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Updated: Sep 5, 2016
3.576 · 125 REVIEWS
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September-November 2012:  Large numbers of highly suspicious positive reviews submitted for this company.

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3.576 · 125 REVIEWS
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Virginia, USA
Aug 28, 2016

Going great with STeam light sofar, been using like 2 weeks nad haven't lost yet. I dig it, yu know :)

BC, Canada
Aug 24, 2016

Does what it's supposed to do.

Steam does what it says it does. It doesn't promise overnight riches but it's a smart scalper that will grab you 20-30 pips a day. Definitely my favorite.

Aug 24, 2016

Light version is the way to go

I really like the steam system too. I haven't tried the normal version despite purchasing the software 8 months ago. I am just ecstatic about the light version and what it has to offer my accounts !

Thuringen, Germany
Aug 16, 2016

Use the support team and members area videos to be successful.

I've read hundreds of reviews on Forex Steam and found there are more positive than negative but quite a few on each side of the fence. I decided the only way to get a true answer would be to test it myself. I am 6 months into these tests and I am pleasantly surprised by my results. I've ended up on the positive side of the spectrum and I'm starting to believe that traders that have issues with this software aren't setting it up properly. The members area videos really need to be followed closely, I had trouble with them myself and had to contact support multiple times.

Nevada, USA
Aug 16, 2016

I think people should use the light version of the EA.

I am have great success with the light version recently. I first started with the normal verison and I didn't like the way it worked. I think everyone should try the light version instead, works great.

New York, USA
Aug 15, 2016

Great software, well worth it.

I had a similar scenario as Nassim except once I installed the preset I won 15 straight trades and haven't had another 90 pip loss in over two months. I recommend this software, the support team is very helpful and my accounts are growing steadily.

Fes, Morocco
Aug 4, 2016

Forex steam is a big scam. first of all, it is a losing system. Second, if you lose your money with this ea in forex, they refuse to refund your money by which you purchased it. I used this ea for one week. it losed 90 pips in the first operation. I e-mailed them, they sent me a "preset" documents. I installed it as they recommanded. the ea executed an other operation and win 10 pips. After that, it executed other two operations and lose 90 pips each one. Finally, I asked to refund my money via paypal and they proposed to refund only 57 $ from 117.99. I refused expecting to refund all my money. unfortunately, after that paypal informed me they cannot do anything and I lost all my money; 118$ in this ea and more than 200$ in trading with it. Please stay away from this ea and save your money.

Nevada, USA
Jul 18, 2016

Forex Steam is a very good EA. I've been with the company for 4 of the 5 years they've been in existence. There have been good months and bad months but their team will always support the product and make market corrections where needed.

Texas, USA
Jun 26, 2016

I've been using Steam light for 6 months and I'm very happy. I obviously paused it during the Brexit stuff but I'll be back trading hopefully midway through this week.

Good stuff all around.

British Columbia , Canada
Jun 14, 2016

the basic approach this the light version uses is very nice. the strategy is similar to a scalping method i used when i first started trading.

that makes it easy to trust, and its worked consistently for me for 3 months. looks great so far.