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Updated: Jan 13, 2017
3.611 · 17 REVIEWS
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3.611 · 17 REVIEWS
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Jan 11, 2017
Registered user

I have to admit that at first I was very skeptical with Steve Mauro BTMM. But after having spend 2 months in the class I am seeing improvements to my trading. I strongly suggest that if you are not serious about studying this is not a get rich over night. Trading takes hard work with determination and perseverance to move forward to a new learning venture.
For those who are bad mouthing Steve for his work and his system you have not devoted time to study and believe in yourself that you can do it.

As for people stealing others intellectual property it's KARMA coming to get your money.

Texas, USA
Sep 27, 2016
Registered user

When I started my Forex Journey, I was not consistently profitable and was ready to quit until a friend introduced me to the Market Maker Method, I was able to find some old videos that were circulating around and I started watching them and my mind was blown. I spent many nights staying awake, watching videos and marking up the charts. I was very surprised with the results but there were still many unanswered questions and I wasn't getting a high probability in my trades still so I made it my goal to purchase Steve's live classes so all of my questions can be answered. This summer I went ahead and bought his course, and it was the best decision I ever made. New material was very different from the old videos, the foundation has same concepts but a ton of new stuff and tools to help us be very profitable. Steve's new course + years of DMR videos and Charter school has taken my trading to a whole new level. I absolutely love the WSM Viewer software for weekend studying and have been so impressed with all the instructors who have been fully dedicated to the students. The new material has many different types of signature trades and in my opinion the DMR pays for itself. My course came with a 2 months free evaluation of the DMR which has been a blessing. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is wanting to take their trading to the next level.

WInsconsin, USA
Mar 8, 2016

I have gotten his stuff for free and it costed me 10k in losses. I went to compassfx prop group and had to undo his shinanagans. Yes a con artist indeed. Stupid cr**.

Istanbul, Turkey
Aug 8, 2014

Have been a full time trader for over 5 years now. And like many people in this people, have spent over $20.000 in webinars and books. Most have been valuable. Steve Mauro's course is a real SCAM. Gotta give it to the guy, he is a master salesman who could sell a fridge to an eskimo. What he teaches can only work in a rotational market. Even the slightest trend lasting two to three days will cause you to incur loss after loss. It is easy to cherry pick old charts where the patterns worked like a charm. But as they are forming live in front of your eyes and you are trained to go long with every double bottom (the famous W pattern as he calls it) and short with every double top (an M formation) you get run over by the market like a freight train.
Haven't seen him share a live chart and I personally believe that he is not a trader. He is simply running a very lucrative education business that gives you nothing but headaches.. Simply stay away. Much better to spen that 5K in a live trading account. That way, at least you will have some real experience...

Southwest, USA
Nov 4, 2013

I am sorry but you people who proclaim Steve Mauro is a master trader and is making huge sums of money are full of it. The man is a con artist!!! Plain and simple!!! All you people who say your making money (including Steve Mauro and his cronies) should take a full year of your trades to a reputable CPA firm that has been in business for quite some time and verify these trades to the public. If he was making so much money he would open up a hedge fund and make huge profits. But he can't, because he does not have the track record. You enroll in this program and listen to his b.s, you are wasting valuable time and money.Like I say, take a years worth of your trade statements to your accountant and have the CPA give a sworn statement to those results. Put up or shut up!!!

Just for entertainment I am listening to Mr. Mauro talk right now.
He is saying there is people in his room managing multiple million dollars. Let just one person who is mananging multiple million dollars speak up. Its hilarious!!! Just use common sense.

2013-04-07 1 Star I took the online course in December of 2011. At the end of the
5 day seminar, I learned of the DMR which costed 100.00
per month. Most of the students in the DMR withdrew by June.
By the way, they did not inform me of the $100.00 fee when I signed up for the program. Now Mauro proclaims to have a better version of the DMR. So far it has not helped my trading. Dont be a fool like myself. If you join this program, you more than likely will lose and not make your money back. Some students may be successful, but the majority incur major losses while Mauro is banking and blaming the losses on your trading ignorance. He needs to put up or shut-up. Show your account statements on a monthly basis. Based upon the court cases, they are all con artists. People who stick it to others, will eventually get screwed themselves. (KARMA)

Oct 23, 2013

I have been through many courses, spent roughly 20 to 25k between books webinars and seminars, countless hours over the past 7 to 8 years trying to learn this business. A friend of mine I met from England introduced me to Steve's method... It took a year, homework, re-organizing my thought patterns to understand what the dealers are doing. Steve has truly exposed what these retail dealers do, I'll admit, I didn't like this method at first because I didn't understand it, because I had so much baggage from other trading strategies that it caused bad habits... It took a little longer for me to catch on... They offer what they call a DMR ( Daily Market Review) It cost about $100 ( Paypal )a month where you meet 4 nites from 7 to 8pm EST plus 5 mornings a week 2 sessions at 2:30am to 3am est and then 7:45am to 8:15 3 mornings a week, so that's 7 sessions of training each week. This training is all on current market charts and this is all setup to get you to see the market as it truly is and to take appropriate trades... ( I don't just slap on a trade just because it looks good ) Steve's wants all of his students to learn what they need to, to go off on their own. I can't tell you how much money I've made based on what they thought the market will do... ( through understanding the setups... sometimes they'll toss out a golden nugget and tell you what they are waiting on ) Mostly what I've learned that this is a REACTIVE method... If the market does this, THEN you do this... If the market doesn't do what's expected, then you don't trade.. it's that simple... The method works... In most cases, I have found out that when it seems like it doesn't work... I will find out later that I didn't follow a rule and I'll place a trade anyway just because I want to be in the market and I had the " Oh, I'll just see what happens approach " or more importantly I missed a move because once again, I didn't see the move in time to catch it right when I should have... It wasn't until I decided to roll up my sleeves and get serious about the homework and doing everything they ask you to do... Following the chart like they do... watching exactly what the market makers do... you get tired of getting trapped in a bad position... I learned what my bad habit was, once that was dealt with I quickly tripled my demo account. And since then I have gotten all my money back from every course or book I ever paid for. People can talk trash all they want to... I really dove into this method and made it work for me.. I hope the Nay Sayers stay close minded... for money for me. I know it's selfish to say, but as a Retired Corrections officer, I've learned that some people will not see, even when you put in in their face.

, Australia
Aug 6, 2013

One thing Steve teaches is that you have to treat Forex trading like a business and not a hobby. To treat forex as a business, you have to spend hours and hours of your own time doing your own practice, research, and training. To come to the trading terminal with no idea what you are doing, or how the market works, fueled up with the idea of making a fortune with a few mouse clicks ...then you are basically asking for the brokers to take your money off you.

The problem is that people expect to be able to take this course and then walk out and immediately start making millions. It's incredibly unrealistic. If anything, Steve's course gives you the trading "rule-book", so you can actually begin to understand how the forex market actually works to take your money, and how a trader may profit against it ... but just as watching a tennis match on TV isn't going to enable you to go out and win Wimbledon the very next day, it requires hours and hours of practice to develop the skills and confidence to trade the market profitably.

Most people who pay the money to take the course just aren't willing to do this, (probably due to the high cost of the course and expectation that everything is going to be handed to them on a silver platter), and don't want to make the extra time investment. Instead, they are hoping for a signal service out of the course. Unfortunately the forex trading that Steve teaches cannot be made into an automated expert advisor. The real forex market just isn't that simple. I have found many times, that even when I knew what I was looking for, that the market is still capable of throwing you off the trail and exploiting your inexperience. Then you have your own emotions to deal with on top of this, and learning to handle your own emotions is something that is difficult to teach.... regardless of what system you want to use.

Steve's material is highly entertaining and enlightening. However, none of it will be any use to you unless you train your brain to read charts, and are willing to commit a significant amount of time marking up charts, and practicing on a demo account before going live.

Could Steve's material be any better to help the struggling traders who can't quite master the method right off the bat? Absolutely.
Steve appears to understand this and constantly works on his material in order to communicate the knowledge he has in better ways... but like all academic courses, some students are going to get high marks right away, others will get them eventually after a lot of work, and some students simply won't do the work, give up, and fail to pass.

What I do know is that my manual trading skills have vastly improved since taking his course and putting in hours and hours of practice... making a habit of coming to the trading terminal daily to mark up the charts. On more than one occasion I have been able to enter trades very close to the best possible entry points and get out at the best possible exit points with very low stop losses. Unimaginable to me before taking the course.

Georgia, USA
Apr 29, 2013

I have been with Steve Mauro since he taught at OTA in Atlanta in August of 2008. It took about two months of demo trading, and homework, but I have been a profitable trader ever since. If you're not willing to put in the time, you don't have anyone to blame but yourself. You have 24/7 access to the class, and the Monday night boot camps that he does now. You get more for your money than any other forex course available. Maybe if you stepped away from forums and review websites and put your energy into learning the method instead of bashing something that you haven't given a fair chance, you would have success. Best money I ever spent.

Illinois, USA
Apr 12, 2013

I have read all of the reviews here, and the common theme among the gripes is "I didn't start making a profit immediately!" A basic reality check would help: It is the teacher's responsibility to teach, but it is the student's responsibility to learn. If the student makes no effort to understand and utilize the information, success will always be out of reach. That is not the teacher's fault. Some of these posts are so recent that the person hasn't had time to study extensively. Make an honest effort first, give it a realistic amount of time.

Chicago, USA
Apr 9, 2013

Steve Mauro is a scam. I took his course when he was at Online Trading Academy and he was an arrogant SOB. He did not last at Online Trading Academy, got kicked out, and then went on to start this scam course. According to Mauro, he is a former firefighter who learned some setups from a market maker that took him under his wing. Now after leaving Online Trading Academy he suddenly sees himself as a teacher for other traders when he has never traded professionally?!! Only in the U.S. The SEC, CME and the NFA should investigate this idiot.

2011-11-09 1Star Stay away from Steve Mauro! Steve used to be with Online Trading Academy until he was kicked out or Steve decided to "pursue other opportunities."
He used to be a fireman and he learned from some market maker who helped him out and taught him a few setups. That is the essence of Mauro's course. He is arrogant, dishonest and the approach is really a joke. After he left Online Trading Academy, he has tried to set up his own organization with some cronies and sell his $5,000 course. He seems to be very insecure and needs to prove something. In my opinion, Steve has zero credibility and is not worth a minute of anyone's day.