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Updated: Dec 8, 2015
2.301 · 13 REVIEWS
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Website is down. Company seems to be out of business.

NOTE:  The owner of Primeval EA has been banned from the FPA's forums for repeated unprofessional attacks on other Forex EA vendors.  All FPA testing of his products has been stopped.

In July 2011, a negative review came in for Forex Growth Bot that appears to really be from the owner of Primeval.  A large number of negative reviews were left for Donna Forex from the same location.  Coincidentally, Donna had just ended her testing of Primeval EA and the owner of Primeval was sending her abusive messages.

We consider these unethical actions by the owner of Primeval to be very shameful.

The FPA recommends against dealing with this company.


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Primeval EA - Avail0130
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2.301 · 13 REVIEWS
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UK (Really in South America)
Jun 23, 2011



SO... JUST F*** UP!!

Review Moderation Team Note: Thanks for the final confirmation that the fake reviews came from you.

If you think that mailing links to libel about the FPA posted by a dead scam broker will help your reputation, we aren't going to stop you. We are a little shocked that you would pick up unpleasant pictures off the web and claim they are Donna. That proves that you aren't just an unethical person, but also a very childish and rude person too.

We wonder why you left yourself a 1 star review as an FPA Traders Court complaint against your own company. Normally, company reps and owners aren't allowed to rate their own companies, but we'll make a special exception in this case.

The FPA warns against dealing with any company that is unethical enough to leave fake negative reviews for competitors. We now know that Primeval-EA has done this.

Jun 20, 2011

I used this EA since version 2.0 and stopped trading by my self end of October 2010.

I had no longer the time to monitor all the news and the Volume, Range of the Pairs and so on.

I think, trading a Scalper EA with sometime 30 trades a day is to use as a tool and not setup and be rich after two month.
you have to have always an eye on the news...

anyway, at this time i had a profit of good 114% over the last month trading v2.0 and v2.1 and switched this profit to the first managed account they started at this time. today I'm happy with the Gain i see on my account.

now I'm in process of funding my second managed account with "Primeval-EA" on the new one at PepperstoneFX broker.

no performance fee, full regulated broker, no commission or something to pay and a person or team which know how the EA will trade. that are my points to open one more account and why I stay with this developer.

about the bad comments or words here and there...they told me in an older email, that most of the people to read on the forums are hackers or illegal sellers they have to fight with...
Forex trading or business is WAR and this developer-team seems to fight hard.

I can't say that i have a problem with support or this Guys. when I need info about this or that question - the answer comes in nice words and most with more info back as i expected.

I've been waiting long before writing my review here but think it's time now to do it.
each book has more then one page and most thinks to read in forums are lines that something is bad or will not work and so on.
I always do my own research and drive very good this way ;-)

sorry about my language..I trade better as writing reviews.


Review Moderation Team Note: The FPA fights hard against hackers. We are certain that the vast majority of the reviews here are legitimate.

We also had to kick Primeval's owner out of the FPA's forums for unprofessional conduct. He's also had similar issues with other forum administrators.


After that came up, he tried to spam the FPA's reviews with negative comments about DonnaForex's site. He also left a fake negative review for a competing EA.

Jun 15, 2011

After a year of not using this EA, this guy sends me an e-mail and is still pissed off because a review I did on his EA performance. Look at this cr** I'm getting from him and you will know what kind of support to expect:

From: Primeval-EA Support
Sent: Sunday, June 12, 2011 2:09 PM
Subject: Forex Loser

What's up with your life Forex Loser?

I still continue selling my very great EA you like it or not and now I have 3 PAMM Accounts making money everyday from trading volume, trading commission and performance.

You're a stupid forex loser that tried to ruin my business in the past just like a few other idiots but you all failed.

I'm a winner.

And I'd bet you just don't stop losing money i Forex if you continue trying...

have a bad day...

Primeval-EA Support

Mar 20, 2011

This EA killed my demo account and the owner of this ea treats customers like s***. Very unprofessional and no mo reupdates

Feb 6, 2011

Hello Guys,
ok, here I go,
I am using this EA for already 5 months and I can say that my account is in profits now.
I understand some people that are probably not satisfied with this EA, but probably they want to get rich in one week. If this is your case, well, just let me tell you one thing guys: How you want to get rich by the next week using an EA? how?? ... come on, be serious!, this is a work, a constant work. With this EA you can probably see your money double in 7 - 10 months ... that will also depend on how you want to push your risk by increasing the lot-size.

Risk of blowing your account? - No at all guys!, really! Not at all!, you would see it far before it happens, because the strategy this EA use is what I call scalp, and it use short SL's

I recommend you this EA guys!

Good luck!


Oct 31, 2010

Irrespective of whether the EA performs as expected or it warrants being priced head a shoulders above other EA's, I would like this forum to see how this patheic person mr sergio reacted to my request for my "100% no question refund". It took over a month and I had to get Plimus to intervene. What a complete looser :)

10/21/2010 05:41 Plimus Forced full refund ( USD 705.0 ) - Refund
10/19/2010 09:59 Customer Escalate to Plimus - Plimus: My understanding is that you are the 3rd party vendor therefore I am entitled to a no questions money back guarantee refund from yourselves.. Please can I have some feedback from you? I Am not quite sure why I am getting so much abuse from the vendor. I just want my money returned as per the agreement please,
10/19/2010 07:43 Vendor Resolve (without a refund) - Yes, really bad EA: From 146%.74 to 167.22% in CollectiveFX http://www.myfxbook.com/members/primevalea/primeval-ea-v22-collectivefx/49143 From 62.8% to 74.12% in ATC http://www.myfxbook.com/members/primevalea/primeval-ea-v22-atc-brokers/49129 Now the site will be updated with NO REFUND POLICY thanks to people lie you. Regards,
10/17/2010 04:51 Plimus Reply to the software vendor - Please assist your customer
10/16/2010 04:41 Customer Escalate to Plimus - Plimus. Please can you confirm the sitruation/ my refund is being processed. why this is taking so long Obviosuly the vendor has his views on the product which is fine and he is very entitled too. There are indeed two different view points on how the product performs. but for me this has no relevance over the fact that I am entitled to a refund, as promised. There is no need to continue this discussion with the vendor. Please proceed as requested. Many thanks Justin
10/12/2010 11:10 Vendor Reply to customer - So you buy systems on which you think youll get rich quick or what? The EA simply works and very well, I dont know what hit youre talking about but in Forex Were used to this, its part of the game, however the EA is showing to be able to overcome losing days very easily once the Market gets favorable again, this happens all the time. Notably beginners are more likely to request a refund and experienced people value this EA, I have noted this along this time Ive been selling it.
10/11/2010 14:42 Customer Decline resolution - As stated in your terms and conditions (and later extension from yourselves) I am asking for a refund. Yes I have made changes to the pairs as you suggested, and Yes there has been some inprovement yes my account has been slightly profitable however my test account was significantly hit in early testing, and the improvement is very marginal. Believe me - if I thought this was going to make me money I would want to keep it! Obviousuly, there is a certain level of expectancy with this EA becuase of the unusually high price. In my opinion they are not justified. Nor are the claims of results to be expected. I have done everything you have asked of me. I have never put the ea live. so I for the last time. I will politley thank you for your time and ask once again to refund as promised. I am not prepared to trial this any longer. Thankyou and good luck with your EA. Justin Bickers
10/09/2010 20:03 Vendor Resolve (without a refund) - How are you running the EA or what? Its very profitable, specially on Alpari UK, this is my demo: http://www.myfxbook.com/members/primevalea/primeval-ea-v22-alpari-uk/49142 Youre also running the EA on an Alpari UK demo, did you remove the EURUSD and GBPUSD as recommended earlier? BTW that account is very profitable including the bad pairs, you can see the EURUSD & GBPUSD are in big negative but theyre not bad enough to keep the whole account unprofitable because other pairs work so great that make profits than what the others lose. Arent you getting similar results excluding the AUDNZD which you dont have? Regards,
10/07/2010 14:53 Customer Product doesn't match expectations - Please see emails: I asked for a refund 10th September They sent the email below to ask me to try a couple of things and offered an extension up until october 31st. I have shown willing but the results are still not as suggested, there can be no excuses now. I contacted them 2 days ago but have heard nothing so I am escalating to yourselves. Please arrange for the refund to be processed. many thanks justin bickers. Date: Fri, 10 Sep 2010 20:32:20 -0700 From: support@primeval-ea.com To: jushome@hotmail.co.uk Subject: Re: FW: (Ref# 53947608) REFUND Hi, You tested the EA on its worst period last 3 months, can you test it longer on a new Alpari UK demo? (Monday was Bank Holiday by the way and affected us badly) Even that way your results are too bad, it would seem something is wrong with your setup? On this review site for example testing the EA on an Alpari UK demo: http://www.bestforexrobots.net/primeval-ea-v21.html its ranked #1 and performing better than others last weeks. This is an external forward test not ran by us: http://www.myfxbook.com/members/stevetrade/primeval-scalper/42694/5Q2NmkKOZin5uC8tVSSI The owner of the link is Steve Boardman who seems a honest man from UK and has his own blog too. His profile: http://www.myfxbook.com/members/stevetrade So Im surprised that you had so terrible results. This is a LIVE Account started just 2 weeks ago too with version 2.2 (will be released within a week approximately): http://www.myfxbook.com/members/primevalea/primeval-ea-v22-atc-brokers/49129 (it includes the AUDNZD at its full stage and several other details that will be explained later) Lets do something, Well let you test the EA till October 31th maximum and still offer you the money back guarantee, if still youre not profitable even with version 2.2 (which I dont think unless the Market is too unfavorable, other Scalpers wouldnt survive either in that case) Well offer you a refund immediately, do you agree? One thing to consider is that We dont recommend the GBPUSD and possibly the EURUSD either, the Live ATC Brokers Account Were showing you doesnt include those pairs as you can see. Best pairs are: EURCAD, EURCHF, GBPCHF (had some SLs lately but its a good pair to scalp), GBPCAD, EURGBP, USDJPY, USDCAD, USDCHF and soon AUDNZD... Regards, On 9/10/2010 9:29 AM, Justin Bickers wrote: Appologies. please find attached demo statement From: jushome@hotmail.co.uk To: support@primeval-ea.com Subject: (Ref# 53947608) REFUND Date: Fri, 10 Sep 2010 15:26:43 +0000 Please can you arrange for the folowing to be refunded (Reciept below) I have attached the statement of my demo account with Alpari UK Justin BIcker

Sep 29, 2010

I paid $ 600 for this ea,but vendor does not want to provide futher updates.Forward tests on FPA are shown with version 2.2,but you will not get this version.You will only get version 2.1 ,which does not perfom well.What this vendor did is update some same pairs as in 2.1 , but he will not provide this update to you.Only for managed accounts from now on,which is dishonest.
I can understand if he came up with a brand new set of pairs to trade and then offered them only through managed accounts,but it is the same currency pairs that you had with old version.No other vendor does that.
Very disappointed.

Gibraltar (France for the Holidays)
Aug 12, 2010

I use the new version 2.1 as modified in july.I trade on live; My broker is Jadefx; I'm on VPS and I think Primeval is one of the best EA today on the market

When I used it in may and june Ihad some big drawdown but now I have a nice profit more or less as shown in FPA test

Review Moderation Team Note: Thanks for the followup with the location explained better.

Aug 5, 2010

Just to let people know, I ordered this EA over 3 hours ago via Paypal. Time now is 17:30 EST. Plimus handle the payments for Primeval and I have to say its been very frustrating.
They have my money, my details, my phone number, my address, I paid by paypal and I still cant get access to the Primeval website so I can download the software. Yes I still dont have it!!

The problem seems to be the over the top process that Plimus have to verfiy the payment verification process. You cant get access to download your Primeval EA until they say you can.

I sent several emails to Primeval Support, they were very defensive and just kept saying that its not there responsibilty. The only saving grace was they did a least respond to my emails.

Anyway just thought you should be warned prior to handing over your hard earned cash.

San Francisco, CA
Jul 5, 2010

If a company has a great product, they don't have to cuss people out who find their product sub-standard and not at all up to their outrageous claims. However, when a company makes a lot of false claims, they have to resort to threats and foul language against those who expose them. Unfortunately, this is the case with this sorry company. Steer clear, this EA will give you small wins, and big losses.

Here is what they have to say to me after seeing my previous posting here on FPA:

Long time Mark,

I just read your stupid comments at FPA, do you think you'll destroy my business that way?
You're completely wrong, do you think I'm not getting sales and the EA is not getting any better?

I'm once more ranked #1 here:

Just look at my website and my new forward tests and live account:
Official Forward Tests:

Official Live Account:

I see you mentioned this s***: (What can you expect with a SL of 210????)
Well, now all pairs use a 36 pips SL and can be lower and backtests & forward tests & live trading are great.

I've added more pairs as promised, EURCAD and others and you know what, they're very profitable gaining many pips.

You also mentioned this: Cloverix is the only one so far that has constant wins.
How has been Cloverix performing for you lately eh? I'd like to see your statements.
Isn't it like this s***? http://forextoolshop.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=60

Just to let you know that I'm not a loser, I've a great EA being improved with every update and I will stay here long time you like it or not.
FYI I'm always getting sales from smart people unlike you.

And there are smart people using Primeval on Large Accounts :


2010-04-18 12:00AM 2 Stars I purchased this and used it live with FXCM. Terrible results. Alot of small wins, a few large loses. (What can you expect with a SL of 210????) When I asked for a refund within the 45 days, they didn't reply. When I pressed them to honor their 100% satisfaction guarentee, here is what they told me:

Yes, I received it but you're already trading live with the EA, happy or not it's stated in our Terms of Service that once you decide to trade live with it, refunds won't be accepted, besides you purchased the EA almost 2 months ago already.
Sorry, the EA is great, it's not perfect, you also must know how to use it.
We're currently working on an update for the scalping strategies, a safe martingale strategy for the EURCHF and possibly a London Trading Strategy too.

I contacted my credit card company (CHASE) and showed them their 100% satisfaction guarantee listed in their FAQ page, and they are on my side. We did a charge back and here is wht Primeval e-mailed me today:

We've received your chargeback and now are removing you from the mail list.
We'll keep working on the EAto make it much better, We have much to give yet, the risk/reward ratio will be considerably impproved and if you combine that with quiet Market Conditions (not like last weeks) it will be very profitable and on difficult periods our new 36 pips SL which is not easily reached now will keep you safe thanks to our dynamic TP. We'll also support EURCAD and other new pairs.
We are not scammers, maybe the FRWC is a savm but We're not, things just didn't go as expected last weeks.

Don't they sound like the Forex Robot World Cup? Always tooting their horn about how they have made improvements and it's soooooo much better now.
Don't waste your money on this one. Cloverix is the only one so far that has constant wins.