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Updated: Sep 24, 2017
2.292 · 7 REVIEWS
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SwissQuote acquired MigBank.com

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SwissQuote is a forex broker. Swiss Quote offers the MT4 and Advanced Trader forex online trading top platforms. SwissQuote.ch offers over 60 forex pairs, cfds, gold and stock indices for your personal investment and trading options.


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2.292 · 7 REVIEWS
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Viet Nam
Aug 11, 2017
Registered user

Terrible spreads

Swissquote's spreads are going from bad to worse in my a/c. Recently I opened my mt4 with them and noted that the spread on eurusd was even wider than before, running from 2.8 to 3.2 in turns all day no matter in Asia or Europe or US session. I tried to trade a mini lot and my a/c recorded a loss of $3.2 right after executing. I also noted the chart was freezed a bit at the opening and closing but I am not sure. I will feedback more later.

May 6, 2017 - 1 Star Swissquote is dishonest about their spreads, at least with me up to now. I am a small trader and have a trading a/c with them for a few years now. Previously I didn't trade often so I didn't care much about spreads. Recently, I trade more and note that their spreads are much wider than stated. For instance, they state on their website that their target spread on EURUSD is 1.4 pip for standard a/c, but on my real a/c it is 2.8 almost all the times. I complained with them by email attached with screenshot but they didn't reply or correct their spreads. Apparently they think little of small traders although in their emails to clients they always call them 'Valued Customers'. Now that I trade regularly with my new broker and consider my a/c with them as a 'standby'. If they still don't improve their spreads in the future I will close my a/c.

Dec 10, 2016

Untrusted, unhonnorable scam broker.

I was one of MIG existing customer.
At first, I confidence to trade forex with them, because my trading account is fully sharia (free swap), even for long trade open position. It's match with trading profile, so I can trade/open position without worry getting involve with any interest.
The old MIG management always honour this free swap facility as their promises to me. I made a few of profitable trading with MIG.

But, +-1 year after MIG become Swissquote, this free swap facility is suddenly removed from my account. Without any previous notice before & when I'm still having a few open (lost) trading positions.
They refused to restore free swap facility on my trading account.

For sharia trader, pls be aware with their (sharia/free swap) commitment.
Untrusted, unhonnorable scam broker.
A trading condition can be changed anytime as they want to, without previous notice before.
I've lost a lot of money with this broker.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Oct 30, 2016

Our Views

Me and all my other business partners started with them quite a while ago. Opening an account was a breeze. Compliance Department took no more than three days to approve our respective applications. Wiring of funds took around twenty one hours and withdrawal of funds took a little more than double the time mentioned. Internal transfers was done within minutes. Relationship managers were extremely helpful at all times. Multi-terminal platform and multi-account manager platform extremely stable. No software issues whatsoever. Seriously, they're quite good and all of us are staying on with them.

Vienna, Austria
Jun 30, 2016

Again silence between Swissquote and TTC ! - why ? They need compliance for USA TAX from us (no relations we have to USA).

Right after a couple of mails they assist in a German document. What happen is, that there are short cuts we never hear before or have a clue from. Our tax advisor denied to help in case he is no finance law specialist. So what ! We are unable to come back with money - no answer from Swissquote. We not knowing if all we show is right for them or not.

So we wait and work with our other brokers - better us to see 30 % extra tax back holding to USA. Or standing in a negativ listing from Swiss banks.

O Gott give them an speaker we are able to understand" not all here are layers or tax advisors - or can pay for PWC - KPMG - Deloitte "

Tom from TTC

Vienna, Austria
May 4, 2016

Normal a very good and honest broker - we work years with them.
Sometimes me and follower more than 240 K.

Right now they delay withdrawal in case they not accept electronic sign - they accept more than 10 times before. It is possiple to ruin a good partnership with ignorant compliance needs far from the truth of a workable basic need!

Yes if we need a kindergarten- they are next to be my maid!

You can trust them platform works but the humanity is on a level you must be millionaire to be accept from them and feel respect. Kneel down and you are there favorite - in this Im sure!

Cheers Tommes

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Apr 3, 2012

I seriously doubt that they would solve their software problems anytime soon. Just a week ago I was contacted by a headhunter that Swissquote is looking for a software principal engineer. As my CV has a perfect match with what they need I was thinking that they would at least interview me. Well... no, their direct feedback was that I'm too senior for the position and they want somebody junior :-) Very strange for a company with software issues... BTW I'm 47.

Jun 19, 2011

I was client there for about 10 years. If you like to loose money because of Softwareproblems they always have, you're right there. As they started with forex it even came more worse. The FX-book they call as their platform has many errors, and they can't solve it. Swissquote should test and wait, and then bring something. For Shares or options, they are ok, but as readable in their Forum, a lot of people have problems with them. EURUSD Spread: 4 Pips! They should wake up ....

Feb 2, 2011

Swissquote Bank is the only true bank in Switzerland offering retail margin fx trading. They also offer trading all other asset classes. Everyone has their own bank account, not like at saxo, dukascopy or mig which you only have margin accounts. They just purchased ACM in October to increase their existing online margin FX business