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Updated: Oct 21, 2016
3.623 · 30 REVIEWS
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CM Trading are online forex brokers. CM Trading offers the MetaTrader 4 and MT Mobile forex online trading top platforms. CMTrading.com offers over 20 of the most traded currency pairs, indices, cfds, and metals for your personal investment and trading options.

CMTrading.com (Capital Markets Trading)

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3.623 · 30 REVIEWS
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Westville, South Africa
Oct 18, 2016
Registed user

Worst Broker ever, their spreads are insanely and are always widened so they can always hit stop losses. This sort of thing has occurs alot. This Bro

These are Market Makers, Spread Manipulators, The sort of people who kill you with a smile

Durban, South Africa
Sep 5, 2016

Very happy - withdrawals are quick!

CM Trading have provided me with everything I need from my broker. Most importantly I always get my withdrawals, normally same day. I was used to being messed around by the other so-called CySec brokers. I get my money when I need it and that is priceless from them

Kanto, Japan
Jul 26, 2016

This is not a review of CM Trading for the company's trading quality as I did not deposit funds with them nor traded on their platform (live or demo), but a summary of my interactions with them in attempting to setup an account. Therefore no stars.

After submitting my contact details to their website, the next day I received a call from a member at CM Trading who offered to guide and advise me on how to trade, as well as take good care of me. Although I informed the person that I already have experience trading and would just like to open an account, the offer to advise and take good care of me went on for a while longer before I could move the conversation on.

I was then asked whether I worked and if so, what field I worked in. This was followed by the question of whether I enjoy my work, and how much I earn per year. I reclined to answer those questions as they were not relevant for the discussion, and I moved on to asking some details about accounts. One question was about the product they offered called "Risk Free Trade", and the second was whether submitting identity documents in a language other than English was ok. In both cases the person said he would have to check and put in on hold for about 1 minute each time. On my third question he asked me to hold, and a few seconds later the call was switched to a different representative, who continued our conversation without skipping a beat.

After the conversation I planned to think a few days over whether to fund an account with them. However, over the next days I received several calls from them, which I missed as I was busy with other business. Then the called started coming after midnight (around 1-2am), at which point I chose not to take the called.

After this initial experience I have not yet opened an account with them.

Reply by Daniel Kibel submitted Jul 29, 2016:
Dear Sir We are extremely sorry to hear of your experience in trying to open an account. It goes without saying that this is unacceptable and so we are extremely surprised at hearing this. In order for us to look into this would you be so kind as to contact us on support@cmtrading.com with your contact details. We would very much like to make this up to you in private
Montreal, Canada
Jun 23, 2016

I have traded with my brokers (CMTrading IS THE WORST, BIG SCAMMER, you better help your emotions by running away from them by infininte distance)

I opened an account with CMTrading after they seemed to be nice. I was influenced by their advertisement of no fee charged on deposit and withdrawal. On opening the account, I made a profit of $4 dollars within few days and no longer comfortable with my emotions to trade during the week. I requested for my money and profit of $4.

On waiting for days for my refund to roll in, I found out I was charged $35 and was denied of my profit. What? I immediately contacted them and was told that when I made a deposit, they paid for the fee and now that I am making a withdrawal, I have to pay the fee. I called many times but all to no avail and even contacted them on facebook but the blocked me from further posting on their facebook page.

Kindly note I did not receive any form of bonus which may warrant any kind of strict regulation on the withdrawal of my money.

My account no: 130028138

Reply by Daniel Kibel submitted Jun 27, 2016:
Dear Gabson, Allow us to set the record straight, as it seems that you have ?omitted? quite a few details on your review: 1- You registered with CM Trading on February 10th, 2016 and proceeded to make a credit card deposit a few days after registration. As for any financial transaction, this deposit was charged with a processing fee by the credit card providers which we absorbed at that time. 2- You claim that ?you didn?t received any form of bonus? however, on the day of your deposit, you were credited a welcome bonus in the amount of 100$ With the help of this bonus, you managed to make a profit of 4.99$ 3- You requested a withdrawal, which was processed in due time without any delays, and while you claim ?you were denied your profit?, we can actually prove that you withdrew not only your original deposit amount but also your profit. Your withdrawal was indeed charged with a standard processing fee, as any financial transaction would be. In regards to that matter, we would like to point out section 8 of our Terms and Conditions, which you agreed to when you signed up for your CM Trading account: [?]. GLOBAL CAPITAL MARKETS TRADING reserves the right to levy any bank charges incurred as a result of an electronic transfer to a client account such that settlement is made NET of these charges. As per your numerous conversations with our Support and Finance team, both by phone and by chat, we understand that this is not your first time. It seems in fact that you have developed some sort of a M.O. around this. You have proudly claimed that you had approached other companies over this same matter and, as per your own words, ?they tried their foolishness with you and they regretted it?. You have claimed to be ?all over the internet? posting your reviews ?for the world to see?, how you simply have ?nothing to lose? (again your own words). You have threatened that we would need to ?employ specialists to attend to you on blogs, forums, groups and pages? (once again, your own words). Well, Sir, here at CM Trading, we do not respond well to threats. The bottom line is that we feel absolutely unequivocally justified, and since you did agree to the Terms and Conditions of our website, we simply conclude that there is no basis for your complaint.
Jakarta, Indonesia
Jun 12, 2016

I have been trading with CM Trading for the past 5 months. Very good platform and fast execution. Withdrawal is also quickly processed. What I like the most about CM Trading is they are having Risk Free Trading Promotion which very beneficial for a new trader like me. Very recommended broker.

Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Jun 12, 2016

CM Trading is a pretty good FX broker. Based on my experience it has fast trade executions speeds, lower spreads and the most important point which is excellent customer service. They provide superb and supportive customer service and beyond helpful. Very pleased!

Review Moderation Team Note: 5 Star rating removed.

This review came from the same place that CMTrading employee Josh Michael used to spam the FPA's forums. Josh Michael did this on July 20, and claimed he'd been a client of CMTrading for only 1 week. Now we see he's also claimed to be Steven and was claiming to be an established client on June 12th.

Per FPA policy, the rating on this review has been set to Zero stars.

The FPA does not appreciate forum spammers or review spammers.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
May 30, 2016

I have been in the FX industry for 5 years. By far i am very satistfied with the quality of service that CM Trading has provided to me. Their trade execution is great and their withdrawal and deposit is quick without hassle as well. Ofcourse i am speaking from my experience. Definitely a broker worth checking out.

jakarta, Indonesia
May 11, 2016

I have multiple accounts at this broker, my trading experienced in CMTrading, they have a unique approach in providing services to their clients, CMTrading helped me a lot during my trading, some problems are quite crucial, they patiently responded to my complaint, and solve my problem well enough. for now I feel satisfied with their service.

, South Africa
Apr 26, 2016

I received a marketing Email from CMTrading informing me of a deposit balance bonus if I deposited $500 or more. I did not receive the bonus and after querying it I was told that it was a typing error on the Email and it is for deposits of $5000 or more. Even so I received the "error" email several times after my complaint.

malaysia, Malaysia
Apr 21, 2016

Sorry for my poor english. I got a link for no deposit bonus 50. But end up the account manager said i must deposit 250 in order to use that no deposit 50. Is it a scam? The account fund manager toldme dont waste time either deposit 250 or close my account . Saying their company daily trade million of dollars etc.. Wont look at this tiny amount of 250. I dont advise you guys to invest in this company. God bless you if you think this company giving good service .