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Updated: Sep 22, 2014
2.429 · 6 REVIEWS
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Expert-Forex-Systems.com (Andrew Fields)

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2.429 · 6 REVIEWS
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Feb 28, 2008

Contrary to what many people have posted about me, I want to clarify a number of issues:

Firstly, Adrew Fields did, indeed, design this system and come up with the concept of the Power Break Challenge. This was done in good faith and with every best intention in mind...more on that later.

I (James de Wet) have done most of the administration for Andrew on the site, and have tried to make this a profitable and pleasant experience for everyone. Andrew simply is not a "front man" and prefers to spend his time researching and buried in his books and trading. It's as simple as that. Andrew did appear in the live chat sessions on two occasions several months ago. Not surpringly, he lost interest because out of all the mebers only about 30 ever attended the trading and Q&A sessions.

Back to the first point: The Power Break Challenge (PBC) had every possibility of success, and probably still does, after some adjustments to take into consideration the current market conditions. The concept and the Challenge was launched in good faith at a low subscription rate, with the idea of helping people achieve a realistic dream. And so it was for the first 4 months. Thereafter, the market dictated otherwise. Trading is all about risk and reward, and members of the PBC were trading at 20:1 leverage and higher, despite my urging to keep it to 10:1 or less.

As the results suffered, members initially started to turn the forum into a battleground of complaints and moaning, which I needed to end, as it was counter-productive and unpleasant - hence the so called "censorship"

Since then, most people have left the Challenge. This is quite understandable, given the results, but it also symptomatic of various (less admirable) qualities of human nature, as it was during the moaning sessions.

We decided to close the Challenge because a) there was almost no-one left in it, and b) the system is not currently performing as hoped, and there is no point in asking the remaining members to stay on with the possibility of further drawdowns. Andrew is researching the system in the light of the current market, and, I am sure, will adjust the system to compensate. It may even be that the Challenge is re-opened, but that is pure conjecture at this time.

Refund and cancellation requests have, in my understanding of it, never been tuned down, and every single request has been processed in accordance with the Clickbank procedure. Admittedly, they can be a little slow at times, but they always get to it in 2-3 days.

I personally have nothing to hide. I have made mistakes in the past 10 years as a trader - that's not in dispute. However, I have always intended the best for myself, and especially my clients. I am disappointed that so many are crying "Foul", but that, once again is the nature of the internet and mankind (with notable exceptions) On the internet it is easy to blame and dishonour people from the safety of your computer, and it is even easier to follow the lynch mob, with little thought to the nature of those that are being lynched, so as to speak.

So with all that in mind, thanks to the many kind people who continue to offer verbal, if not participatory, support. To the others, please believe me when I tell you this was a sincere effort, involving a lot of hard work, and many sleepless nights answering emails and studying the system.

I am going to try to publish this on Forex Peace Army, but doubt it will be posted, for reasons which I am not going to elaborate on - except to say, don't believe most of what is written there. It is not an independant review forum, despite its apperances.

James de Wet

Perth, Australia
Feb 11, 2008

People... Listen up. Steer clear of the PB Challenge and also Andrew/James as they are most definately in it just for the monthly memberships and nothing more. I was a member of the forum for several months last year and the experience was unpleasant at best. The forum is heavily moderated and any hint of negative comments is swiftly deleted. I repeatedly asked Andrew to confirm his identity via short video to introduce himself and he was never man enough to do it. Reason... Andrew Fields = James.
In the early stages of the challenge pip counts were very subjective. many members were having losses while Andrew was posting wins.
Also, the thing I find really surprising is that Andrew believes he is the best trader in the world and repeated requests from members to show back tested results were and or statistics ... well they were promptly put down by Andrew. He treats his members like school kids. He thinks they have nothing to contribute. Even in the face of some heavy losses he refushes to reevaluate his system to see if market conditions have changed (and they have) and thus his system needs to change as well to capture the new market dynamics...
So people... stay well clear of this scam... you will get burnt and you will loose a larget sum of your bankroll if you continue to follow this system.

Jan 10, 2008

I have just received another solicitation from Expert-Forex-Systems. I have previously submitted a review that was less than positive to their cause. I gave them a 2 star rating for the simple reason that their published statistics were NOT correct. In this newer email they again are claiming outstanding returns, and get this, for some undefined reason they have 100 open spots for their service! Hmm, sounds to me that they are looking for more sheep to bring to the slaughter. Please people, don't fall for this marketing crap. There is NO easy way to make great riches that these guys are suggesting. Hard work and discipline are the only virtues that will make you a success, and even then its not a guaranty. I implore you to run away from these guys as they are only interested in THEIR monthly fee!

2007-12-16 2 Stars I think the driving force behind this system is the monthly revenue from newbies that are drawn in by its simplicity. They sell you a dream along with a set of rules that are discounted on a daily basis. Its a very simple but highly discretionary system that further hooks the member into a never ending monthly service charge, which I must say is where the money is being made. They have two competing systems that have and will continue to conflict with each other.(EA that is sold separate with another monthly investment) The monthly returns are questionable, as I followed each and every trade and have come up with a difference of opinion. In summary, I think people should understand that its just not that easy to make money, and when it seems to good to be true, well most of us can fill in the blanks.

Dec 14, 2007

Was a member of his private forum until a few minutes ago. What happened?

1. The profit stated is questionable. On at least two occasions he posted gains when all others members, including myself, using the same broker (Oanda) recorded losses. We had 80pips losses, he has 80pips gains. That's easily 160pips difference. He has easily achieved 80% of the monthly target with two bogus profit.

He claimed that it was because we are using different brokers but the fact (he choose to ignore) is that we have the same broker! So I requested a screenshot of that two trades from him so I can check with Oanda. After 2 weeks of repeated asking, he finally replied (I believe he intentionally ignored my previous request so that I will eventually forget abt it). His replies were he forgot abt it, he was too busy, he got more important things to do, it is up to me to conclude whatever I want from the two bogus trades. How difficult and time consuming can a screenshot take?

2. My reply to him was he has been doing paper trading all this while. But he choose to delete my reply from his forum. So I re-posted my reply stating that his action only double confirm my conclusion that he is paper trading. He is as good as James De Wet (in scamming). The next thing I know is that I was banned from the forum while I was still a paying member!

3. Why did I still subscribe to his service when I already know he cooked up his results and november did not achieve his 20% target? Simply because he refused to reply my email and refund although he stated moneyback guarantee if he never achieve 20% monthly return. He continue to bill me for the month of Dec. I'm going straight to clickbank now...

New Zealand
Dec 7, 2007

The system is not followed in the Challenge. The Challenge costs a monthly subscription. And the EA also costs a monthly subscription. The purchase of the book at $55 is a start, and is useless until you subscribe to the other 2, costing you $80 a month.

Dec 5, 2007

Have tried the system and seen negative returns. The results published, appear to be fantastic but the system is not that clear. There is so much confusion on the members forum complaining of losses when the administrator quotes gains and complaints that the book explaining the system is almost never followed. An important concern for the members should be the association with James De Wet who seems to have had some problems with the CFTC coupled with Andrew fields concentrating harder on selling books and new strategies than trading. I really hope the members don't get burned. They are putting over 500,00 dollars a year in the pockets of the administrators who are concentrating hard to get more money from new members, book sales and account management. If a system is good enough to turn 1,000 into 80,000 in 24 months that would turn 500,000 into 40 million, why concentrate on selling 300 more copies of a $55 book. Fingers crossed members.

Nov 23, 2007

Andrew is running the Power Break challenge, which is to turn $1000 into $80,000 in 24 months. I have been in the challenge since the start, 2 months and so far we are up 440 pips in 2 months. Its not a hyped system, i.e make 1000 pips a month, its realistic. The target is to make 200 pips per month, with compounding to reach 80 grand. Over 900 people are in the challenge. There is a great forum where anyone can post and andrew replies frequently. All trades are sent out 6am and 8am London time every day. Some days are no trade with a maximum of 4 trades per day. A+++

Nov 12, 2007

The methods are simple easy to follow. Even if you dont have experience it will work with you + he is supporting you when you buy the ebook by answering emails ...etc.