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Updated: Oct 16, 2017
4.2 · 150 REVIEWS
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My FX Choice is online forex brokers. MyFXChoice offers the MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, and MT Mobile forex currency trading top platforms. MyFXChoice.com offers over 50 currency pairs, cfds, and metals for your personal investment and trading options.

MyFXChoice.com (Formerly FXChoice.com)

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MyFXChoice.com (Formerly FXChoice.com) profile provided by Anthony K., Nov 29, 2015

FX Choice is an online ECN forex broker.  FX Choice offers forex currency trading top platforms MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 for desktop and mobile trading. With the choice  of 28 currency pairs for Classic and 51 pairs for Pro accounts as well as CFDs and Metals for your personal investment.


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4.2 · 150 REVIEWS
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Texas, USA
Oct 12, 2017

Best broker I have ever used. I recommend them.

I've been using FXChoice for about a month and could not be more pleased with all there services, and benefits. They have narrow spreads, and great customer service. If at anytime I had an issue, I chat with with them on their 24 hour chat service, and they answer my question quickly.

They also have a pips plus commission plan, so the more volume you trade or the larger your account, the less commission you pay. I'm only paying $20 per lot commissions. I don't know how that ranks among other brokers, but I am still profiting on most trades. I also use their VPS and have not had any problems with it. There website is easy to maneuver and understand.

My only complaint with FXChoice is that they do not have a way to transfer funds through ACH. The wire transfer took less than 24 hours and they reimbursed the the fee so I can't complain too much, but ACH transfers are immediate, or within a few hours.

I recommend this broker.

India , India
Oct 9, 2017

Very good and responsible, Best broker platform in Forex trading with bitcoin currency account

Oct 7, 2017
Registered user

Because your platform,I start getting very interest about what kind of country Belize is. You are the best Fx broker I've met so far.

Oct 5, 2017
Registered user

they made my dream come true, you no longer have to have a bitcoin trading account to withdraw with bitcoin. thank you fxchoice

May 17, 2017 - No Rating question for fxchoice, on your website it say you take bitcoin for deposit but it don't say if you allow withdrawal with bitcoin

Mar 11, 2017 - 4 Stars will give 5 stars if they had credit card deposit, other then that they are a good broker, they had credit card deposit just last month don't know what happen to it

Reply by George submitted May 19, 2017 Hello Poundtrader,

Thank you for your message. Bitcoin is included as an option for depositing and withdrawing. Please visit our “Deposits and Withdrawals” page to see all of our payment methods. You can find this page under the “Accounts” tab from the main menu. You can click on each one of the payment options to read details such as process, instructions and other information.

Should you have any further questions or need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

South Africa
Sep 30, 2017
Registered user

Nothing but the best

I've been trading on and off for around 10 years. Been through few brokers already. I have a question...why am I sticking to fxchoice, I just CAN'T seem to move? It's because I'm HAPPY that's WHY. I'm actually too SCARED to move and no I don't write to receive comm.
I've read a number of posts here and I'm actually glad fxchoice has a team answering negative AND positive comments here. They are pretty transparent, meaning if they made a mistake they ADMIT. If not their fault they mention too. BTW...to ME it seems they're in it FOR THE BUSINESS, NOT just to make money. Their motto from what I can see is "we want customers to come by word of MOUTH instead of phone calls", oh and BTW...I receive at LEAST 2-3 a WEEK from brokers,

Instant execution:
From MY experience their execution is actually FASTER on LIVE than DEMO, why, I don't know but it's GOOD!
Backoffice...well, what can I say, where do you find a broker who allows you to change your balance at will (demo), allows countless demo accounts, MORE than one live (if you want)

Reply by George submitted Oct 4, 2017:
Dear Zukies,

Thanks for the positive review. We cherish all of our feedback!

Yes, we try to take a hands-off approach with our clients. But if our clients need us, they know we are available for their every trading need, 24/5.
We concentrate on providing the best customer service, reasonable spreads and fast execution. We feel these are the essential components a Forex trader needs and we’ll continue to offer them.

Best wishes and happy trading!

The FXChoice Team
Aug 30, 2017
Registered user

My Instagram is Thekingofyen, these guys are legitimate.

EXTREMELY HONEST REVIEW .Finding a broker is hard, the hardest thing in the Forex market actually. WIRING MONEY IS TERRIBLE DONT EVEN BOTHER. but bitcoin deposits and withdrawals are a breeze. They have pretty good spreads, literally half a pip spread on Eur/Usd. MT4 and MT5 are supported. overall i love this broker.

Reply by George submitted Sep 14, 2017:
Dear Thekingofyen,
Thank you very much for your positive review!
We admit that the Bank Wiring process is far from perfect, especially in an age when it is becoming more and more irrelevant. We’ll take on board your criticism to see if we can streamline the process a bit, but yes, Bitcoin is probably the fastest and most efficient transfer method with us.
Best wishes,
The FXChoice Team
Kentucky , USA
Jul 28, 2017
Registered user

This is the BEST broker. I am from U.S and it is hard to find a trust worthy broker that accept U.S client. After switching to fxchoice, I started saving 15% or more on my car insurance. Wait, that's Geico. My hair started to turn from gray to black (I'm Asian). I sleep better at night. I can say that fxchoice is a life changing broker.

Reply by George submitted Sep 14, 2017:
Dear Philiipthegreat,
We’re glad to hear that our excellent spreads and high quality customer service help you sleep soundly at night. And perhaps we’ll consider branching out into the hair care industry, too.
Best wishes,
The FXChoice Team
Jul 20, 2017

Company doesn't pay attention to the problem

I am currently attempting to withdraw my funds with little luck or help.
The first mistake was mine.
I did not provide the full wire transfer information needed. Fine I get it, i screwed up.

Ever since then the company has been no help whatsoever.
While i am waiting for my funds to return from the first request, i submitted a second request for withdrawal.
The second request was denied because the information did not match the first request.
Do you get it? They turned down the second (correct) request because it did not match the first ( incorrect) request.
I submit a trouble ticket about the denial and they completely ignored my question and stated my funds should be returned within 15 days ( by the way that's the third different answer i have to that question.)
I have submitted a third request for transfer, identical to the second, we''ll see about that one.
i have also submitted a second trouble ticket to get an answer to my original request.
Wow, if the customer service was any better then one mistake on my part should not cause so many problems. Isn't that one of the reasons for customer service.

Reply by George submitted Jul 24, 2017:
Dear Scott,
We are very sorry for the mix up in our finance department regarding your withdrawal. It was completely our fault and we have no excuse for it. We have now processed your payment correctly and we notified you on 21st July confirming the payment and apologising.
We process hundreds of withdrawals/deposits every day and unfortunately, on this occasion the mistake was made by our accounts department for which we are truly sorry. We can assure you that we have redoubled our efforts on this front and the situation will not arise again.
You said that we don’t pay attention to the problem and have poor customer service. Scott, we have one of the best customer services in the Forex industry and we do nothing but pay attention to our clients’ problems. On this occasion one slipped through and we accept our punishment.

We hope you will continue to trade with us and good luck!
The FXChoice Team
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Jul 10, 2017
Registered user

Excellent Broker

I lost my initial deposit, but i"ll not blame broker for my bad trading ,that was totally my fault, FX Choice provided me excellent service for trading, So i am quite happy with the service, There is no stop loss hunting or kind of any cheating from their side, I'll prefer Fx Choice for trading in future too.

Reply by George submitted Jul 24, 2017:
Dear Safeer,
Thank you for your very honest review and we are glad you enjoyed our customer service. It is pleasant indeed when we see clients taking the time to say nice things about us on a public forum - an ample reward for all the hard work we put in to making FXChoice one of the best brokers in the industry.
We hope you’ll enjoy trading with us in future!

Best wishes and happy trading!
The FXChoice Team
Mississippi, USA
Jun 23, 2017
Registered user

I have had nothing but great service and a great trading experience with FXChoice! You wont find a better broker, nor one that cares about their clients as much as FXChoice. True ECN, and good spreads. They are always looking for ways to improve too! Keep it up FXChoice!!

Reply by George submitted Jul 14, 2017:
Dear Tec777,

Thanks for your complimentary words of support. It's reviews like these that motivate us to keep doing the job we're doing. We hope you'll continue to enjoy our service and happy trading.