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Updated: Sep 22, 2014
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Nov 12, 2009

I signed up for forex flash trading (its different than the 'forex flash.com' site you have to add 'trading' on to forex flash - it confused me at first - so its forexflashtrading.com not forexflash.com).

Yeah i took a beta membership. But i got lucky and entered right before a big swing of about 800 pips in the pound pairs combined or so. These guys give hand done trading signals - a guy named Tony seems to be the main guy.

I'll tell you straight up this is swing trading of some kind by the day bars. so if you are scared of an initial 100 to 200 pip stop loss then try some intraday trading signal or another system. It is kinda old school straight forward trading but shoot - so far it's working for me being up over about 2,000 pips in 7 weeks.
I'm not chicken of their system because i've been trading a while i understand by now what counts is the 'netting' out of pips like Tony preaches that counts while the focus on 100% winning is actually a losers wild goose chase. shoot if the Turtle traders averaged only 40% winning according to a Russel sands video i saw then 70 to 80% is awesome if it can take out big swings.

ok i'm rambling now but all in all i just assigned a small amount of money to this service and i'm just going to let it prove it self. so there is no harm in that to me. i'm taking small percentage positions like they suggested so my position sizing will grow as my account grows.

i would have to say this service is really good. it's not perfect - their alerts are not the prettiest thing but i can still read them (i told them to see if they can improve that) But hey - i have a good plan with these guys - a good coach daily through the markets and i 'm getting a feeling that this is going to work for me on the long term too - it's just solid fundamental trading. anyways i'll stop writing but this Forex flash trading is a breath of fresh air from all of that fancy complicated c*** out there that keeps falling apart. long live tony ! :-)

1140 silver brook pl, Manteca, CA
Oct 12, 2009

I could not install their software after paying $134 for ForexFlashTrading.com They do not have a telephone number at all. Cannot be contacted for help. Their support@ForexFlashTrading.com email address could not be reached. Yahoo cannot access to them and cannot send the email to them.