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Updated: Jan 2, 2018
2.735 · 12 REVIEWS
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2.735 · 12 REVIEWS
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Ipatinga, Brazil,
Sep 27, 2012,

Jin promissed me she would refund me 50% of what I paid but she did NOT.
My emails have NOT been answered anymore.

2012-08-30 1 Star ''This service has gone totally off the rails, like usual.
It never fails, just when a signal or service might have some potential, it blows up in spectacular fashion.
Jin actually turned from a vendor that seemed to care into a money-hungry pig.
Ultimately, she forced everyone into PAMM/MAMs and her trading style is now nothing more than churning (of course, since SHE gets paid on that volume) and taking huge hits every few days. no thanks.''
india, India,
Sep 10, 2012,

I had subscribed to her signal service initially but as soon as I joined she claimed someones stealing her signals and is going to stop the service. Looks like the vendor became greedy and forced all the users to the PAMM account. Big losses compared to profits so the win to loss ration is very bad. Either way the vendor makes money since theres a markup on commission. Please stay away from this vendor
Sep 9, 2012,

I hurried up and signed up for 3 months signals on June 24th, to make the deadline before the vendor said the price would increase.

Although the drawdowns and risk were high (as it obviously used some grid/martingale strategy), the returns were incredible. I was seeing 30%+ monthly gains the first 6 weeks or so.

However, soon after I signed up and prepaid for 3 months, the vednor began changing prices every week, jumping by leaps and bounds. Then, they announced that because others were reselling their signals, they would stop the signals entirely and only provide services via MAM/PAMM. I and other protested, to no avail. The vendor simply responded and said "too bad". Of course, those who were to be forced to MAM/PAMM if they wanted to continue for some reason had to accept the 35% "performance fee" and loss of rebates plus addition of commissions - all of which was new and which violated our agreement, after all we PREPAID for 3 months of signals! Vendor didnt care. Of course, they could have given existing customers a MAM/PAMM that didnt have the % performance fee, just the monthly rate that they had signed up for and prepaid, but again it was obviously a greed move, and to repeat, they didnt care.

Then the service took 2 huge SL hits in its final 2 weeks as a signal service, and saw a DD of up to 50%, so anyone who signed up in the final 3 or 4 weeks was well underwater (I was still slightly profitable overall). Vendor didnt care.

I threatened legal action and got a prorated refund of my monthly fee. Most got nothing. Vendor didnt care.

Now that the "service" is on MAM/PAMM only, the risks are the same (50%-60% DD likely) and yet the profits for the trader are likely to be well under 20%/mo at BEST. And of course the vendor is untrustworthy and a dishonest cheat. Do yourself a favor and stay away and tell others to do the same, unless this sounds good to you. This who didnt get a refund (and from what I read there are many) should file this with the FPA Traders Court, I have never seen a more clear example of a guilty finding being deserved.
Sep 7, 2012,

This is an update:

Wow did I get fooled. Dealing with this service has been nothing short of a nightmare. Immediately after I wrote my first review I received an email saying that someone stole her strategy so now everyone has to pay so the service was eliminated and changed to a MAM managed account. Then the next week I lost about 50% of my account, then more loss after that. Before the month ended and she ended the service my account was almost blown. To top it off, after the loss and email was sent out stating we should put more money in the account so she will have enough margin going forward. A real POS if you ask me. I requested a refund since I was "guaranteed" my account would be profitable but she made excuses and refused to refund. So if you decide to join expect to lose and be asked to put more money in the account each time. Unethical and unprofessional on all levels. STAY AWAY FROM THIS SERVICE! 0 stars

2012-08-14 5 Stars This is the most intelligent trading system I have seen in my 10 years of trading. I have tried them all and this signal service is heads above the rest. 5 stars for Jin Shen and his awesome Storm III system!
Singapore, Singapore,
Aug 28, 2012,

The people behind the signals are the worst I have signed up . Every few weeks change the terms and they are stopping the signals even before the term expires. Their system is a aggressive grid trading which is extremely risky. Now they want to charge additional pips commission so that even if client looses they still walk away with the pips commission due to high number of trades. Stay away from such unethical providers. The contact person also keep changing their name .
, United Kingdom,
Aug 20, 2012,

Totally unethical vendor. No thought or concern for paying customers and now jumping into bed with FxPig. What was potentially best service out there has degenerated into chaos. It should also be remembered that although the Storm III has been doing well lately this service has previously went bust and will likely do so again
, Netherlands,
Aug 20, 2012,

At first, she provided good services but after that she has changed terms "every week". What I concern is the way she is doing business. This lady does not keep her words. Yesterday she suddently sent an announcement to stop all existing clients on Sep 1st when they have paid for 3 months. Who knows when we join the MAM service and she wants a higher commission. People talking about this at: http://www.donnaforex.com/forum/index.php?topic=3959.345
Auckland, New Zealand,
Aug 5, 2012,

extremely profitable, 5 days 20% return no joking. please see my account: https://www.myfxbook.com/members/holyangle99/hui-qing/360175
very easy to install, very helpful service. I was really surprised about the profitability of Storm and Tradecopy. Jin Shen is a serious business man and totally recommend it to everyone. Stop trying other heavily marketed EAs, as I have tried a lot of them, none of them are even half profitable as Storm.
Frankfurt, Germany,
Jul 25, 2012,

Impressive so far. Results and service. I am in the forex-market for 8 years now and have tried a lot of services and EA`s. Nothing compares to this. Hope this will go on for a long time.
Jul 25, 2012,

I’ve only been receiving the Storm III signals for 2 weeks but so far the results are awesome. Storm III normally opens about 30-35 positions at a time, which is why a leverage of 500:1 is required. Most of the positions start off negative and are then closed as they become positive. Profits are small per trade but numerous. In a couple of days the trades are all closed with many losses but about 2 times as many wins. The cycle then repeats itself every couple of days. The total net profits are incredible. I’m up about 15% in the two weeks that I have been trading this signal. All in all I am extremely excited about the possibilities of this signal system. There are many losses, as can be seen by the equity curve, but these usually occur at the end of a trading cycle which resulted in numerous wins which more than offsets the losses. The losing trades will occur all at once so it requires some getting used to. The profits have been consistent, which is my primary objective. I don’t have long term experience with this signal service but I evaluated the last year’s trades and found that they yielded similar results to what I am realizing. The trading manager, Jin, is very responsive to questions and concerns. At this point I have complete confidence in this signal service as I am familiar with its expectations and the necessary losing trades. The cost of this service is higher than most but you get what you pay for and the profits more than pay for the cost of the service. My trading experience spans over 15 years and this is definitely at the top of the list of the best systems I have seen.