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Updated: Oct 20, 2016
3.237 · 46 REVIEWS
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3.237 · 46 REVIEWS
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Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation
Aug 30, 2016

Great platform and excellent support.

Great and easy platform to use – that is what 2pipsforex is to me.
Funding my account was a breeze and secure, too. Signals were never a problem at least to me because I receive strong signals about 4-5 times a week. Support team was pleasant to deal with.

Marbella, Spain
Aug 26, 2016
Registed user

After depositing USD2000 I lost it within a couple of seconds. EXTREMELY aggressive stop loss hunters amnd very rude people. 100% confirmed SCAM brok

I got scammed by 2pipsforex.com.
DO NOT open a live account!
I bought an EA called 'ProfitabeFXEA' for USD 1500, and I openend a live account at 2pipsforex.com.
I set the minimum trade size to 0.01 and I expected to see that trades were not accepted, because their minimum trade size is 1 lot. (Their minimum is 1 lots, according them selces.)
The trade was opened after a couple of seconds. Lotsize 0.01. BUT...... a trade with lot size 5 was opened!
WHY wasn't this trade with an invalid trade size accepted and 'converted' into a 5 lotsize trade?
Within a split second AFTER the trade opened, the price peaked down in a very quiet market. at the bottom of this peak down, a SELL trade was opened, instantly thereafter, price peaked up, hit the stoploss, and 1875 dollars was gone within a split second.
So I contacted ProfitableFXEA (probably Billy P. Carroll) via Skype and the broker via email. ProfitableFXEA, told me to speak to the broker. The broker was pretty rude (Litsa Peters) and they blamed the EA.
THEN they told me their minimum lot size was 5 Lots. They had opened a 'Professional 'account' for me with a minimum lot size of 5. Yeah right. I did not request to open such an account.
ONE day before this, I had asked them about the minimum and maximum lot sizes and Francine Walton from 2pipsforex answered me and told me that their minimum was 1 lot and the maximum was 1000 lots.
So the big question is.... WHY was a trade of 5 lots opened, when the EA wanted to open a trade with lot size 0.01. I EXPECTED the trade to be declined. I did NOT expect the trade to be opened at 5 lots.
Now they told me a 'standard' acount had a minimum lot size of 1 lot. When you open an account with 2pipsforex, they never ask you what type of account you want. They don't mention that anywhere on their site as well.
With only USD 125 left on the account, I asked them to switch it to a 'standard' account'. They did.
I was done for the day. The next day, this morning, I tried it again with only USD 125 left and a lot size of 1.
The second trade the EA opened, went positive, but it was NOT CLOSED. So I tried to close it manually at +20 dollars. BUT the close was not executed. 2pipsforex prevented closing this trade. The trade was 'locked'.
It took several seconds and during this time the price SUDDENLY went into the opposite direction, hitting stoploss again, resulting in a $75 loss.
Now only USD 50 is left. I contacted them again and they do not respond anymore.
I've informed them about me telling this on the internet and as a result, they took the resulting 50 dollars ans closed the account. This is their last e-mail:

Dear Sir,
As you have post fraudulent information about our company, your account is closed, 50 USD Scam fee has been deducted from your account.

Best regards,
Litsa Peters
Accounts Department
Global Clearing Group Ltd
Prime Clearing Member of EUEDEX
European Union Electronic Derivatives Exchange
Registered Member ID: PCM-2233

I've read many more stories on other forums about people having the EXACT same issues as I encountered above. (opening 5 lot trades, peaking to stop loss, etc.) So it is confirmed that 2pipsforex.cmo are a scam broker. They lock trades and actively do stoploss hunting in a very aggressive way.
Did someone take (legal) action or something else?

What I will do:
- Copy this review and start posting it on every trading / forex forum I can find. I will ask you to do the same, to spread this information.
- Link from Facebook and Twitter to this review.
- Report this fraud to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and probably other social media sites, where they have accounts.
- Invite them to come here and react (they probably won't do that or they might 'disappear')
- Report this forex fraud to Interpol, the FBI, regulators, and other authorities. I will create a full and complete document package with proof that I can send to them.
- Report this fraud to Neteller
Any more tips or contact details are highly appreciated. If you've been scammed too, please contact me and I collect your information too. The list of people scammed by these criminals is growing steadily.

Tabasco, Mexico
Aug 13, 2016

Great Platform

Earning 3500 pips per month on my chosen currency pairing was never an issue since I can rely on the daily reports I receive from them. Great platform, good money earned and friendly service team!

Agadir, Morocco
Aug 7, 2016

Recommended !!

2pipsforex is a lot better than other online brokers these days. Prices are usually on the average to high earning probability – giving me a lot of chances to earn good set of pips. I rarely need to fund my account since I make enough equity to re-trade for the next days or so. Customer service team is professional and quick to respond to any questions I have for them.

Osasco, Brazil
Aug 5, 2016

Being Brokerage is scammer

I deposited $ 2,000 and they stole me with a single operation, my EA was set to open 0.10 trader and they opened 5.0 - I've denounced Interpol

Manila, Philippines
May 12, 2016

Everything is great to me. Daily signals are accurate and that allowed me to trade with very minimal loss.

Good dealings so far and pleasing results so I am happy to keep things going. I need not to break even and that is a huge plus for me. Customer service is superb and replies are fast than expected.

Kakanj, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Apr 16, 2016

Strong and excellent daily signals, almost-accurate reports, and fast withdrawals.
They are perfect in every aspect. Communication is also fast and friendly behavior. Everything is going smoothly and I hope that I’ll stay with them for a long time.

Cebu, Philippines
Apr 11, 2016

I must admit that I have a long term relationship with them. Sometimes I experience with a loss of profit. Overall, the platform really works and I find it a very efficient and easy to use comparison to other systems in the market these days. Currently, I’m receiving average of 4000 pips per month. It is very good than expectation.

Chisinau, Moldova, Republic of
Mar 30, 2016

Very good trading platform without fees or commission…
I am using this platform close to a year now and my experience has always been as expected.
Daily and weekly reports are sent regularly, which are about 90% realistic
Signals are excellent and meta trader is always online when I log in.
Getting money to and from my account is also very easy and fast.

New York, USA
Mar 25, 2016

This is a scam broker. Please beware! I opened an account with $2000/ on March 22, 2016. Within few seconds of placing a trade, the broker moved the prices against my position artificially in a very quiet market, till my equity was wiped out. It does not allow placing trades smaller than 5 lots. Sooner my account was wiped out, it brought the prices to normal level. I checked the prices on other broker, there was no movement at all.
On one occasion, the trade was in profit, I wanted to close it manually but they disabled it till the time they moved the price in opposite direction, and finally trade got closed wiping out my total equity.I tried reaching out to them and asked for explanation but they did not respond.
Pls. stay away from these folks.