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Updated: Mar 16, 2018
3.865 · 297 REVIEWS
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HonestForexSignals.com (Ken Dempsey, Robbie Newton)

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3.865 · 297 REVIEWS
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United Kingdom,
May 13, 2017,

Avoid them!

Absolute scam. They are lying about their results. See forum for more info. That will reveal their true nature.

Jun 1, 2016 - 1 Star So apparently only good reviews should come from the UK... I wish I could give one, but I can't. This service is not good.
And no, I'm not the same guy as the reviewers before me. Mate, more than 60 million people live in this country!

Reply by Ken Dempsey submitted Jun 28, 2016 No members with your name in the UK, nor are you really a member or you'd attach any type of proof or contact our support. Another lovely competitor or troll. If anyone has any issues receiving trades anytime, call or email our support, 7 days a week. We help our members and 90% of them make big pips and love it. If you're serious, do contact us so we can help you. Thank you. - Ken
London, United Kingdom,
May 7, 2017,

Total scam

The experience of mtrade from Denmark completely mirrors mine. Pips earned are fake and they just follow up with good fake reviews here whenever they get a bad true one.

I mean - you just have to read the positive reviews - most of them smell strongly of a fake.

Example: Why would you write "regardless of the haters" (see "Legitimate FX Signals" review as someone giving a positive review? You have no motive to do so. You would not care who hates them or doesnt hate then as long if YOU reviewer are making lots of money!

FPA - these guys need to be blacklisted. Enough. Either that I suggest anyone else getting scammed by them report them to the fraud department in the USA, which is where they seem to be operating out of.

Mar 28, 2017 - 1 Star These guys need to have a warning displayed here on FPA or a case filed against them. The numbers for March which are 37.7 pips thus far, are nothing like what they claim for an average month.
Once they get a true review - i.e. a bad one - they immediately follow up with a couple of fake good ones. Anyone can see what is happening here. The business model is to entrap you with the promise of 1000's of pips a year. Anyone who can consistently get those amount of pips per year would have no need to 12 payments of $177 from you. So basically all they need to do is entrap enough people to pay a few months subscription before they find out the truth and cancel - a nice second income.
Yes - they do have trade coping software and answer support emails. But that's about it. They will make endless excuses why they cannot provide verified history data of their performance.
Please FPA - file a warning on this page or ask HFS to provide proof of their claims.
The irony is their name of course - should be Dishonest Forex Signals!
Apr 29, 2017,
Registered user


IMPORTANT: This 'service is a scam'.

I like the idea behind this. You setup your MT4 and receive the signals automatically, and according to the webpage they are making a lot of pips!
BUT, the pips earned/statements are fake!!
The signals are terrible, for 2 months I had losses while they, according to their webpage, was making a lot of pips. I can accept that the signals are losses, but I can not accept that they post false statements, how can the guy behind this page get up and look himself in the mirror each morning,.
I gave Ken the chance to explain himself, but he is just answering to 'buy' time, hoping you will not use the money back guarantee in time.
I lost 2000 USD using this service, but I did use the money back guarantee, remember to use this while you can.
I can only assume that the positive review on this page are false, and the moderators of this site should really do something about it.
Michigan, USA,
Apr 23, 2017,

Legitimate FX Signals.

The signals are right about 75+% of the time. I have made a steady 3-500 pips per month with HFS. It's a good service for people serious about Forex not trying to get rich off Binary Scams etc.

I hope they keep it running for many years regardless of the haters who just want to make 1000 pips a week. It's not for you if you are a gambler just looking for blind trading.
west carson, USA,
Apr 6, 2017,

I approve

I'm not sure how there are so many discrepancies with these reviews. I have been a member exactly 30 days today and I am pleased. The first week I broke even, I have been slowly gaining ever since though. The last three trades copied onto my account were all positive at 107, 43 and 57 pips which so far has been the best week. How can I complain about that. I would sure recommend.
Forex Peace Army
Review moderation team note
Please leave a followup after several more months.
Mar 31, 2017,

Don't waste money here!!!

They are absolutely fake. I have some experience in trading but just couldn't figure out what their strategy might be in 4 months. Their trades don't make any sense - and any solid amount of pips. Avoid them. Unfortunatelly I can't put down other service providers' names here but there are some who are a lot better than these ones. Don't waste your money here!!!
Georgia, USA,
Mar 27, 2017,

These signals have delivered me very good Pips since I became a member. The reviewer below me clearly doesn't understand how a Signal service works. You take all their trades and use proper risk management, you'll make 400-600 PIPS most months. I've been a member since last year and can speak highly of their support team and pips they crank out on a monthly basis.
unknown , USA,
Mar 21, 2017,
Registered user

dishonest serevice dont give them your money

these people advertise their website under the title honest but they are very very dishonest. I paid 177$ for a month subscription and i discovered that my broker LMFX.COM does not accept an auto trade, i mean i can not connect my LMFX.COM server with any trade copying service using mt4. i sent more than one email to explain that to HFT and i asked them to install LMFX software in their computer and to log in my LMFX ACC from their office/ computer and do the trade for me. they said no we can't. I asked if I can use mt5 instead and try they never answered. i then asked for refunding my money 177$ since they can not deliver the service ..they replied sorry we can not. and they said i have to keep looking for a different broker . but finding broker who accepts me is very hard because i live in the USA, in addition sending money overseas cost me 40$ for every $1000. and get them back cost the same. i mean i will loose around 500$ for 3 ways from the USA to overseas then the USA again then overseas again to a different broker.although they have in their website 60 days money back guarantee they did not honor it , and they give no justification for eating my money for free like that. i advise any person not to subscribe to their service since they are liars and dishonest and you never will discover their ugly and corrupt way of business untile you give them your money for zero or less return plus suffering.
MILANO, Italy,
Mar 19, 2017,
Registered user

I read the review Sig.Glen Harrison of 07/03/17 and the rest astonished, and perhaps' a relative of Sig.KEn Dempsey. but where are these 200 Pips a week? prove it. 200 pips to talk. I present evidence and other email I show that from 01/01/17 to 28/02/17, instead of gaining 996 pips as they claim their just talk, I lost -256 pips. I am willing to who makes the request to send the screenschot of vps broker and I invite you to write to me at my email address lucio274@libero.it or call me at +39 3406657102. I bring you all the evidence you want showing that these signals do not work and I am at a loss. signals are at all honest. and 'absurd to pay $ 177 to lose money. They make fun of the customers. I invited the sig.Ken to send me a list of movements where it appears that the system has gained 996 pips to compare his movements with my own, I requested them 4 times but I have never responded. attach is the the list of my movements with losses, which are the real ones

Leggo la recensione del Sig.Glen Harrison del 7/3/17 e resto sbalordito , forse e' qualche parente del Sig.KEn Dempsey. ma dove sono questi 200 Pips a settimana? lo dimostri. 200 pips a chiacchiere. io presento delle prove ed in altra email dimostro che dal 1/1/17 al 28/2/17 , invece di guadagnare 996 pips come affermano loro solo a chiacchiere , io ho perso -256 pips. sono disposto a chi mi fa richiesta a inviare lo screenschot del vps del broker e vi invito a scrivermi al mio indirizzo email lucio274@libero.it o a telefonarmi allo +39 3406657102. vi porto tutte le prove che volete dimostrando che questi segnali non funzionano e sono in perdita. sono segnali per niente onesti. e' assurdo pagare 177$ per perdere soldi. prendono in giro i clienti. ho invitato il sig.Ken a mandarmi l'elenco dei movimenti dove risulta che il sistema ha guadagnato 996 pips per confrontare i suoi movimenti coi miei, li ho richiesti 4 volte ma non mi ha mai risposto . allego l'elenco dei miei movimenti con perdite , che sono quelli veri

4/1/17 GBP/USD SELL TICKET 19804479 LOSS -31,4 LOST -31,4 EURO
5/1/17 GBP/USD SELL TIKET 19830082 LOSS -57,1 PIPS LOST -57,1 EURO
6/1/17 GBP USD SELL TICKET 19844227 PROFIT +53,2 EARNED +53,2 EURO
10/1/17 EUR USD SELL TICKET 19868369 LOSS -29,4 LOST -29,4 EURO
11/1/17 EUR USD SELL TIKET 19884418 PROFIT +12,7 EARNED +12,7 EURO
13/1/17 EUR USD SELL TICKET 19929644 LOSS -37,3 LOST -37,3 EURO
26/1/17 EUR USD SELL TICKET 20060501 PROFIT +8,8 EARNED +8,8 EURO
27/1/17 EUR USD SELL TIKET 20075048 LOSS -27,5 LOST -27,5 EURO
30/1/17 EUR USD SELL TIKET 20079999 LOSS -22,5 LOST -22,5 EURO

01/2/17 EURUSD BUY TICKET 20103573 PROFIT 22,6 PIPS EARNED + 22,60 EURO
03/2/17 EURUSD SELL 20126226 PROFIT 21,9 EARNED + 21,90 EURO
6/2/17 GBPUSD BUY 20144872 LOSS -37,4 LOST -37,40 EURO
7/2/17 EURUSD SELL 20147580 PROFIT 17,3 EARNED +17,3 EURO
7/2/17 GBPUSD SELL 20155992 LOSS -33,9 LOST -33,90 EURO
10/2/17 AUDNZD BUY 20185851 PROFIT 22,9 EARNED +22,90 EURO
13/2/17 EURUSD BUY 20206954 LOSS -22,7 LOST -22,70 EURO
13/2/17 AUDCAD SELL 20206989 LOSS -22,6 LOST -22,60 EURO
15/2/17 GBPUSD SELL 20292180 PROFIT 25,20 EARNED + 25,20 EURO
15/2/17 AUDNZD BUY 20292198 LOSS -21,30 LOST -21,30 EURO
15/2/17 GBPUSD SELL 20297996 LOSS -21,20 LOST -21,20 EURO
15/2/17GBPUSD BUY 20299179 PROFIT 50,8 EARNED +50,80 EURO
16/2/17 EURUSD BUY 20306988 PROFIT 10,6 EARNED +10,60 EURO
16/2/17 AUDCAD BUY 20306990 LOSS -39,5 LOST -39,50 EURO
16/2/17 GBPUSD SELL 20307006 LOSS -22,4 LOST -22,4 EURO
20/2/17 EURUSD SELL 20340350 PROFIT 12,6 EARNED +12,60 EURO
20/2/17 GBPUSD BUY 20345131 LOSS -27,2 LOST -27,20 EURO
22/2/17 GBPUSD SELL 20365769 PROFIT 23,1 EARNED +23,10 EURO
23/2/17 GBPUSD SELL 20398038 LOSS -41,3 LOST -41,30 EURO
23/2/17 EURUSD BUY 20398045 LOSS -22,8 LOST -22,80 EURO
23/2/17 GBPUSD BUY 20404074 PROFIT 16,3 EARNED +16,30 EURO
24/2/17 GBPUSD BUY 20416568 LOSS -23,4 LOST -23,40 EURO
27/2/17 GBPUSD SELL 20421580 LOSS -23,4 LOST -23,40 EURO
27/2/17 GBPUSD SELL TIKET 20421617 PROFIT 27,5 EARNED +27,50 EURO


but what you do. invented the pips for increasing enrollments and customers? to me are not anywhere i 996 pips from 01/01/17 to 3 March 17. what 'you say' absolutely false and I will inform 'PEACE FOREX ARMY of these falsehoods' bringing the evidence. then why 'you do not see signs and positions in January and February 2017 have to prove it. I have told you already 'asked 5 times the January statistics which declared 336 pips invented but I'm still waiting for the answer. your statistics are old and the last movement that you have exposed and 'the 28/11/16 .of January and February have not the courage to publish the statistics' cause there were so many losses. NO. NO. NO 996 pips. and 'all made up. YOU TAKE IN GITO ONLY CUSTOMERS
Scottsdale, AZ, USA,
Mar 7, 2017,

I made the mistake of not taking all of their trades the first few weeks and now I have been taking all their trades and have consistently been clocking 200+ pips per week.

It's about one or two trades per day.

Most wins are 30-40 pips and losses are usually extremely small - they also break even sometimes.

No big DD though, and reasonable 500++ pip months are enough to make me happy.

Even if you are a self directed trader, this service is nice as a hedge / supplement to your own trading. I recommend it proudly!