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Updated: May 15, 2015
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Sydney, Australia
Oct 31, 2009

As requested below, here's my report as a new OWNER of NeuroNet.

I bought it about 10 days ago and funded it with AU$4000.

Running on default settings, NN has turned that into $4,400 in rough figures. In other words, a TEN PER CENT PROFIT in a little over a week.

That's real dollars of real money.

Naturally I'm rapt.

Much of that profit came in the last few days - that is, after the release of version 6.22.

I've rated NeuroNet as Excellent - except that it's not "far better than expected". It's actually what I was expecting because I'd spent time checking it out before buying it. Drop in at the online chat and talk to whoever's there at the time. Look at their MT4Live stats sites, etc.


2009-10-21 No rating I totally agree about the unparalleled customer service you get from Nick personally (plus an active user chat community).

I bought NeuroNet last week and have had good initial demo testing ($2000 turned a $600 profit) so I will be going live with real money in a day or two.

Your earlier commenter refers to the need to adjust settings from time to time and that this takes 1.2 hours. All that is a mystery to me and I do not think this is accurate.

Yes, you can adjust the settings and it takes only a moment to change any setting (press F3 or F7, edit, click Save) but I dont want to interfere with the default settings as they reportedly work well. They've certainly worked well for me, even during the unusual recent period.


Review Moderation Team Note: Gary, we've taking the rating off your review. Please leave a followup review with a rating once you've fully tried out the system. Thanks!

Moundsville, WV
Oct 28, 2009

BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RIPOFF

The owner is a complete scam artist, just lost me tons of money, 3 weeks to even get to use the software cause he failed to tell me it was still in development when i already paid for it, when it finally was released all it does it lose money.

I asked for a refund and the owner (Nick) told me he would give me a refund, then kept giving me reasons of why he couldn't paypal me my money back, after 2 weeks of asking him for my refund he just quit responding to me.

If you want to lose money, this is a great system, if you want to make money then this isnt for you.

The way the system works is that 90% of the time it goes against the longer trends trying to take pikes off of it. He will post false posting of trades showing it will make money and for me, using the exact settings and broker that was suggested.

Thank god i was on a demo account or this could of done some real bad damage.

I found out later his chat room is filled up with people that get commission for the software which i was offered also, but its not right to sell a system that just looses money.

This is my Experience with Intrepidfs's Neuro Net software.

Also after talking to other people that isnt on the payroll i was told by people how had it longer than i did that they ran it for a year and just continuously lost money for them.

Topeka, KS
Oct 22, 2009

First of all I am the owner of Intrepid Financial Software and the lead developer of Neuro Net.

Thank you all for your kind reviews.

Just a few updates on the reviews listed here.

On Gustavo's review from last year: I did want to point out that Neuro Net no longer requires optimization.

On Leo's review about 6.1: 6.1 was the first public release of our new all adaptive technology. The trade frequency was purposely inhibited to ensure all customer accounts were protected in the event they encountered a situation we had not planned or tested for. The current version has our regular order entry aggression.

Thank you forexpeacearmy.com for hosting reviews of our service. This is an invaluable service to an almost wholly crooked market. Please let me know if you have any questions and I wish you all the best of luck in your forex ventures.

Happy Pipping!

New York
Sep 24, 2009

I have been running this EA program on a demo account and I must say that the creator of this program provides fantastic customer service. The version is now up to 6.1 and he has made many improvements and enhancements. One common theme was that people complain about the lack of trading activity, the creator explained that he had maximized the safety settings, he is going to provide some more liberal settings to see if the increase in trades will not adverly affect safety.

Oct 29, 2008

I bought this EA three weeks ago.

The 1st week, I only ran it at night since I used my work laptop and I needed it during the day on the road. Yet, I was able to get a $5,000 demo account up to $8750.

During the learning period of the software, which I am still in. I have received the best customer support from any other product I have ever bought.

My 2nd week, after loosing a few trades, I contacted the developer and he made me aware that my inconsistent on and off network trading with the EA dramatically affects performance... something that made sense after I realized it was made for 24/7 trading. I then asked him computer he recommended to trade in... bought it ($280) and received it last week.

Since I have been running it 24/7, its has performed good, considering last week's extreme market conditions. I had a 7% gain last week as opposed to 37% my first.

Last week the bot kept on pulling it self of the market to prevent my account from loosing assets, but my stubborn self kept on putting it on, which probably explains the results.

On Sunday I decided to take the bot of the market and wait for the new version to come out. The developer said it will be fully automated and require much less user interaction. The current version requires you to optimize it every so often to keep its performance. Its not annoying at all (it takes about 1.2 hrs and some data input after test is complete) I don't mind doing it as long as it continues performing so well.

The developer of the program says he gives free updates for the life of the program. I will find out how true it is this week when version 4.6 comes out. So far, I have no reason to doubt it.

One thing I should mention is that the 5k account is a demo account. I am still learning this program. I was planning on going live this week, but decided to wait for the upgrade. According to the developer, its has even better asset protections and better trend recognition with something about 8 preceptrons or somethign... don't know what it means, but thats more than the current version.

I recommend this EA to anyone. If you have another EA you've been looking at, The developer will look it up for you, study it and let you know which one is better for you, no joke. I was between this EA and one called FX Pro Advisor, and the one thing that made the difference, was the level of customer service even before I had purchased the program.

Review Moderation Team Note: Since live trading usually does not work as well as demo trading, we have removed the rating from this excellently written review. We sincerely hope Gustavo leaves a follow up review when he's tested this software on a live account.