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Updated: Oct 10, 2016
3.522 · 200 REVIEWS
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Market Traders Institute Inc. (MTI) is a foreign exchange (forex) education and training company based in the Orlando suburb of Lake Mary, Florida. MTI was founded in 1994 by FX Chief Jared F. Martinez. MTI combines time-tested education techniques, state-of-the-art trading/analysis software, interactive online analysis rooms, and comprehensive live online support for the forex market. For many, MTI is synonymous with high standards, effective teaching, sound instructional materials, and a dedicated commitment to performance-oriented results--not theory.

MarketTraders.com (MTI)

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3.522 · 200 REVIEWS
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LKRA, Czech Republic
Oct 7, 2016
Registed user

Solid education for consistent profits

I am really happy with MTI Education, especially with trading psychology lessons which i consider most important help on your success trading carrier.

Trading systems teach by MTI are very simple, everybody can follow them and become profitable trader.

Education is life time, you can view lessons again anytime you wish. This will provide you good value for your money.

Do not trade without proper education, not only that you will lose money, it is very depressing and you will give up early before becoming consistently profitable trader.

Columbus, Ohio, USA
Sep 17, 2016
Registed user

The experience I have had thus far with Market Traders Institute has been extremely positive and would recommend them to anyone who is serious about t

I live in Columbus, Ohio and purchased the Ultimate Traders Package the 3rd week of August... Although I am not new to trading the FOREX and spent a number of years training on the "Red Light Green Light" software I never learned the process of technical trading... I purchased the package be I traveled to Orlando the next week to attend a 4 day Mastery Class taught by Jared Martinez... I took the live class for two reasons 1. I wanted to get a feel for the Company and it's people and 2. Check out the quality of the education... I consider myself as a pretty good judge of character and after the first hour of the class I must tell you that Mr. Martinez is a man of high integrity... I found staff members to be very responsive and caring to the needs of the students... Mr. Martinez is open to share some of his background and spent considerable amount of time during the four day teaching not only the nuts and bolts of the software but also the psychology trading and the importance of getting your head straight... The materials were all professionally done and if he found a typo it was given to staff to correct and immediately distributed to the class... The class was streamed online as well and Mr. Martinez took care to make sure those students were actively involved as well....

Along with the package there is a wealth of daily webinars to attend with Analyst on Demand being one of them... All of these are archived so you can go back as far a 5 years to find topics of interest...

Training is expensive these days but attempting to trade without proper knowledge is an expensive road to travel as well... In the past I have lost more than the cost of this package attempting to learn on my own (this can be an expensive endeavor)... Self teaching may work for some but does not work for me and finally admitted it...

I have always taken negative comments that people make about any product I purchase with a grain of salt and always do my own research as well... As I said previously I spent a number of years training people to utilize FOREX trading software... I came to the conclusion that not all but most people that become dissatisfied either wanted their computer to spit money with little or no effort or they did not have the deep rooted desire to put forth the effort it takes to learn.. People flunk out or quit college every day...

In conclusion although it has been a somewhat short time I am totally satisfied with the purchase I made and even more satisfied with the experience I have had with Market Traders Institute... I recommend it very highly....

Sept-Iles, Canada
Sep 9, 2016

Excellent education and educators.

I just took the Mastery Final course. This course was just following my UTP course and many, many, webinars. All that stuff that I was learning was swirling in my head. The principle is easy to understand but the application is something else. Anyway I keep progressing. Now when I came to the Mastery course, I tought that I would probably be lost at such a high level of trading after the UTP but to the contrary, it made all the basics swirling take form and become understandable. I didn't become an instant pro but at least now I knew where to put the pieces of the puzzle. I got a pretty good overall picture of all this info and that helps a lot. My progress will keep improving. Knowing the basics is more important than knowing the tools to make money. If something goes wrong then you have to keep going with the basics. It doesn't mean I won't buy any tools eventually. Keep up the good work MTI. After the Mastery Course, I had the impression that I had just been given the keys to the vaut.


Gtr Manchester, United Kingdom
Aug 15, 2016

MTI - Stop hiding and start supporting your students!

I'm posting this in the hope that someone from MTI finally deems to reply to my recent emails and phone messages. I joined just over 6 months ago and have had many frustrations with the organisation during this time. The initial UTP content is good though expensive, but the ongoing support is abysmal - unless you're prepared to keep to keep throwing money at the never ending succession of 'New, unique, mega pip generating' products they incessantly plug at you! So come on MTI stop hiding and have a frank and open discussion about some of the flaws in your offering and where you're letting so many of your students down.

Drogheda, Ireland
Jul 11, 2016

Mti is the best.I have been with them for less than a month,but I can tell anyone to join.There is no guess work there,they know what they are doing.To be successful you have to master the basics of forex and then you would be able to use their Software which is absolutely spot on.

Jun 30, 2016

Con Men, not Traders.
NOT ONE can submit a brokerage statement verifying their claimed amazing successes.

Impossibly one-sided contracts.
I contracted Myasthenia Gravis soon after signing up, and could not see to use the computer... asked for a refund within the specified time which they denied because I had not completed (and was unable to complete due to my medical condition) the required work product.
Asked for my entire package to be put on HOLD until I could regain my health, TO WHICH THEY AGREED but now find out that everything except website access has EXPIRED (all training, mentoring, software, etc. that I paid $6000 for).

Am on disability and have of course lost my job, but can now at least see to use the computer (approx. 9 months have passed).

Asked them for help getting restarted -- so far, crickets.

So far, return on my $6000 is NEGATIVE.

They bullied their local BBB to deny my claim, and LIED about my situation in their response to my complaint with the FTC.

San Jose CA, USA
May 17, 2016

Great learning environment, from beginner to advanced trading. They will help you grow in to a profitable trader. Top notch tools.
Excellent support

rome, NY, USA
May 13, 2016

Have learned so much . I failed with other companies and am now turning around to become a trader with passion. Thank You MTI !

, South Africa
May 13, 2016

Professional company that really has the success of individual at heart and not only the income of its own . Great reaching!

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Mar 20, 2016

I've been with MTI for over 5 years and to be honest, it's the best choice I've ever done in my life, for the initial 4 years, to be honest, I was not make consistent profits, but the problem was not the courses, the problem was my mindset, my attitude when it comes to trading, how to deal with my emotions, hesitation before entering a trade, exit to early, exit to late, not having a proper trading journal, not trading with proper risk management.

After I decided to change my mindset, my approach to the market and started following one or two strategies taught by MTI, suddenly the pips started to become abundant at a point that I'm averaging +2000 pips a month right now through the past 6 months, I never gave up, Success is not made by a straight line, the path can be quite hard, dark, specially because in the beginning, I tried to learn by myself with free material from the internet, and this was my biggest mistake, because I learned so many bad habits that took my years to remove it. Having a mentor and proper education is the best suggestion I can give, thanks MTI on helping going on the right direction of financial freedom.