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Updated: Oct 21, 2016
2.611 · 203 REVIEWS
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StatusAccountProductP/L Weekly,%Weeks testedP/L Gross,%
Steinitz HAS MTF-0.8567.7-43.794
Fractal Pterodactyl Robot-4.9717.2-58.406

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2.611 · 203 REVIEWS
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Sacramento CA, USA
Apr 6, 2016

I purchased from Don " The Robot Trade A.K.A FRT years back in 2012 and used the software on demo account. After fully understanding the settings I wanted to take it live. By the way, my demo settings where good. However, Its"s 4/6/2016 trying to get it hard coded for a live account and still waiting for the Free lifetime updates and hard code for my live account... after all the site says Free lifetime updates!

Some have said He has died. I'm waiting on a live hard code to take my settings to the market.

KG.. Fxtrader.

Reply by FRT Support submitted Apr 21, 2016:
Hello Kevin! We replied some time ago (April 8th) to your support emails, and additional questions you had on time zone settings. If you need anything else we are always available via support. Have a great day.
Denver, USA
Mar 7, 2016

I've had FRT for a month now and am cautiously optimistic. I'm trying several different settings besides the one it comes with. It has functioned better than the few others I have tried. I set it up with a 40 pip stop loss and 80 pip profit, and one week it did great and the next it lost a small amount. I just started running a test using the stock settings it comes with. I have only run this for a week and it did excellent. Today starts the second week using the stock settings.

I'm beginning to think that forex traders have several traits in common; we can be impatient, we can be dreamers, we often take things at face value, and more. Personally, I find myself to want instant success, so I should test a robot by setting it up and letting it run for a month without looking at it. I've learned that there are no settings, no strategy, no robot that will bring amazing profits each week. Some weeks will be good, and other weeks won't.

Their customer service has been excellent, always responding within two days and offering to help with any issues I have.

Oct 16, 2015

When I first ordered from FRT it was back in 2013 for that has ea. There email support was very slow and I didn't get a response for several things. This July (2015) I came back into forex after a break and started using FRT's falcor along with other tools.

Something has changed for the better at FRT because support now replies to me within a day, they help me troubleshoot, and even gave me custom adjusted settings. With their new settings FALCON has posted a positive profit for about 1.5 months on a demo FXCM account I setup. Not as amazing as their web results, but much better than the other stuff i am using.

Can't attest to their other software just yet tho.

Texas, USA
Sep 1, 2015

I unfortunately bought the EA's from Mr.Steinitz back in 2008 thru 2011. None of them worked as stated. If Don answered back there was always an excuse. I realized he was all BS.Now I find he passed away 5/9/2012 in LV.http://obits.reviewjournal.com/obituaries/lvrj/obituary.aspx?pid=157641485 He will have to answer to our Creator to all the people he knowingly scammed.Apparently someone else is running the website and continuing the scam. At least no more fake reviews

Reply by FRT Support submitted Apr 21, 2016:
Hello Invmiker! Please make sure you've downloaded the latest versions of our software. As it has been a while, we'd be happy to help you get setup or troubleshoot any problems you may have been having. Please contact at us support for anything you may need.
Canada, Canada
Aug 7, 2015

This is such a scam. First off, he doesn't even respond to support emails. Just some advertising crap in LV, USA. If they actually made money why don't they have live account statements that are 3rd party reviewed. I cant even perform a remotely successful backtest on this! Just a huge load of BS everywhere.

Reply by FRT Support submitted Apr 21, 2016:
Hello Ryan! I'm sorry to hear about your experience. Our support system has gone through several changes as is now much better. I'd be happy to fix any problems you were having. We are always happy to troubleshoot, create settings, and more if you need it. Have a great day!
Tauberbischofsheim, Germany
Apr 25, 2015

I had ordered the Reaper Robot for $ 149, and lost 10 % of my account in one week. It is not good for fully automated Trading.

But if i watch the trades and cancel looser Trades and Take Profit winner Trades, if the Trend Changes, so the Reaper Robot works profitable.

But all the Promises at the Sales Site and the Statements are fakes!
They have no Money Back Guarantee. So i Recommend look at
Clickbank Ea offers with a 60 day Money Back Guarantee!

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Apr 17, 2015

I have bought many robots form them but all of them are useless and scam. No robot bring profit as advertised on their sites. I am sure that all statement on their site are fake and manipulated. If they are really making profit then they should provide myfxbook link. The reason why they don't provide because it is fake.

, United Kingdom
Mar 23, 2015

I paid for the Fractal Break Out indicator and trading system which looked very good from the trading videos....I wasn't interested in buying Robots.

I paid my $60.00 but received nothing more than a PDF with a couple of trading videos embedded and one ancient Robot built by some else.

I did not receive a receipt as proof of purchase, nor have I received any response from their Support for the numerous complaints/requests that I have made for the either the product or a refund.

I guess I should have looked at Don's Facebook page before buying, if ever a face were to give me an insight to the character within, there is was.

A $60.00 con is a small amount to lose, but on a cumulative basis, we will keep the guy's Porche running for quite a few years.......sorry to say that he caught another sucker in me and therefore, I would strongly suggest that no-one touch him or his products in the future.

bratislava , Slovakia
Feb 21, 2015

You have to be an idiot beyond retention to believe in their 'ready made solution'' scripts performance.
I bought reaper robot with the intention to link it with a program that is doing a backtest and optimization automatically on a regular basis .To archive that I ask 5 times team steinz to add a very few code lines to reapear in order to call the automated optimization program. No answer to all ! Hence the script is encrypted and seller is a gross ignorant heated person there is nothing to do but to ask full refund. To whom ? nobody is answering, no money protection !
The script I bought is USELESS unless I optimize it the way I consider to the best of my interest.

Sydney, Australia
Jul 24, 2014

As the others said. It is very bad. It cannot bring any profit. Strongly NOT recommend it