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Updated: Nov 20, 2017
3.499 · 214 REVIEWS
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Market Traders Institute Inc. (MTI) is a foreign exchange (forex) education and training company based in the Orlando suburb of Lake Mary, Florida. MTI was founded in 1994 by FX Chief Jared F. Martinez. MTI combines time-tested education techniques, state-of-the-art trading/analysis software, interactive online analysis rooms, and comprehensive live online support for the forex market. For many, MTI is synonymous with high standards, effective teaching, sound instructional materials, and a dedicated commitment to performance-oriented results--not theory.

MarketTraders.com (MTI)

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3.499 · 214 REVIEWS
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Narrabeen, Australia
Nov 18, 2017

Real Time? Chart DON"T LIE!

at this stage it's rating '0'. Charts don't lie! Quote from one of your 'Advisers'
" In every case, our charts reflect the reality from the time they were created. However, different indicators combined with trading techniques could allow for more than one interpretation of a chart -- which is why we provide many different training programs to allow Forex traders of all trading types to find their best system for the market."
BUL***! Charts CANNOT LIE.

Roodepoort, South Africa
Sep 28, 2017

Be very careful who you give money to.

After extensive prodding by the recruitment officer, Antwan Wallace, I signed up and paid my $249.00. on the 31st of August 2017. Since the following Monday the 4th of September was a public holliday, there was to be no class and I received an email to that effect. On the Tuesday I was assigned a training officer and I never got to meet him/her I can't remember the name. By the Wednesday I was still out in the cold and I sent an email to Antwan. He kindly phoned me and assured me there is nothing to worry about. I had "lots of time" and he understood very well my feeling of being "just overwhelmed at the whole thing" and that was "quite normal" But I had nothing to worry about because I could get my money back after 60 days If things did not work out. "no questions asked" Well I was assigned another training officer or account manager, I can't quite remember, and again nothing happened. A few days later I opened an email which did not have the identification of MTI and I stumbled upon a training course by the big Chief Himself and I got the impression I should feel honoured and privileged to be in the company of this great man. Well I went along with the modules and got to the 5th or 6th module when I got stuck and needed advice. Well "raising my hand" had no effect because these were prerecorded videos and there was no live tuition. After all I am just a dumb South African. So never mind him. I realised that I was not going to learn much and that the 6 hour time difference is a real problem. I immediately demanded my money back and of course nobody ever gets their money back! The MTI webpage contains an "Ideas" section and it contains numerous complaints of the same nature as my experiences. I was eventually called by Darrel Scott who Did me a big favour to cancel my contract and saved me a fortune if I agreed to forfeit my $249.00. Because after all that is not a lot of money in Mr. Darrel Scott's mind. It only amounts to approximately R3700.00. For a 66 year old man with no pension or financial portfolio in South Africa it is a hell of a lot of money. So take heed that the money back guarantee is worth as much as the paper its written on. Or is it a webpage? worth even less than paper!!!.

Atlanta, GA, USA
Sep 12, 2017


I signed up for this training a couple of months ago. I was told that I could sign up with $249 down and $541 starting October 8, 2017 if I write MTI a good review. Once I received the contract it stated that I would have to commit to so many hours of training in order to receive a refund of the down payment. I looked at the training and decided it wasn't working for me, mainly because they do not have any mobile support. Friday (3 business days ago) I received an email (several emails in fact from Friday until Sunday) stating that my card would be charged $199.00 in three days if I did not reply CANCEL to the email. I replied CANCEL each time, and they still deducted $199.00 from my bank account. I have been trying to call them since 8 am. I have currently been on hold for over an hour. I even tried calling and emailing Christian Murphy (the sales rep who signed me up) with no success.


Yanbu RC, Saudi Arabia
Sep 9, 2017

Best educational institute with the best experts has the most effective sales strategy (Their sales strategy effects their students negatively and it is main cause of delaying the success of the majority) . In one week they may promote 4 or 5 courses giving you the feeling that: "This course will solve all your problems". (Notice that the same expert my promote two or three courses in the same week encouraging the students to buy without saying: If you have that course you do not need this course). While they ask you to focus on one or two strategies to be successful, they disturb you COMPLETELY with forcing you to jump from course to course.) They do not mind if you buy 4 courses in one week. It is not easy to recommend them unless they change their sales strategy. They can have more students and more income from sales if their experts find a way better than acting as salesmen . I gained from the wisdom of FX Chief more than I gained from the education. I will continue with MTI but will be very careful when they promote new material or courses. Buy less courses you make more profits. Continue with MTI .

Manila, Philippines
Aug 29, 2017


The only thing good about MTI is they bait you to buy into their programs by painting a rosy picture of consistent profits but really is worthless. I lost all my trades that I copied from their so-called experts. Very poor customer service, its really all self-study which you can access in the internet for free, plain and simple RIP-OFF ARTISTS! Never gave me back my refund. Trust me if you want to burn your money sign-up with these guys.

Jul 28, 2017

Bad Ethics

Training is poor. They loop you in on a sales job with guise of a free trial but then have hidden in the fine print that you must go through 6 months of daily lessons to get your refund. People there arent ethical and dont bave christian values.

Florida, USA
May 17, 2017
Registered user

MTI a scam I experienced it and lost money

Was a student for 2 years. Purchased target trading and 2.0. Was paying for the 59 per month chart and was told would have access to my indicators with no interuptions.....but now MTI wants $299 per month to keep the indicators i already purchased. I am a small forex trader and only generate 200-300 per month. While my service rep Grey was awesome and helpful management took advantage of me with no reprucussions...

Ontario, Canada
Mar 14, 2017

Good training, high pressured sales.

These guys offer a good education, but it's very expensive. Some packages are 5-10K or more I have heard. I like them but the sales tactics can be much more honest. But overall it's a pretty good company IMHO. Had to put them in my phone as "don't answer". But still, some good tools.

San Diego California, USA
Mar 13, 2017
Registered user

The benefit one gets from MTI education is the best I have ever run across. With proper studying and following one strategy at a time that fits your trade style has been the 2nd biggest lesson yet. First one was equity management

LONDON, United Kingdom
Mar 4, 2017

One of the best educators for trading

MTi is one of the best educators for trading ,
They teach you how to become a profitable trader, once they give you the tools it is then up to you to use them and develop your own strategies to generate your own income.
Thanks Mti and thank you chief for your educational mentorship.