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WDFX.co.uk Review

Updated: Sep 22, 2014
4.108 · 30 REVIEWS
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4.108 · 30 REVIEWS
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Feb 17, 2011

In general everthing runs smoothly. Yes there are lossing trades, but if you winning 50% or more then your making nice money. The EA did start of a little slowly but is now trading frequently and making a nice profit. If you want to trade every 10 minutes of the day, scaping, then this is not the room for you but if you are prepared to learn how to trade properly then you will get a sound eduction and understand how the markets move and where they may reverse. Trading is'nt an exact science and if it was easy then everyone would be making a fortune out of it which is clearly not the case. There are a mixture of trades, with small and larger stop losses, so even if you start off with a small account there's something for you. I have been a member of the room a little under a year now and am very happy with it.

Feb 9, 2011

They are a scam, Not in a true meaning of a word, but they are false advertised. I've been using their EA signal services fore few months and all I got fot 150$ monthly fee is total loss of money. Today as I speak you cannot see their results for the last few months of the 2010 because their "suddleny" did not put them on the site. Well, I'll tell you. Total diasaster. You can loose money yourself, without paying 150$ for other to do it for you!

Nov 25, 2010

I tried this service for about 4 months and it came nowhere near the anticipated profits. At least it doesn't lose massively and the account tended to hover around break even. It is frustrating however to watch good trading conditions go past without any action then suddenly out of the blue in a choppy market comes a trade which struggles. I really could not see the strategy behind WD's trades but it certainly aint in line with my best performing methods. Past history showed typically around 800 pips / month. And perhaps this used to be true.I checked the published monthly trade history during my subscription and it was accurate, so no fudging there. I think I must have just caught a bad patch. I have unsubscribed but will keep watching to see if profitability returns and then perhaps have another go. 3 stars

Sep 2, 2010

I feel it necessary to reply to the one star comment. Which FPA class as extremely bad performance and possible unethical behaviour all of our performance is listed on the website, we do not make any false claims as all these other company's we show you live videos of our performance and if you ask ANY member of ours they will be able to confirm this.

With all due respect errolo cannot be a full quid after claiming he wanted a refund after one day ? ONE DAY ? not reading the information on the website is not an error on our behalf we make everything very clear and transparent to everyone.

You wanted to leave after having one stop loss, anyone reading this now would have hit stop losses before they are impossible to avoid and errolos experience in forex is going to be very short lived if quitting everytime a stop loss is hit.

We were profitable last month and the month before that (new month has just started) and we have all this documented on our website once again you can confirm this with some of our users, we have not been as profitable as we would like (no one ever is I guess) during the summer months but while everyone else has been sinking we have been keeping our heads above water.

Once again I would just like to point out that any new members thinking of joining who expect to turn $1,000 into a billion overnight please please please do not join, as it will not happen and we can both deal without the hassle (look at errolo)

I wish you luck Errolo with the no stop loss EA you have found (you're the only one) and anyone else please read and watch everything on our website before making your choice.

Nottingham UK
Aug 30, 2010

Takes a bit of getting used too. as there will be periods of no talking upto a couple of hours, but it more than pays for itself. They could do with an explanation of what to expect and then i think they wouldn't have the bad reviews. If you follow their systems or even better (as i am not always available to monitor the webinar) use the EA then it will be very profitable and you will learn alot. Both Kevin and Will are excellent and will help members out and answer any questions. After the bumpy start of not knowing what is happening you'll be very glad you made the decision. They also teach new systems regulary (its a variation on news trading at the moment). Fantastic but get the EA so the Trading room pays for itself then you can dip in and out as i do.

Aug 27, 2010

they are a scam after first day i asked for a refund they replied read terms and conditions NO REFUND I STILL NOT CAN FIND THESE SO CALLED TERMS AND CONDITIONS ON TEIR SITE
look at their past 11 weeks of trading less than $100 but you would have payed them $471 unless you have a huge account $10000 or more donot bother !!!!
why would you you will still be in a loss
They will enter a trade at a bottom with a sell #@#@%$^% why i do not know only to close the larger position at Stop loss ANOTHER REASON NOT TO SUBSCRIBE smaller position they close at near entry for very small loss why not bigger position if you are now doubting their trade!!!!!
then they enter a good trade everything is ok then they close it for a small loss!!!!
why i do not know everything was good for another 30 pips on gbp/usd
LOOK AT THE VIDEOS BELOW INSTALATION VIDOES AS I DID NOT SCROLL DOWN FAR ENOUGH IT COST ME $157 USD plus losing trade of $135AUD their performancesucks to say the least after 11 weeks go and check it out and buy a EA far better than this!!!

Jun 1, 2010

I've being trading WDFX signals for over 6 months and have found them quiet reliable in creating positive pips, I do think that they are mis-guilding the public into believing they are a +1000 pip a month signal service, they have not ever produced this in my 6 months. They are extremely cautious and sporadic with their signals, and not having produced any signals in over 6 weeks is stretcting the truth (+1000 pips/month) to their prospective customers, therefore I'm giving an Average rating for positive pips but incorrect advertisement and recommending that WDFX revise their website Advertisement

May 2, 2010

Good company.... Hard working people, I think they have your best intrestest's at heart... no complaints (they are cheap as welll only £15 a week in some cases) worth the money and you get to speak to real humans !!! hardly anything done via email very easy to IM or they will even call you. good if your looking to make some extra pips ! give them a try.


May 2, 2010

I'm a complete newbe to forex and was so lucky to find the wdfx rooms 6 weeks(ish) ago. It's a great group to be part of - the right people find there way there, and the wrong people just leave - perfect! Everyone has been so helpful with my clueless questions, and I understand so much more about forex now than i did when i started. I've always been up on my live account, which is pretty good going for a complete novice, and can clearly see how being part of the live rooms with help me achive my forex goals. Will and Kevin are experienced traders and most importantly good guys. They have the clear intention of helping everyone be pips positive, sharing their experince/knowledge whilst at the same time having fun! Can't believe there is a better genuine forex live room out there.

Mar 4, 2010

They are careful about their signal. at least i know when their signal is activate i can sleep well and carry on with my other work. They are definitely not trigger happy, expect maybe 4-8 good trades a month.
They respond to my emails but could be faster though.