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Active Real Monitoring Interactive Traders Real Test

Average Pips per Week:71 up (Gross Pips: 5462.9)
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Average P/L per Week:0.72% up (Gross P/L: 73.47%) Including Net Withdrawal of 321.73
Maximum Equity used:92.17% (2017 May 28, 03:36)
Test started:12-07-2015 (Running 77 weeks)
Last Updated: 60 min ago
Test Log:

We appreciate InteractiveTraders.us sharing their signals Live performance with ForexPeaceArmy.com traders community!

2016-01-25 Interactive Traders Real Test started with help of Investor Access.

Description: My trading style is purely technical and I do not trade around any sort of red tag news. I generally trade after the London Close (with some exceptions) and I trade only very highly probable set ups which require many confirmations. (My success rate is around 90%) I do consider price the most important thing along with the time of day for my trading decisions. I also look at Elliott Wave, Trendlines, Moving Averages and Divergences on various Indicators. I also use support and resistance for my targets. I have been trading equities over a decade and forex for 6+ years. Some weeks i may only get a few trades, other weeks I may get as many as 20 or 25. Really depends on market conditions and I do not trade everyday and it is very rare to hold over the weekend and if I do the position is very small.

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What's Trading?

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When Trading?

Trades are opened (Broker time):

When Trading Week chart When Trading Hour chart

Average trade length: 2 days 22 hours 46 minutes
Average trades opened daily/weekly/monthly: 0/9/40

Maximum Equity Usage Recorded, %

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Recorded on 2017 May 28, 03:36 Broker time