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Updated: Oct 20, 2016
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Spam Hell, USA
Feb 11, 2016

Unrepentant scammers and spammers who will not cease emailing me. Have probably sold my email to others.

Emails conceal true identity and outright lie who the real source is.

You're a fool if you buy into their s***. If they were credible, they wouldn't have to resort to seedy tactics like spam and trick you into following their links.

Sydney, Australia
Aug 15, 2013

I had a very bad experience with Netpicks, purchasing their system Keltner Bells for $700 in 2012. They guaranteed a refund after 30 days if the system did not deliver 1000 pips profit in the month following purchase. Although I followed the system closely, trading all recommended currency pairs and taking all trades, checking the charts twice per day as advised, my 2 demo accounts both lost 10% in the first month, each trade taken with 1% risk as advised. I sent them the MT4 detailed reports of both renko block and range bar accounts for the month and asked for a refund. Ron W. from Netpicks then informed me that the refund guarantee was not based on my results, but on theirs, and that they had achieved 1000 pips profit in the month! Their website only listed trades taken over the past few days, so there was no accountability whatsoever. I asked Ron W. to provide proof that they had achieved 1000 pips profit in the month. After a few months of prompting, he eventually sent an excel spreadsheet with a list of trades that omitted quite a few of the losing trades I had taken. All the winners were listed. Netpicks refused to give me a refund, based on their fabricated spreadsheet results. I continued to demo test the Keltner Bells system for a second month, with similar results as the first, a 10% loss. Based on this experience, I would advise all traders to avoid Netpicks like the plague, they are scammers. There is nothing fair about the way they operate.

Port Elizabeth, South Africa
Oct 25, 2012

I bought the Keltner Bells system about six months ago, after watching one of Mark Soberman's Webinars on the system. What convinced me to buy it was the 30 days Guarantee by Mr.Soberman. He stated "If this system don't make you 1000pips a month we will pay back your money". What a joke. I traded the system exactly as they subscribed and had about 9 losers out of 10 on some of the pairs. When I asked for a refund they claimed the SYSTEM is making more than 1000pips a month. So, I asked for proof. What did they send me? An excel sheet with the pairs in a row and the pips gained or lost down in columns underneath. No dates, nothing. I mean, anyone can pull up a sheet like that. They are not willing to give proof on a verified account, such as on MyFxBook, etc. I have a $27 system that at least make some profit and the upgrades are Free! Now they have an improved version. Do you think I can get an upgrade? Nope, I have to pay again. After I have paid more than $700 for this c***! They must think I'm stupid! And if you want to belong to their trading room, which is also of very poor quality, you must pay per month. There you can see, after the trades are finished, how Mr.Soberman struggles to manage the trades, constantly. One is supposed to only manage it once a day. So please, if you love your money, stay away. For those who are skeptic, go to donnaforex.com and search for it. There is a few reviews and they all sound like mine.