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Updated: Oct 19, 2016
3.045 · 52 REVIEWS
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Forex Broker Inc are forex brokers. Forex Broker Inc offers the MetaTrader 4, MT Mobile, and WebTrader fx online trading top platform. ForexBrokerInc.com offers over 40 of the most traded currency pairs, cfds, energies, and metals for your personal investment and trading options.


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3.045 · 52 REVIEWS
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Oct 14, 2016
Registed user

Forexbrokerinc took thousands from me. Easily and without hesitation while I was learning the ropes fresh from demo account. When I finally made any money I put in for a withdrawal on September 7th 2016. Since then I have made numerous phone calls and they refuse to transfer me to the back office and I have sent numerous emails. It's always the same...give us your bank statement. Then I send it, and then they send me some bull**** "ARN #" and my bank called it just that by the way! My bank says they can see if a deposit has even been attempted and it has not! My banker has offered to speak with them personally and they won't respond to that email at all! It's a complete scam and I will never see my money! For months I planned a whole new life around this. Now I'm down $5000 and considering suicide. Thanks Forexbrokerinc! Thanks for NOT coming through when I needed a new life and a fresh start. On my last phone call with "support" I bawled my eyes out. She promised me she would help. I haven't received an email or phone call since and that was a week ago. Don't do business with Forexbrokerinc. Don't do it or you will ruin your life like me!

Oct 13, 2016

Forex Brokers Inc looks like a biggest scam to me

I am filling a complain about this broker with the concerned dept in the USA. This looks like a big scam company. I requested a withdrawal 23 days ago and they did not processed it yet. Every time they have a same answer "We apologize for the delay bla bla bla.."

Oct 9, 2016

ForexBrokerInc agreement with FX Choice, no permission, consent, privacy.

Without my consent or permission, or their customer's as well, they have been planning to move and transfer all of our accounts to FX Choice for over 2 months now, silently. This alone is dishonest and arises skepticism. This also means that without our permission, they are transferring personal information, documents and identification from we, traders to other brokers and companies. This is a violation of privacy and consent. Received several emails about "changes" as if it was a software update, but it turns out that in two months, especially the last two weeks, trading has been suspended to not make these "updates", which would be fine within itself, but came out to be a complete broker transfer agreement. As you can see from the reviews below, many have asked withdrawals with no response. Why can't withdrawals be automated by computer? It is our money anyways, why does it have to be manually? Also, with no option or request to have our accounts closed and personal information along with submitted scans deleted permanently. These issues is problematic and deceptive. How long until FX Choice starts to ban U.S. citizens as well? Or demand more documentation mess on existing ForexBrokerInc users?

Oct 5, 2016

Firmly engage in carnal relations with this broker!!!!

F*** THIS BROKER!!!! Don't go to the broker at all they are horrible. They stopped all trading due to a "system upgrade" and now I no one is getting their withdrawals. I have been waiting for two weeks for my money and every time I chat with some or call they give the run around. Do not go with this broker!!!! I will write another post once or if I receive my money.

Oct 4, 2016
Registed user

Small Withdrawal is a nightmare ... Based on the current condition... this guys may be out of buseiness

Kansan City, USA
Sep 30, 2016

FOREXBROKERINC.COM will steal you money.

Last week on 9/20/16 they/ as in, forexbrokerinc.com, had informed all we could NOT, make any new trades...as of the next day! Then on wed. they said we could continue to close any open trades we wanted to... ok. Now on Thursday they told us all, that they, were going to close ALL our open trades at the close on FRI. AND YES AT A LOSS. all because they were up dating the platform.....????? They STOLE $15,000 of open trades I had swinging for two weeks, with a 2 day notice( crooks.... )Now it gets worse... Refunding your balance of your account... they say they will in 2-5 days... I have not gotten mine yet ... 8 days later. Getting nothing but the run around. from one dept. to the other... everyone is sorry for the delay... STAY AWAY ...

Sep 30, 2016
Registed user

A Once Reputable Broker Gone Bad?

The post from "haroro" and others are confirming my suspicions about Forex Brokers Inc. It appears FBI was a reputable broker who has turned bad. As an unregulated broker, traders' money was always at more risk of being stolen. But even regulated financial service firms are not a guarantee of safety. The Securities Exchange Commission of the US had clear evidence for many months that Bernie Madoff was ripping off millions from investors, yet the SEC delayed taking action, costing Madoff investors more millions that could have been saved. The bottom line is, you can only ensure the highest safety of your trading equity, by trading with the best and most reputable brokers in the world. Unfortunately, that is a severely limited option for US traders due to the US government's determination to control US citizens' money. So, beleaguered US forex traders are faced with few, unsavory, hard choices. Vote for Trump and hope FATCA will be repealed along with the other legislation robbing our economic freedom, OR leave the US and renounce our US citizenship. (Grenada Economic Citizenship $250,000 +, NO TAXES, among others) Meanwhile, US traders who need ECN/STP brokers with high leverage (only available offshore) will be the target for unscrupulous brokers. There is some hope. I have found a broker who is rated well and advertises with FPA. My research and demo trading has shown this broker has GREAT spreads and swaps and appears to be an "A Book" broker. I can't post their name here due to editorial restrictions , but just do your research. There are only a few offshore brokers available to US traders. If Forex were easy, everybody would be doing it.

Sep 28, 2016 - 2 Stars I posted a 5 Star review several months ago for Forex Broker Inc. (FBI) I need to retract that rating and post an update. As US citizens we are severely limited to a handful of offshore brokers that will deal with US citizens. So, you have to weed out the real criminals and then pick what appears to be the best choice. After trading for over a year (live and demo - one to five lots) with FBI, a number of smaller issues caused me to do an in-depth analysis of offshore brokers that would accept US citizens and were not scammers. By using http://www.myfxbook.com/forex-broker-spreads and http://www.myfxbook.com/forex-broker-swaps I discovered a competitor with substantially lower than FBI in spreads and swap fees. As a frequent trader, the cost savings is in the thousands of dollars. We are just starting with the other broker, so I will post onits review page in the near future. Right now, it appears the competitor is exceedingly better than Forex Broker Inc. for bonuses, spreads, swaps and transparency. I want to emphasize that we did not experience what could be described as criminal intent with FBI. Just comparatively high spreads and swaps. There is some suspicion of stop loss hunting and B Book market making with FBI. 

Apr 23, 2016 - 5 Stars Actively trading with Forex Brokers Inc. (FBI) for about six months. No issues so far. No withdrawals yet. Customer service is excellent and fast. I appreciate this forum very much. It is one of the few apparent unbiased sources to keep tabs on unregulated brokers. Since US citizens are deprived of access to the majority of high leverage ECN brokers in the world, FBI certainly fills a needed niche. Some concern about FBI's banking setup. Wire transfers go to Gridley Enterprises in Bulgaria and not the corporation of FBI. Still, I have not had a problem so far. I prefer the SIRIX platform. More pairs to trade. Easier to use than MT4. I use TC2000 from Worden for charting / indicators which is much better than charting services from most Fx brokers. Plus a separate charting service lets me check FBI's charts for requotes or other nefarious pricing. So far, FBI has been good. I will monitor this forum for any issues regarding Forex Broker Inc. Thanks to everyone for sharing vital information in an industry that is fraught with danger and land mines. Perhaps some day real freedom for US investors will return.

Los Angeles, USA
Sep 29, 2016
Registed user

Broker not withdrawing profits.

Traders be warned,

Like others here my experience with this broker of late has been terrible. It is going on 3 weeks now and I am yet to receive my withdrawal. After a number of back and fourth correspondence with them, there is no sign of resolution. I am reluctant to put a review at this moment because I am not even sure that they will be back in business after the so called "restructuring". But just in case by some miracle they come back, I need to warn fellow traders about them.

Forexbrokerinc is almost a perfect broker from the moment you deposit your money and start trading with them. Their customer support team is some of the best in the business. However like another poster mentioned, the problems begin when you become a profitable trader; My initial deposits were quickly refunded to me (thank god), however getting any of the profits out has been a nightmare. Reading the experiences of others, some who have waited longer than I have for their funds is disconcerting. I am now almost fully convinced that they have taken our money and are running.

I think they have mostly been predating on US traders because US regulations have chased away most other brokers and it has been quite easy for them to prey on US traders. Therefore I urge you as a US trader or any trader for that matter, to be cautious before doing business with this broker. I was "hoping" that my experience would be an isolated one but clearly it is not.

Notice that they also stopped responding to the recent complaints posted on this forum, clearly not a good sign. I am going to fight in any way I can to try and get my funds from the broker, however I am also preparing myself for the possibility of not receiving anything.

I will update if things change..

Traders be warned.

Sep 27, 2016

cosmos and mcgmd4cancer, I closed my all trades with big lost 9K. I took action as soon as I got email from them on Sept 22nd. I have withdrawn all my funds with Forex Broker Inc, too. I'm so worried if I will get my fund back.

Sep 27, 2016

Stay far away from this scam and scum of a broker.

Forex Broker Inc (FBi)is the biggest FX scam on the planet. Warning if you have half a brain you will not send any money to the FBi SCAM. Why, you will never see it again.

They just closed my open trades which were in the negative. Reason they say was they are changing to new structure. FBi sent out a notice one day before they closed my trades. Look are all the negative reviews posted recently. Stay far away from this scam and scum of a broker.