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Updated: Nov 1, 2018
4.394 · 24 REVIEWS
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1000pipBuilder.com profile provided by 1000PipBuilder, Jun 4, 2017

My name is Bob and I am the lead trader behind 1000pip Builder. I am an experienced investment professional and have advised clients from all over the world. I now want to make the trades taken on my own account available to a new set of investors who want to succeed at the Forex market. This is a unique opportunity to join a professional trader and follow the trades taken on my own fund.

Here at 1000pip builder, we want to make Forex trading easy for our members. We do all the complex analytics that successful Forex trading requires and whenever a trade is taken on our fund we instantly send you an email and SMS with all the important details. We include entry price, stop loss and take profit level, so you can be sure that you can follow exactly what we're doing.


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4.394 · 24 REVIEWS
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Dorset, United Kingdom,
Sep 16, 2018,

I had very good experience with this guys and I can recommend it to anyone. They go for trade with high probability not just for any trade.
jau louis,
canada, Canada,
Aug 13, 2018,

worst signals service ever

the worst signals service ever. I tried this service for the 3 months and every months I lost a lot of money
Texas, USA,
May 27, 2018,


As a member of his signal service, he knows how to trade forex. I like his mid-term trading setup.
Melbourne, Australia,
May 5, 2018,
Registered user

Signals have yielded good results so far.

SMS come most days with a few signals and my account has steady grown over the month or so that I have used it. The pip total has not been huge but the consistency of results has impressed me very much.
Mar 5, 2018,
Registered user

An honest review!

I paid for a year up front because I wanted to commit to this for the long term. I decided to ask for a refund, which was willingly given to me, after two months. Just like any trading system, it's not for everyone. It wasn't for me.

The "system" isn't really a system. You just get emailed anytime he enters a trade with positions of when to exit for take profit and stop loss. He trades at all times so it's not like you'll miss all the trades when you're sleeping. The claim is that the trades are a 1:4 risk/reward ratio. I personally found them more on the 1/3 or 1/2 side.

Actual results if I had followed every trade. I followed about 90-95% of these trades. This is straight from the position closed emails that he sent out.
Jan 2018: 136.6 pips
Feb 2018: 97.7 pips

* Great customer service, very responsive
* Good guy to work with and very reasonable
* Good long term
* Big profits, small losses

* When I went to cancel he said that we were profiting like 400 pips, but as you see above, we weren't in that range at all.
* The win/loss ratio came out to be almost break even for the two months I was in.
* Not the 700-1000 pips a month ratio I was anticipating.

In summary, I recommend giving this a shot. You might really like it! But give it some time, perhaps more time than I did. I just didn't like the huge swings of wins and losses, the claims that we were in the 400 pip range when we weren't, and finally the risk/reward ratio not actually being 1:4.
Chris M.,
Chiang Mai, Thailand,
Feb 3, 2018,
Registered user

Bob is a genuine top level signals provider

Here is part of a note I recently wrote to Bob …
"As far as your signals go they are genuinely professional.
Admittedly some can arrive at 2 or 3 in the morning (my time) but I realise that trades will present themselves when the circumstances are right and not necessarily when we want them to comfortably appear on our platforms.
I have absolutely no qualms about continuing the service for as long as you can provide it."
And continuing the theme, I have absolutely no qualms in recommending Bob's 1000pip Builder to anyone who is, like myself, struggling to make good money plus overcome the emotional side of trading.
Thanks Bob for what you do
Texas, USA,
Feb 2, 2018,

The PCS System is a great "spot on" entry signal program!!
The 1000pip Builder FX Signals received are also excellent. Best
signals I've received since I started my forex adventure.
Knowledge, patience, keeping up with your trades and daily news.
United Kingdom,
Nov 25, 2017,

Best signal provider

Bob provides an excellent service with frequent and incredibly reliable Forex signals. His service is massively helping me along my journey through the trading world!
Nottinghamshire , United Kingdom,
Nov 25, 2017,

Brill service and would definitely recommend

Really happy with how signals are quickly emailed through, they’re simple to use and most importantly, I’m making profit
Nottingham, United Kingdom,
Nov 24, 2017,


Been signed up with Bob for the past couple of weeks and he has been on point. Easy to understand signals, very responsive and has helped me make profits consistently.

I would recommend Bob from my initial experience and am looking forward to a long working relationship.