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ZeroForex.com (Karl Dittmann) Review

Updated: Aug 6, 2016
1.364 · 6 REVIEWS
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Other websites of this company include www.dowjonessecret.com, which makes very similar claims about a "Dow Jones Never Lose" stock trading strategy


ZeroForex.com (Karl Dittmann)

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1.364 · 6 REVIEWS
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Colombo, Sri Lanka
Sep 5, 2012

I'm new to Karl's group. I found karl providing some tools for free which is picked from some other sites.

Jun 16, 2011

I disagree - Karl is a very friendly person and great professional trader and is certainly not scam. He tries to create the best possible forex systems but I agree that not all this systems works as it should be.
But he also creates "trendandflat": a very handy tool and not to forget: "The Fibonacci Miracle" - it is my best trading system and it generate about 500 pips a week. And if you don't believe me, why not try it yourself?

Mar 10, 2011

This Guy is a Scam. His real name is Alex and he lives in Cyprus.
Uses someone elses picture and poses as Karl Dittmann from Germany. He gets free systems from Forex factory and similar websites and sells them under the disguise of Karl Dittmann.

Please be aware everyone. Keep away from him.

Feb 18, 2011

I want to alert all Forex traders that the name KARL DITTMANN is a scam.

The modus operandi :
1) Offer free indicators which he picks up from other free sites
2) Sends his offer of his own indicators
3) Resends second offer of indicator citing its an upgraded version
4) The payment site [url=http://www.plimus.com]Plimus - | Plimus - Sell Online, Web Ecommerce, Online Shopping Software[/url] doesnt work and he asked to pay through his support staff's Dina S. registered under the email xxxx@xxxxxxx.com. The name itself is not German and as claimed by another forumer, he was asked to translate his mail from German to English as obviously, he is not German.
5) Omitted the terms of 30days free trial money back guarantee
6) Uses the photo of a European man to make the name KARL DITTMAN more realistic
7) Email used karl at karl dittmann dot com
8) Uses the term 'Let meknow if you need anything, I am willing to help' to convince you that he is super sincere.
9) Once you asked for refund, he will show you a screen that the payment was not complete with a list of other buyers who has status 'Issued refunds'

I now confirm that this is a spam as the same product is sold at both the sites but with different prices. Refer to :

www.forex-XXXX.XXX/fibonacci-miracle.html - Fibonacci Miracle indicator by Karl Dittman >> sold as US11.90.
Review Moderation Team Note - Website address has been altered - the original one was a pirate website. If you see any EAs, software indicators or other forex products selling for huge discounts, please consider the possibility that the seller is not legitimate.

/www.FibonacciMiracle.com - Fibonacci Indicator - Fibonacci Miracle - Forex Software >> sold as US76


Aug 15, 2010

Karl Dittmann's systems are all Rubbish, ask for a refund forget about it, just throw your money away, he say's he trades these techniques everyday, he comes out every week with a new one. Run a mile away from this guy make that 2.

South Africa
Mar 17, 2010

Over time I have purchased and tried four of Karl Dittmann's systems namely "7am to 9am Forex System; Forex 7 minute secret system; Forex set and forget system" and "Forex Secret Signals Alert", and can assure readers that all are absolute rubbish. I guess it is only my own fault to have allowed him to play me like a fiddle but hope that this review will prevent someone else from wasting his/her money. Also, forget about his "100% Refund" policy as it does not exist.

I tend to agree with AJ,he probably makes a living from selling trading systems and not from trading.

New Zealand
Mar 1, 2010

Following on from my previous posting I have used it another 6 times and alas 4 losers so its not looking to crash hot.I shall try it again for a few more times and if it keeps losing I will put it down to a bad experience and move on.
Bruce Crawford

2010-02-02 3 Stars I have only tried the Forex Never Lose Trade and have found it to my liking. So far only done 14 trades and all winners. I only take small amounts like 25 pips but it seems to work okay. I will test it for a while longer and submit another review but to date it has been good.
Bruce NZ

Jan 27, 2010

I purchased his "Forex 7 Minutes Secret Revealed" from www.forexhiddensecret.com after he replied to my email and recommended I purchase this course over zeroforex.com as he said in his own words "I think it is more stabil than zeroforex". Well if it's more stable than zeroforex, I would hate to see the results of zeroforex. It's a ridiculous breakout system that has 10 pip stops and recommends 5 to 7 pip TP's max. I backtested it for nearly 20 hours and can tell you that you'd be VERY hard pressed to ever turn a consistent profit with this thing. I traded it live for 2 days and lost both days.
The most upsetting thing is that within a week first contacting Karl, I've received 3 separate solicitations from Karl for other systems that he says are amazing and that I should purchase. Hey Karl, if you're making so much money for so many years trading your "secret" systems and purporting on your "real account statements" on your websites to make $70,000+ in a month on each system, what the heck are you promoting dozens of junk systems for?
It is SO hard not to rate this a scam. The system is c**p for sure, but I am so tired of unethical people like Karl peddling systems they know are junk so they can make literally hundreds of thousands of dollars selling them to their enormous opt-in lists.
Stay clear of this guy and anything he endorses. Pure c**p.
P.S. I've now sent him 2 reqests for a refund and have yet to hear back from him. If I don't hear from him in the next few days, I guess I'll just contact Click Bank directly.

Jan 25, 2010

Don't waste your time on it. I have seen this system for free in a forum, and it loses as much as it wins. I don't trust this guy, after you purchase the course, he is always sending emails promoting other systems. I requested a refund.

Jan 23, 2010

I can help you out ther AJ.

Over the Christmas break Karl was doing a special offer of 2 of his systems for the price of one - and then sent a third one of his own systems for free. He also sent another system that wasn't his own. Since then he seems to be referring other systems which puts me off a bit - I don't begrudge people earing a living but if their own systems were that good they wouldn't need to earn extra by referring other systems, but that's just my opinion.

As for the systems themselves - I had intended to buy just the $77 one - but since he was giving it away free with his Dow Jones system I went ahead and bought it. My problem with the $77 system was that I live in the UK and this system is for the Asian markets - I would have had to wait up until 1am every night to use it, I wouldn't have minded if there was a definate trade every night, but it was a lot of bother to wait up late for something that might not happen.

The Dow Jones system works on a 4 hour chart - during the time I tested it there were too few opportunities. But might be OK in the long term.

His other forex system wasn't brilliant - I lost money on my first effort and there were a few false entry signals after that.

It could be that the first few weeks of the new year isn't the best time to try out new systems, but I felt they didn't live up to the advertising (not that many systems do) I am giving the systems an average mark - some of the traders in Asia and the US might have more luck and at least I got a no quibble refund from Clickbank. Hope this helps.