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Updated: Oct 5, 2016
3.333 · 162 REVIEWS
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OctaFX.com profile provided by John, May 29, 2012

Octa Markets Incorporated is a worldwide recognized forex broker. OctaFX provides forex brokerage services to its clients in over 100 countries of the world. OctaFX uses the most up-to-date technology and knowledge to make your forex trading experience outstandingly convenient. Our top goal is the trust and satisfaction of each client's need and requirements. OctaFX sets the highest service level standards and maintains them as well as constantly develops new services and promotions.


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3.333 · 162 REVIEWS
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Oslo, Norway
Aug 31, 2016

Nice brokerage

This has been a nice brokerage experience so far. Their CS is very capable and the website is good-looking. Smooth deposit and withdrawal, I like it.

Reply by OctaFX Rep submitted Sep 2, 2016:
Dear Roald Veerag,
We are happy to hear your experience with us is positive!
Kind regards,
OctaFX Rep.
faisalabad, Pakistan
Jul 25, 2016

Best instant Market Execution speed offered by Octafx. Instant W.D and other

Reply by OctaFX Rep submitted Sep 2, 2016:
Dear Aftab,
Thank you for your review! We value all our customers' opinions.
Kind regards,
OctaFX Rep.
Kuwait City, Kuwait
Jul 2, 2016

Dear Admin
Please add this review to my previous one,

Octafx team they contacted me and mentioned, they did mistake about my Documents and my citizenship and they will be glad to Open an Account for me and it will not be an issue.

Thank you


2016-06-25 No Rating HI

Very Racist Broker,

im trading for past 5 years with Fxcm and im very happy with them, but i was looking for ctrader broker to give a shot and see how this platform will help my trade.
i found octafx and request to open a live account, when i submit my documents they asked me to send them my phone bill as well and next email this was their reply:
: " we decided to refuse your request because we dont accept trade from middle east " !!!

so i asked my friend from UAE to try and they told him same!

i asked another friend from KSA and he told them i wanna open an account with 100000$ and less than 1 hours he got a Live account

im not sure what is their rating in this scenario , but im happy they didnt accept my documents and next day i open my account with Pepperstone in Australia and now trying their ctrader account.

Thank you


Added by OctaFX Rep on 2013-11-08
Content: Dear Sir,
Your opinion means a lot to us. We value honesty and transparency in every aspect of our business. Both qualities are also important values of OctaFX staff in day-to-day operations. That is why your words warm our hearts so much!
What would make your review even more valuable is your staying away from naming other companies in it.
Best wishes from our team!

Georgetown , Malaysia
Jun 26, 2016

Previous I can make money with OCTAFX I've just deposits 5Usd and Gain 50USD to 120USD per day....... so amazing... Somewhere in Dec 2015 OctaFX add very huge slippage > 30pips + 12 pips = 42pips average in total... This slippage were add on in EVERY trades... Very hard to make money now with my micro account number 208771... AS for Octafx,, Please don't block my account...take the comments positively and I hope that octaFX improve in slippage .... I know is normal but 42pips is abnormal... If I could attach the evidence is much better anybody would see...

Reply by OctaFX Hanna submitted Jun 28, 2016:
Dear Nozreen, Thank you for leaving the review! Please, send these order IDs to our support service at support@octafx.com so that we can check the slippage cases. Thank you!
Cork, Ireland
Jun 23, 2016

Most reliable broker? Probably. I have only traded with OctaFX for one week and this is the first forex broker that I tried simply because of the reviews and forums on this website. One thing I can definitely say is so far so good.

I opened a micro account and deposited 19.50 EUR, 1:500 leverage, rode the forex market waves and made a 9.13 EUR profit. Requested an 8 EUR withdrawal to my Skrill account and it took less than 10 minutes.

Continuation of this consistent service and I will upgrade my review to 5 stars in the future. :)

Reply by OctaFX Hanna submitted Jun 28, 2016:
Dear Daniels Pogosjans, Thank you for the review! We are happy that you enjoy trading with us and we hope you'll leave us 5 stars in the future!
semarang, Indonesia
Jun 21, 2016

what's , good broker? broker that block client accounts, and does not want to participate with the obvious reasons! This is called a broker? client accused of fraud, fraudulent client, or client data is illegal? I prosecuted were among those where they can not mention!

Reply by OctaFX Hanna submitted Jun 23, 2016:
Dear Ctting, Can you please specify the details of your issue?
Singapore, Singapore
Apr 2, 2016

Hi, I joined only a few minutes ago, I'll leave another review in a few months but I want to highlight that I have registered for a real trading account and the instruction said that they need me to verify my email but I have not received any email. I have requested another verification email and also email their support. It has been 15 mins since I registered.

I registered due to the low spread. Another thing is if I want to opt for the swap-free account, it states there is a commission, but no further explanation is provided, please clarify this. Thanks.

Reply by OctaFX Hanna submitted Apr 11, 2016:
Dear Mr. Fan, Please, contact our support via support@octafx.com, and we will be glad to resolve your issue as soon as possible. As for the swap-free account, you can read more here: http://www.octafx.com/education/glossary/term/SWAPFREEACCOUNT and here: http://www.octafx.com/education/faq/question/1.5 I hope this information will help you!
Warakapola, Sri Lanka
Mar 30, 2016

Not like past, OctaFX is performing now like genius. Super fast and excellent execution. Fast withdrawal.

2015-04-02 2Star This broker is totally scam for profitable traders. There are no issue with money withdrawals. But, they tell they are ECN ECN etc bu actually market makers. They put hidden slippages for 80% trades in a day after customer make profit by them so we after that we can't make profit by EAs. When we ask by chat, they tell us, it ia natural and maket condition etc etc but theae guys do it there own strategy by them self. No issue with re-quoting and markups but, very nice slippages. They do it only when someine make profit. I have checked with my other friends accounts.. This broker is going to add a pool someone make profit. Customer's loss is this broker's profit.

Added by OctaFX Rep on 2015-04-09
Content: Dear Sir,

Thank you for your feedback!

That is exactly how ECNs are; orders are executed by the best price there is liquidity for. We do not add any “hidden” slippage, there’s no such thing at all. Slippage is a natural part of trading in a real market and it is absolutely normal that one trader receives requested price and another trader receives slightly different price at the same moment. Prices always depend on the available liquidity.

OctaFX Rep.

Bistrita, Romania
Mar 14, 2016

Like i said before, spreads on the chart are double then spreads on octa fx live spread page.
It is possible to uploud a picture here? Or a video?

Review Moderation Team Note: Please add any images or videos in the forums discussion thread linked from this page.

2016-03-09 3 Stars - Spreds on the real account are double than demo account.That is not decent if you want to be fair broker.
Demo: 0.5-0.7 pips....real: 1.1-1.3 pips. So...don't get fool by the low spreads until you make a real account
+ Ctrader account is a good platform with fast execution.
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Comment: Added by OctaFX Hanna on 2016-03-13
Dear Ionut,
You can visit this page: www.octafx.com/spreads to check the current spreads on 14 currency pairs. This table shows spreads in real time, so you can always check them before you start trading.
We hope this will make your trading experience better.

Sabah, Malaysia
Mar 5, 2016

One of the best broker in d world...withdraw superb pass....but i want to know about existence of dis broker especially building, area...coz i read from article that any beoker from st gradline are scam...could u explain???

Reply by OctaFX Hanna submitted Mar 7, 2016:
Dear Herman M, OctaFX is a trustworthy broker with a solid reputation that sustained such events as Liberty Reserve payment system crash and EURCHF "Black Thursday" that happened a year ago. Our clients received their funds in both cases, so we hope this proof gives you a good base to be sure about us.