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PowerForexStrategies.com Review

Updated: May 15, 2015
4.235 · 17 REVIEWS
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4.235 · 17 REVIEWS
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Orlando, FL, USA
Jul 27, 2012

I would like to give this a good rating but the Stop Loss is too high. Also, I am beginning to think the only stategy is "Short" with no regard to the news about to happen and no regard for events such as the ECB head speaking.

San Dimas, CA, USA
May 4, 2012

There is simply no comparison between this EA and the other ones I have used in the past. I get consistent and great performance from this software. Easy to use and the support is fantastic. Very happy customer.

Fremont,CA, USA
May 4, 2012

I bought this recently, and it is a great product, and my account has risen in value rapidly.Recommended!!!

California, USA
May 4, 2012

I researched this product and read tons of reviews before I purchased the product. With that said I was impressed with how easy it was to get started. I have combined methods from other Forex traders, as well as the methods described in this program, and I was successful. It took a little time to figure it out, but now I understand what it takes to make money.

Seattle, USA
May 4, 2012

This product really helped me to understand how Forex works and how I can benefit from it. I am no longer lost or confused, and now have the confidence that I can do well with it.

Arizona, USA
Apr 29, 2012

Originally I gave this a 5 star rating and perhaps was premature with that! While it's still been profitable for me what I don't like about it is it goes almost immediately into DD and can stay there for days. While this may not be an issue for daily ot + traders I mostly trade 15M tf's, and in the days I'm sitting there watching the DD get bigger I could have instead made several manual trades for a profit. It's good yes - but my manual trading is far better!

2012-03-07 5Star This has taken over as my primary forex profit system - and I've lost interest in all the others I've used and purchased as they don't come close to Power Forex! This, even though it's a trade copier has blown me away. Yes there are losses, but they are quickly made up Support has also been great -whether or not it IS actually 'Peter'!

, Canada
Apr 20, 2012

Well I am suspicious of the high ratings as well and will add my own experience of about 1 month of using PFS. Even though the vendor's account is up, I am still down because of some missed trades. I always get the losses for sure.

Montreal, Canada
Mar 14, 2012

I just got this last week and man am I amazed at the results.It has by far it outperformed all my other EAs easily.

Toronto, Canada
Mar 14, 2012

This is probably the Best EA motor I've ever used. It takes a little time before you get used to the interface, but then everything runs smoothly.

Georgia, USA
Mar 13, 2012

I purchased this EA recently and it's working very well for me. I've had no issues with requestig support and it was a great value. I would definitely recommend it because I am winning!