulations that have been put in place over the past few years and the proliferation of "no dealing desk" brokers, the trades you make are either with the market or against it. Nothing more, nothing less. No "manipulation" to blame.

It is now rare that you have brokers that do some of the manipulation that was commonplace in years past. And if you encounter shady brokers, then there is only one answer. Find another broker who deals squarely. They are not hard to find.

The market goes up and down the same for everyone, so pretending like "it's the broker's fault I lost money" is laughable and is the sure sign of a two-pump chump who opened a live account before learning to trade profitably and lost some hard-to-come-by money.

Anyone who thinks that the forex market is some "conspiracy" with a "stacked deck" doesn't know what the heck they are talking about. And they also need to quit hanging out at trader forums with the other losers and half-wits who talk negatively all day frustrated because they can't find the silver bullet that doesn't exist anyway.

There is a body of knowledge regarding trading that most people who enter the trading game never discover because A - they don't stick with it long enough to get the knowledge or B - they came into trading as a "get rich quick" game of chance and were doomed to fail from the beginning because of that viewpoint.

Anyway, losers are losers and winners are winners. If one person can be profitable trading, so can you. The main difference between the winners and the losers is their overall attitude - mainly the determination to succeed.

Lastly, all of the cheapskates and "freebie-seekers" are almost ALWAYS the first ones to quit. Mainly because their general mindset is they they want and expect something for nothing. They always cry and whine about "being able to find it for free". Buddy if that was the case, a hugely greater percentage of those who opened a live account would be swimming in Rolexes, Bentleys and Laguna Beach mansions.

Bottom line, Scott's Shubert's course is by no means the holy grail and there are many more subjects about the intricacies and factors that affect the markets that it perhaps should cover, but I guarantee you that it is more substantive and practically useful than 99% of the relative nonsense and straight-up garbage that is out there "for free".

Midwest, USA
Oct 21, 2012

As with any course please search online and hopefully you will find a free download:) One of the Malaysian forums was excelent in that regard for getting reviews and reading about these "holy grails" and you could find almost any course there. As for the course, I bought the original version back then it was cheaper and had bunch of DVDs, later the course was updated, but did not find much useful info there either. Scott's idea was to use multiple MA (moving averages) and Elliot Wave and somehow it should lead to great entries and exits. Problem is as usual it looks great in the past, but live it will not help you. I was in the paid webinar too, but no entries and exits were called, although multiple analyses was given on PAST data. Unfortunetly you can't trade on past data.

As with anything most members and testinomials claim success, but nothing to prove it! Trading is a zero sum game and only very small % are winners, think about it as a big card game where adds are stacked significantly against you. In the end I've decided to move on from trading or at least temporarily as it looks great on paper, nothing like it at all in reality. Again, nothing new here and bunch of the information is available for free!

Vancouver, Canada
Jun 30, 2012

Scott Shubert's Trading Mastermind service is outstanding. It will educate you from the very basics up to the conscious and subconscious disciplines required to make profits in the FX markets. In the Platinum Group live trading, Scott doesn't give you yes's or no's but offers you a choice to decide to make a trade or not on your own - which is what is required to trade independently anyway. I myself have been traidng nearly 4 years with little success, despite taking numerous courses. In the last year, since being part of PTG, but instincts and timing has sharpened enormously. Scott is a patient teacher - make sure you participate in the webinars to make this works for you. Don't just sit back and hope for answers to come to you - ask questions!
Life changing course if you are willing to listern, learn and act.

Philadelphia, USA
Jun 21, 2012

This was the first forex product I ever bought , back in the day...

The pros: Good solid learning product, great for beginner, good professional quality, and Scott is very pleasant person to listen to.
If you're in the early stages of researching forex, this is a great course and will save you a lot of time.

The cons: Was only focused on longer term trading... Also nothing really mind blowing that wouldn't be known to someone who has already done a lot of forex research.

Phoenix, USA
May 28, 2012

I'll have to say this, the Yin Yang course (consisting of the videos) is worthwhile.

I think the videos give a very good outlay of what successful traders really focus on and put it into plain terms how to use Moving Averages, read Candles, use Fibonacci and Elliott wave and apply them to analyzing trade set ups.

Shubert also does a good job in the videos of breaking down the realities of Forex trading - both great benefits and things to look out for that can hurt you.

I did find, like another reviewer said, that Shubert can be long-winded to the point of tedium sometimes, but that is what fast-forward was invented for.

Overall, the videos are really a great value.

However, the so-called "Platinum Trading Group" is something I can leave and not miss.

As a participant, I could not understand how you teach something in your video course (that DOES work) and dismiss it as worthless in the live trading sessions. Frankly, I did better just following what I learned from the videos. I actually LOST more trades following what Scott Shubert suggested in the PTG.

In my opinion, if you feel that some methods you taught previously (in the videos) are not as effective or are really not useful, then WHY are they still a part of the course where one, in particular, is touted as "the only thing you'll ever need"? (and
that method IS still very good BTW) Makes no sense at

In my opinion there is a lot of "group-think" in the PTG and people are not willing to challenge Scott Shubert on what he says due to the "follow the guru" mentality. Not to say that Scott Shubert isn't a nice enough guy or that he is not skilled, but I did not really see any overarching value to the sessions.

There is no structure to the chart analysis during the "Platinum" sessions and Shubert bounces around from chart to chart, currency to currency so much and so quickly, you'll have to spend quite a bit of time getting used to his style. A lot of, "this looks like the end of an C but COULD be a extended
correction...." Well, duhhh....really?

Another thing is that Shubert never actually shows charts from a live account, nor does he show any real-time trades that he actually makes - or even the results. He does occasionally mention that he "took a trade" - but never anything specific. That is suspect to me.

I can understand from a liability standpoint that he doesn't want to be accused of giving investment advice, but that is what disclaimers are for - and I know of other "coaches" and trainers that do show actual live trades during their sessions.

Could be some of "Those that can, do, those that can't - teach".


Again, not to say the PTG is "bad", but I felt mostly frustration and boredom during the sessions.

Also, the so-called "group signal alerts" had not had an "alert" sent out in several months at the time I was participating, so - ok, whatever. Not so sure I'd want to rely on them anyway - lol.

I also got the sneaking suspicion that Shubert was not necessarily divulging the actual strategies and trades that he does personally - for reasons known only to him. And those reasons could be either positive or negative - for HIM. Just my own gut feeling about that. But who knows since he never shows or discusses any of his own trade results.

Someone else may like the "group" just fine. Up to you.

So, overall, I'd say get the program for access to the videos.

In any case, there is no magic bullet to making money with Forex trading. Anyone promising you one, you should RUN not walk - from. It takes time and development of an "eye" and understanding various aspects of technical analysis.

However it CAN be done. The videos in the Ying Yang course can definitely make it easier.

Chicago, USA
May 1, 2012

I have used just one of Scott's methods with very good results. That is my bottom line. I am not in the business of opining one way or the other about personality or motives. I just know that what I learned from him gave me that added boost to put me over the top.

I will say this, I feel that the reviews from "Benito Reyes" in Ohio and "Terry" from Australia are specious. Their "reviews" show nothing in terms of whether or not they actually used ANY of the methods Scott teaches. Both of these poor reviews seem to be based on conjecture and their own perspective of what is possible. My suggestion is that you actually USE the methods and THEN decide for yourself.

I will also say that just using the information from the FREE videos Scott has posted on YouTube was worthwhile before I could afford to buy the course.

I have no stake in whether Scott makes money off of his course, and I really don't care if he does one way or the other. All I know is that my trading turned around from poor to going into profit just a day after implementing what I learned from what he teaches in the course.

All I say is that you regard only reviews on ANY course from people who have actually implemented what is in the course and can verify THEIR actual results. Ad hominem "opinions" from people who have obviously never used the product, but have only speculated based on what they "think" the course information can/should/may do are useless.

I give it 5 stars and I have used several methods from some highly touted gurus which turned out to be pure crap and far too complicated to use with no real benefit other than to make the gurus seem smart and sell products.

I trade Forex full-time. I use what WORKS; not what is "popular". And "works" DOES NOT mean that you break even or only show a small profit. If you can't replace your income trading with the methods you use, you are wasting your time unless you just like trading Forex as a hobby or because you think that telling people you trade Forex is "cool" or "impressive".

I highly recommend you try it and actually DO what Scott teaches - IF you want to make real money.

ohio, USA
Apr 14, 2012

All they think about is how they can make money of you. He talks a good game and how he want to help people all he does is speaks in circles. His office manager L. provides very poor service with no consideration whatsoever. the training they provide you can find it for free on the internet and find a very good trading room at a much lesser price. Save your money and look at the free courses you can find at FPA they are much easier to understand and they are not full of themselves like this guy is.

Sydney, Australia
Dec 11, 2011

Its a con, because he claims to be able to get in at the beginning of a trend and out at the end of a trend - but uses hindsight to prove it - I don't know of anyone that can make money out of hindsight

now he also has an alert service - so why isn't he sending alerts in real time to members of the Platinum Trading Group, telling them when to get in and when to get out - to prove what he claims he can do - because no one can consistently do what he claims using his method

also he says in the advertising - trade alongside real traders - an environment where others share - well it didn't happen whilst I was there

also he says the most important thing is to get in at the beginning of a trend and out at the end of a trend - anyone that has traded forex knows the most important thing is money management

In my opinion Scott makes his money from selling his advice - and not from trading - you work it out 300 members at $300 per month each

Save your money and look else where