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AbesForexSignals.com (Tal Abraham) Review

Updated: Sep 22, 2014
2.35 · 13 REVIEWS
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AbesForexSignals.com (Tal Abraham) profile provided by Adam, Aug 2, 2012


Professional trader Tal ("Abe") Abraham, provides his followers with the trade signals he uses to trade his own account as well as his investors' accounts. The trade signals come from two complimentary sources: Abe's manual trades, and Abe's robot. 


From Abe's website:  ( http://abesforexsignals.com/ )


"I've developed multiple and diverse strategies that provide me with high success rates, and consistent profits over the long run, month after month. These are proprietary methods and algorithms unknown to the public, and which provide me with highly distinct edge.


My profit targets are usually more than 100 pips per trade. I believe that by trading on 4 hour charts and higher time frames, one gets a true and realistic picture of the market.


During the years I'm trading, I came to know many fellow traders, who asked me to share my methods and strategies. I quickly found myself helping others succeed, and sort of "unofficially" providing them with signals to trade.


I started taking on clients, once I was sure that I had minimized risk while getting excellent results. I picked clients that were savvy traders looking to use the most innovative strategies. I challenged myself to be the best in the market and my clients' results prove that I succeeded. "


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2.35 · 13 REVIEWS
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UK, United Kingdom
Nov 20, 2012

Abes Forex Signals is a SCAM !

I have used his trading system on the mirror trade with the trade cloner with avafx, minimum required capital was 1000 Pounds, far to little for his extra wide stops ( 300,400,500 pips ) Do not waste your time and money with this system. After they have blown my account within two months they have never refunded my loses. Profits made have been several times lower than the winning trades. This is not the way that professional traders do.

I never saw anyone in the live chat room and his webcam was never turned on the entire time with them and this is proof that the whole system is SCAM ! I did receive email alerts of some trade recommendations, but most of them were losers.

I have asked for a refund and have not gotten it.

I am sick of SCAMS like this. All I want is an honest service that will help me improve my trading.

Very disappointed. BUYER BEWARE! Never pay them a dime !

Israel, Israel
Nov 1, 2012

i already stop to send signals at abesforexsignals
my partners still using my name even i ask to stop it
all the signals are under my sute name also they sending robot signals which not mine

Moscow, Russian Federation
Oct 29, 2012

Hi Terrance, when did I give a gold that just dissapear? ALL my trades are clear and appear everywhere!!! The trade you talk about is investor's style and not regular signal and it is still running as investor's style.

I really think it is better you make things clear and ask before you make wrong conclussions and make people think wrong things.

Everything I do, good and bad trades, I stand behind them and never hide reality!

Vladimir Ribakov

Sydney, Australia
Oct 27, 2012

Yes ABS- trades are second rate-Vladamers are good but make your stops no more than 32pips- Vlad gave a BUY gold- and when it was dow 300pips-it seemed just to disapear, no advice-nothing
Otherwise his trades are reliable-just change the big stops.
This is whwere he loses badly.

ATHENS, Greece
Oct 24, 2012

I use Abe's forex signals for about 3 months now and i use only his robot sevice..Its perfomance is amazing,and it is the least i can say..In that three months i did 25% clear pure profits with very low drawdown.Also i dont understand the previous guy named Chris why he wrote a such bad stuff about Vladimir's Ribakov behaviour towards him and such..I must say this guy is the most ethical person in forex industry,i can bet all my money on this,and he offers the best mentor service out there..He has a very reputable name in this bussiness and of course he wouldnt put it at stake by promoting Abe's forex signals..

San Diego, Ca, USA
Oct 18, 2012

Abes Forex Signals is a total SCAM! I signed up 5 days ago and could never get the trade copier to work. I sent several emails and even contacted Vladimir Ribakov (an affiliate of Abe's) to discuss the lack of technical support and he got very nasty with me. Saying he was sick of trying to help people like me that aren't serious about trading and that I was a waste of his time.

I never saw anyone in the live chat room and his webcam was never turned on the entire 5 days. I did receive email alerts of some trade recommendations, but everyone of them were losers.

I have asked for a refund for the past two days and have not gotten a confirmation my money will be refunded. Only one email a day teling me to send log files, screen shots, etc.. which i did and still no success. I even signed up for Forex.com account directly through their link and they tried to say I didn't and that is why the trade cloner didn't work.

I am so sick of SCAMS like this.All I want is an honest service that will help me improve my trading.

Very disappointed. BUYER BEWARE!

, Australia
Aug 10, 2012

I have just subscribed mainly wanting to have an Automated Trading as I do not have time to watch the trades. I was disappionted because to use their Trade Copier, you have to create an account under their IB at FOREX.com or FXCM or FX OPEN or stFXDD. I am giving them a low rating as they should have been transparent with this on their home page. You can only find this out if you subscribe. If you have other broker accounts, you cannot use the Automated Trade Copier. Well, they can have my first months subscription but thats it. They are trying to hide something to get subscribers, but they wil be hated for this.

london, United Kingdom
Aug 7, 2012


Yes it's easy to recognise a scam when (at the time of positing my original review):

1) the figures you quote from the EA make no reference to the drawdown on the open positions. Prospective subscribers would be unaware that these have stops of 500 - 1000 pips, whereas the closed EA trades were booking on average just 59 pips. That is clearly a loss making business for any prospective subscriber & its promotion by you a SCAM.

2) you were claiming in your promotional literature Abe's own monthly performance of +20% whereas as a subscriber you were showing a net loss Abes personal trades of -300 pips for the first 3 months. That too is a SCAM

3) Lastly Abe, who I had had some dealings with in the past, sent me an email (during the process of my attempting to obtain a refund) which I still have, saying that, while he had a relationship of some sort with the people behind AbesForexSignals, these were not in fact his trades & in fact further to some sort of falling out he was in the process of setting back up his original signal service.
So, that too is a SCAM on your part.

All of the above is documented & easily verifiable for anyone who requires further information.

Thank you

2012-02-28 1Star With respect, the reviewers below are seriously missing the point focusing on trade copying, Mirror Trade etc!!

BUYER BEWARE! It is with much regret that I am forced to declare this service to be a SCAM & a Fraud!

First of all, the claim of 3600 pips made in 2 months from the EA is deliberately misleading. No information on account drawdown is given & no loosing trades are realised. Now subscribed, I can see that all signals come with a 700pip stop! So not a huge surprise then that no stops have been hit in 2 months but with an average of just 59 pips per winning trade it should be clear to anyone that in time this EA will wipe out your account.

Secondly, re. " Abe 's" own trading calls (listed in a trading account named "abes2"), on my first day subscribed he produced 14 loosing trades in a row. Yes I know that this can happen, but these were all were text book top-picking, counter- trend- without-any-confirmation, examples of how not to trade. Each successive loss was then followed by more and more desperate and scattergun attempts to make back losses.

The net result was that all profits for the 2 months that the service has been running were wiped out, resulting in a grand total of -68 pips in 2 months (and as I write -305pips).

What's more, this is nearly as many loosing trades as the website's promotional literature claims "Abe" had made in the whole of the previous 12 months (in a different trading account named "abes1" which still 2 weeks later (ironically under the heading "The Forex Market is filled with Con Artist - You Deserve To See the Truth") claims an average monthly performance of 20.2% and has no record of the loosing trades or the real bottom line).

Last but not least, I recently received an email from Tal Abraham, the individual supposedly behind this service, confirming that the signals are in fact nothing to do with him.... " they just use my name for promote the site" ....... "at the beginng i wanted to start to work with them and move all my signals to this site but few problem heppen and i deside to keep my old signal servis".

Well, whatever the truth, since Tal Abraham's image and name are still plastered all over AbesForexSignals , either he is very naive, he is one of the scammers or he too is being scammed. But in any case this service is not what it claims to be. These would appear not to be Tal Abrahams trade calls. This service is a SCAM & a Fraud & should be avoided at all costs!

Rebuttal: Added by Adam on 2012-08-02 01:23
Abe's results are published on the performance page (see link below) and are taken directly from the account used to send the signals to the auto trading EA:

These impressive results are fully verifyable and published on a 3rd party independent website, MT4i.com

note: these two accounts are used to send trades to the Trade Copier EA, from both Abe's manual and Abe's robot trades. So for technical reasons they only open 0.1 lots. Therefore ignore the monthly return stats, they are not indicative of regular trading with Money Management settings.

Just look at the fact that these accounts are consistently profitable over a long period of time. You can also see the high success rate of the signals.

If you look at the members' area, under the "Live" webcam icon, you will see Abe trading during the EU and US sessions, which proves he is actually the trader behind this service.

It is too easy to call someone "scam" on an online forum. However the hard facts prove otherwise. Abe has hundreds of happy members of his signals service.

TLV, Israel
Jul 9, 2012

Hi Roger, the results you described are unusual, you can send us your trading statement with your Tradency account number, and we will investigate this. The stop loss you describe is only for the EAs trades and is hardly ever met. I don't know what email you referred to but it was certainly not sent by Abe, you can use the camera and you will see that Abe and only Abe trades the signals.

Note to Abe and Team; Please click where it says "Is This Your Site" on this review page. Once registered, you'll be able to submit comments to be appended to specific reviews and can also add a company profile to your review page.

Reply by Adam submitted Aug 2, 2012:
Abe's signals have shown impressive profitability and accuracy, and you're welcome to look at the screen shot found on the link below, to see how a Trade Mirroring account with a good broker looks like: http://abesforexsignals.com/images/David_last_two_months.jpg We did get complaints from other clients as well, about particular brokers that provided bad results, even though the original signals that Abe sent were profitable. In such cases, we stopped offering the broker as a Mirror Trading choice. Also please note that starting August 2012, Abe provides a "regular" Trade Copier EA instead of the trade mirroring.
TLV, Israel
Jul 9, 2012

Hi Martin, the differences you referred to resulted from broker differences. For the refund- we referred you to Clickbank and sent you the refund link, which is processed automatically within 24 to 48 hours. You didn't tell us that you used Plimus, and this is why we referred you to Clickbank again. We replied to each of your emails and when we realized you paid with Plimus we sent the refund on Paypal.